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Intuitive Manufacturing Systems Shows Maturity in Adolescent Age Part One: Company Overview
Having reached its first decade of existence, Intuitive Manufacturing Systems, a stealth mid-market ERP provider, has long taken the plunge of rewriting its

authorization form template  accounts receivable, return materials authorization (RMA), and service and repair, which entails a new slick user interface (UI), faster processing speed, and other above-mentioned benefits of .NET managed code. One of the related enhancements is the ability for every user to set the order entry screen according to the preferences, by simply clicking and dragging fields on and off the order entry panel. In addition, users may set up templates for different types of orders, and select a different template Read More
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » authorization form template

CMMS Templates for Effective Implementations Part Three: 7 Steps to Rapid More Successful Implementations
With the advances today in technology it has become obvious that there is a need for maintenance management theory and practice to catch up with the advances

authorization form template  those systems with complex authorization functions this step should also provide the basis for easily determining the authorities required by each role. This step can be used, in its complete form, for redefinition of the maintenance hierarchy if this is deemed appropriate. 5. Define the Training Matrix and plan for Delivery. As a consequence of the previous steps we should have arrived at a point whereby we have our roles of people who need to interact with the system defined, and via the Work Order Life Read More
How to Choose a Service and Maintenance Application
If you’re not using a service and maintenance application, you may have reached the point where manual systems no longer support the pace of business. Where to

authorization form template  you require a return authorization process for warranty equipment to be collected from customers and returned to manufacturers? Do you track your shipments for return authorizations? Do you provide loan equipment? Do you record fault codes and descriptions on the job? Do you want access to the fault knowledge base from the job? Do you prioritize your jobs? Do you allocate a job status to each job? Do you need to be able to create jobs from previous jobs, quotes, or templates? Do you notify your employee b Read More
Enterprise Resource Planning Vendors Address Lean Manufacturing
Intentia, Fujitsu Glovia, QAD, and SSA Global's solutions supporting lean manufacturing are examined. Which areas the extended enterprise resource planning (ERP

authorization form template  the responsibility for and authorization to replenish goods, the supplier can reduce administrative costs and possibly inventory levels. SV can also be used with QAD's Inventory Consignment functionality, which allows inventory ownership to be recognized at the point of consumption with suppliers or customers. This makes processing less costly because inventory is received from suppliers as consigned goods, without actual transfer of title. The supplier maintains the consigned goods as finished goods inve Read More
Overcoming Chemicals Industry Challenges through Optimization of Distribution and Inventory
For chemical companies, optimizing the distribution network and rationalizing inventories are the keys to an efficient supply chain and smoother operations

authorization form template  (ECLIPS); Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals (REACH); Science, Children, Awareness, Legislation and Evaluation (SCALE); and Global Harmonized System for the Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS). For more information, see Process Manufacturing: Industry Specific Requirements; Part Two: Chemical . Mission-critical processes that contribute to the cost of doing business include implementing (and ensuring compliance with) employee safety guidelines; implementing food contact rul Read More
CC&B for the Telecommunications Industry RFI/RFP Template
CC&B Core Requirements, Packages, Discounts, and Promotions, Mediation, Retail Rating and Billing, Billing for New Generation Services, Wholesale and

authorization form template   Read More
HCIMS - Pharmacy Management RFI/RFP Template
Product Functionality, HCIMS - Pharmacy Management, Privacy and Security, and Product Technology

authorization form template   Read More
PPM for Internal Departments RFI/RFP Template
Portfolio and Project Management, Resource Planning and Scheduling, Customer Support and Contact Management, Time and Expense Management, Financial Management

authorization form template   Read More
Enterprise Marketing Management (EMM) RFI/RFP Template
Marketing Automation, Resource Management, Digital Asset Management, Financial Management, Reporting and Analysis, Configuration Points, Integration Points

authorization form template   Read More
HCIMS - Picture Archiving Communication System (PACS) RFI/RFP Template
Workstations, Workflow, Storage, Archive, Database, Image Acquisition, and Product Technology

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ERP for Distribution Industries RFI/RFP Template
Financials, HR, Process Management, Inventory Management, Purchasing Management, Quality Management, Sales Management, Supply Chain Management, Retail and POS

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Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) RFI/RFP Template
PKI Functionality,PKI Technology

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Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) RFI/RFP Template
Design, Sourcing, Procurement, Fulfillment, Manufacturing, Settlement, Utilities, Infrastructure, Product Technology

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