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From AD to LDAP through Virtualization: How Virtualization Addresses the Challenges of Authenticatio
For web single sign-on (SSO), and consistent enforcement of authorization across all applications, many web access management (WAM) packages offer an excellent

authorization letter authentication documentd  Challenges of Authentication and Authorization Across Disparate User Directories For web single sign-on (SSO), and consistent enforcement of authorization across all applications, many web access management (WAM) packages offer an excellent and proven approach. However, they assume a relatively homogeneous identity environment. This white paper describes how virtualization solves the issue of directory integration with an approach that is cost effective, nonintrusive, and easy to deploy. Read More

Document Management System (DMS)
Document management systems (DMS) assist with the management, creation, workflow, and storage of documents within different departments. A DMS stores documents in a database and associates importan...
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Documents related to » authorization letter authentication documentd

E-Procurement Is Not Electronic Purchasing - Part II
Three minutes of labor from purchase requisition to invoice payment; fully executed due diligence; commitment authorization and no delays. That is the promise

authorization letter authentication documentd  basis for Automated Expenditure Authorization for Cost Center-based controls and accounting. When a Requisition is either initiated by an authorized individual or authorized by one, the Procurement Engine should compare the Requisition against Budget Levels and other Authorization Rules then forward it to the supplier for fulfillment. Budgeting services include: Expense items Capital items Cost Allocation Rules Project Structure - is the source of Automated Expenditure Authorization project-related contro Read More
Blue Link ERP
The Blue Link Elite solution features every module included in its Controller version, plus purchase order, job costing, producton control and bill of

authorization letter authentication documentd   contact management, return merchandise authorization (RMA), customer contract pricing, and product configurator.   Read More
Development of an Internet Payment Processing System
This article describes the author's experience with the development of the first Yugoslav Internet payment processing system. The system's architecture is very

authorization letter authentication documentd  for further processing. Actual authorization of the transaction is performed (manually) at a later time and consequently at a higher operating cost. This is acceptable when delivery of goods and services is slow, e.g., via regular mail. As an example, when the author purchased a book from Amazon.com in August 2000, the order was approved after an hour or so. The other type of transaction is performed in real-time . When a card holder submits payment and gets a response, payment is completed. Money on the Read More
Application Single-Sign On: Netegrity, Securant, or Evidian?
As security breaches become increasingly more frequent, minimizing user access to back-end systems and web applications without impacting legitimate usage is

authorization letter authentication documentd  the complexity of authentication, authorization and administration (3As) to users while empowering portal administrators to provide end-user single sign-on (SSO) access to pages not only within the portal but to external sites selected by the users themselves. Portals who respond to this balancing act efficiently retain tight security controls and still provide real value and convenience. By improving the user experience, web site stickiness is created -- the process by which user loyalty is created and Read More
Analyzing Manhattan Associates’ Supply Chain Platform Play - Part 2
<!--StartFragment-->Part 1 of this blog series analyzed Manhattan Associates’ innovative Supply Chain Process Platform (SCPP)-based applications, such as Supply

authorization letter authentication documentd  such as credit card authorization, fraud checking, and other capabilities within the selling workflow. Enter Extended Enterprise Management (EEM) The final component of Manhattan SCOPE is its set of X-Suite Solutions . As their name suggests, cross-solution composite applications represent the integration of two or more solutions or solution components to solve a specific business problem. SCOPE’s modular  service-oriented architecture (SOA)  facilitates the creation of these cross-suite Read More
Winner Takes All - Siebel Ousts SalesLogix From Solomon’s Deal
Much sooner than its ERP counterparts had done it in their respective market, Siebel has been making a big push into the CRM mid-market with the introduction of

authorization letter authentication documentd  are eligible for immediate authorization to sell the Great Plains Siebel Front Office suite for Solomon IV, which includes sales, customer service, call center and Web-based solutions. Authorized Solomon partners can offer the suite as a stand-alone Siebel eBusiness solution or as an integrated front office/back office solution with Solomon IV, Premier and Select editions. The first phase of the integration between Solomon IV and Siebel eBusiness Applications is expected to be available in the fall. Read More
Is Epicor Poised to Rule the Mid-Market Retail Sector? (Part II)
Part I of this blog topic  introduced Epicor Software and its traditional vertical solutions. It also analyzed Epicor's forays into the attractive retail sector

authorization letter authentication documentd  control, item lookup, manager authorization, along with other key store functions. Epicor/CRS RetailCRM is a customer relations management (CRM) solution based on Microsoft .NET framework. By gathering and analyzing customer information from multiple channels,  RetailCRM can deliver a more accurate and comprehensive view of the customer to assist sales associates and marketing teams with better information to serve customers. Utilizing the data integration, analysis and reporting capabilities of Read More
Order Management, and the Rise of Multichannel Commerce
Order management and fulfillment has gotten more complicated. We all know that. At one time, the order management process might have been as simple as taking

authorization letter authentication documentd  Reverse logistics business intelligence Authorization and acceptance of returns at multiple points, regardless of where the purchase was made Consolidation of returns shipments Solutions from vendors such as  IBM ( Sterling Distributed Order Management ) ,  Manhattan Associates ,  Oracle ,  SAP ,  Softeon , and  Syncron , in particular, offer order management capabilities that are worth looking at. The space is even attracting new vendors, such as  Lettuce , to service the needs of small to medium Read More
e-Procurement Is Not Electronic Purchasing
This is the transcript of an Audio Conference on e-procurement conducted by TEC during which brief case studies of how companies have improved inventory turns

authorization letter authentication documentd  and delivery service Real-time authorization There were more than 30 suppliers to consider but key choices reduced the count quickly to 8. Note, some of the original suppliers did not have the ability to meet key requirements such as: Integration with Financial Accounting Systems Ability to Buy to Stock and Charge at Issue to employee Also note that this was a while ago, but more on this in a bit. Technical review of the eight candidates and assessment of internal support needs revealed tremendous Read More

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