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Documents related to » Assetcenter

Peregrine Polishes the Old In-Out-and-In-between
Peregrine entered into partnerships that improve its solutions for customers buying new goodies or disposing of old ones. In addition, the company will develop packaged integration solutions between its own products and market leading ERP and CRM solutions.

ASSETCENTER: by Peregrine s Get.Resources! and AssetCenter software is predicted to make these assets more desirable in the market than other less documented ones. Peregrine customers will also be able to acquire assets through ZoneTrader. The logical next step, having the Peregrine record follow the asset to the new customer (and, if the buyer also uses Peregrine, having it imported into the buyer s AssetCenter) is not yet available but is planned for early implementation. A second announcement puts Peregrine

Peregrine Welcomes Loran to Its Nest In Network Management Matrimony
In July 1999 Peregrine Systems got engaged into a strategic partnership with Loran Technologies to OEM Loran’s network management software. Now the two have tied the knot.

ASSETCENTER: to Peregrine s ServiceCenter and AssetCenter products, allowing for tracking of a company s network assets and the service incidents relating to them. Market Impact With this announcement Peregrine sends signals to its traditional customers that it is not forgetting its core strengths in IT management. Such a signal may be welcomed after many recent Peregrine forays into the e-commerce arena, including its recent $1.5 billion acquisition of Harbinger Corporation. In truth, though, Peregrine seems to have

EAI Market Consolidation Continues With Peregrine Acquisition of Extricity
Peregrine Systems, Inc. a provider of Electronic Market Enablement and Infrastructure Management solutions, has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Extricity, Inc. Extricity will contribute its B2B relationship management software as Peregrine creates a digital business offering that provides a full range of software products and managed Internet services using Peregrine’s Get2Connect global trading network.

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First Look: Peregrine Offers Cradle to Grave Procurement
Peregrine's Get.Resources is an E-procurement system that contains features to manage the acquisition of capital assets and track their lifecycle costs. The product supports a number of different kinds of supplier arrangements ranging from internally hosted catalogs to links with Commerce One's MarketSite. This article offers a pre-release look at Peregrine's product and strategy.

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Peregrine Exits Quiet Period Making Noise
Emerging from the quiet period after announcing its merger with Harbinger, Peregrine makes up for lost time with a trio of announcements related to its asset management solutions.

ASSETCENTER: CI will deploy Peregrine s AssetCenter and InfraTools Desktop Discovery products to customers of both companies. Desktop Discovery can take inventory of desktops systems and their current configuration from a single point. AssetCenter manages all assets that are critical to the business mission. Market Impact This is a strong trio of moves for Peregrine. In substance they strengthen both its asset management product line and its overall ability to deliver solutions to customers. In combination with the

Peregrine Hatches an e-
Peregrine Systems announced its Get.It! solution suite for the company Intranet. Peregrine's first self-service solution is corporate e-purchasing, and uses Commerce One's MarketSite.

ASSETCENTER: are evaluated by its AssetCenter applications. Among other suppliers, Peregrine has partnered with Commerce One, which is likely to ensure that Peregrine s customers can buy consumables as well as the more complicated assets that are the focus of the product. Peregrine s current customers are almost sure to adopt the Get.It product for their E-purchasing application, thereby cutting out the leaders in the space (except for Commerce One). It does not seem likely at this point, though, that the majority of

Intraware Acquires Janus for its Extranets
Janus Technologies gets out of the (IT glass) house, hangs out at the eStorefront, and finds a new soulmate. Best of all, the company has a good chance to have a date with Commerce One. Sounds like a good idea to us.

ASSETCENTER: traditional business. Peregrine Systems AssetCenter 3.5 is Janus principal competitor. Peregrine already has a Commerce One alliance. Janus is still behind the curve here, and it s going to take at least six months before they digest this merger. User Recommendations Peregrine has traditionally been rated more highly than Janus/Argis. Janis is behind Peregrine, and it s going to be at least six months before the consolidation issues are resolved. If Intraware is able to integrate Argis smoothly with its

ITIL v3: Supporting the Evolution of IT Effectiveness for Improved IT Operations
ITIL v3: Supporting the Evolution of IT Effectiveness for Improved IT Operations. Get Free Information and Other Solutions Related to IT Effectiveness and IT Operations. IT is often characterized as distinct groups pursuing individual agendas and launching disconnected initiatives to increase operational efficiencies. To overcome this, organizations need a set of capabilities that can help improve coordination between IT and the rest of the business while facilitating effective service management. Adopting foundational technologies and a best-practice benchmark is a good place to start.

ASSETCENTER: job much easier. HP AssetCenter, for example, centralizes IT asset information, allowing you to track all relevant activities and costs from request and procurement to retirement and disposal. You-ll be able to manage the physical, financial and contractual aspects of all IT assets individually, and as part of the business services they support, across the geographically dispersed enterprise. You-ll also be able to optimize costs, charge back for services rendered, provide security, and mitigate
10/17/2007 10:34:00 AM

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