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HCIMS: Balm or Bomb for What Ails the US Health Care System?

automated appointment reminders  following initial consultation, as automated communication reduces burden on doctors and administrators Functionality 12 : Provides patients with online access to perform such actions as request appointments, access advice, get prescription refills, learn about lab results, etc. Benefit : Allows patients to be more involved in managing their own health, as well as in their treatments and preventative therapies—helping improve long-term prognosis especially for those with chronic illnesses Functionality Read More
Time and Attendance for the Health Care Industry
Time and attendance software collects, tracks, and reports employee hours worked through automated time clocks or other means.
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Documents related to » automated appointment reminders

Making Training More Precise through Task-based Competency Assessments

automated appointment reminders  paper explores how an automated competency assessment can be embedded into the process training, so that follow-up actions, such as the assignment of additional training or initiating a remedial mentoring program, happen automatically. This leads to more precise training and more accurate, audit-ready records. Read More
Cambian C/3

automated appointment reminders  and product availability, with automated order capture, commitment, and fulfillment; (2) Consensus-Based Demand Forecasting including automated collection, aggregation, and review of customer demand forecasts, with integration to decision support tools and historical records, as well as automated generation of replenishment plans; (3) Multi-Mode Replenishment with customer-specific visibility into distributed inventories, including consigned and in-transit inventories, with control and automation of Read More
Automation Anywhere’s Cumulus Uses Social Collaboration for Process Automation

automated appointment reminders  employees think should be automated and what the information technology (IT), quality assurance (QA), or engineering departments decide will be automated. Automation Anywhere Cumulus gives a sounding board (and ROI calculator, among other specific tools) to an entire organization, so, for example, a person in Accounts Payable can show how automating the extraction of essential data from electronic invoices could help him/her process them faster. Impressive are built-in tools that point specifically to Read More
AnyDoc Software, Inc.

automated appointment reminders  experience to provide award-winning automated document, data capture, and classification solutions. Now a Hyland Software solution, our flagship software, OCR for AnyDoc®, enables companies around the world to dramatically reduce the costs and inefficiencies of manual data entry—as well as other manual processes—by 50% or more. Read More
Automating Your Call Center Feedback

automated appointment reminders  are turning to leading-edge automated feedback solutions and developing processes to incorporate feedback into daily operations. Collecting Feedback Most businesses use one of two basic methods of acquiring feedback after a customer contact. Either (1) a live agent places a call back to the customer, or (2) an automated system does it (either while the guest is on the call, or shortly thereafter.) Each method has advantages, each has drawbacks. Overall, most centers find they receive the biggest benefit Read More
Nine Questions to Ask 360-system Vendors

automated appointment reminders  , 360 Initiatives , Automated Solution to Support 360 Initiatives , Inspection System Vendors , Performance Appraisal Systems Vendors , Includes 360 Degree Feedback , 360 Vendor Comparison , Comparing 360 Feedback Application Service , Accounts Payable Vendor Portal , Financial System's Vendor Record , Existing Vendor Numbers , Implemented the Global 360 System , Retail and Wholesale Vendors Feedback , Order Entry System Vendors , 360 Degree Feedback System Selection Guide , Relationships Through Read More
The Change of Guard at Acumatica

automated appointment reminders   Read More
Ensuring E-mail Security: The Benefits of Using a Perimeter-based Managed Service

automated appointment reminders  Managed Services Experts , Automated Managed Service , Automated Managed Service . Executive Overview With unsolicited email costing businesses millions in wasted employee resources and productivity, and acting as the carrier for a host of potential security woes, spam and blended email threats are among the biggest problems facing enterprises today. Not only have spam and viruses taken their toll on business networks, but fraud and phishing scams, designed to hijack financial and personal consumer Read More
Smart Card Process Agility Benefits Patients

automated appointment reminders  to design a new automated smart card registration process to improve the way new staff receives electronic access to records and to implement a system that gives senior managers access to strategic information. This case study reveals a new workflow process that was designed, tested, and implemented in less than a month with excellent stakeholder satisfaction. Read More
Vulnerability Management Buyer’s Checklist

automated appointment reminders  and data. Without proven, automated technology for precise detection and remediation, no network can withstand the daily onslaught of new vulnerabilities that threaten security. To help finalize your decision on which solution to buy, Qualys provides this 12-point short list of considerations that will help you determine what will work best for your organization. 12 Key Decision Points   Architecture Security Scalability /Ease of Use Accuracy /Performance Discovery / Mapping Scanning Reporting Read More
Serus Adds to Its Management Team

automated appointment reminders  Adds to Its Management Team Serus,  a supply chain company focused on cloud-based supply chain visibility and intelligence solutions, has announced the appointment of Kwok Poon as Head of Product Strategy and Management. This is the latest in a series of changes to the management team of CEO Hari Menon. If you have not been tracking the goings-on at Serus, then you may have missed a few things. In fact, when we were last briefed by this vendor,  Indu Navar , a founder of Serus, was serving a Read More
Xactly Compel

automated appointment reminders  recognizing the need for automated sales compensation management in the mid-market and the potential of the software as a service (SaaS) delivery model, Centive began development of a new sales compensation system. That system was designed to meet the budget and functional requirements of the mid-market, targeting customers with fewer than 4,000 payees. This new on-demand, multi-tenant solution, Centive Compel, was launched as a beta version in 2004, and was in full production by May 2005. Besides Read More
Oracle EAM’s Best Friend: Automated Work Order and Attachment Printing

automated appointment reminders  EAM’s Best Friend: Automated Work Order and Attachment Printing AventX Attachment Printer for Oracle provides you with the ability to print and collate any Oracle E-Business Suite document (Work Orders, POs, SOAs, Statements etc.) with corresponding database attachments. Source : STR Software Resources Related to Oracle eAM’s Best Friend: Automated Work Order and Attachment Printing : Oracle Database (Wikipedia) Oracle eAM’s Best Friend: Automated Work Order and Attachment Printing Work Read More

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