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The Proof Is in the ROI
A well-thought out, comprehensive ROI (return on investment) marketing and sales program is becoming a must in today's difficult business to business (B2B

automated testing tools gartner  processes that the product automated or streamlined, thus saving time. We also identified processes that were accelerated, saving more time. It seemed self-evident that all the time this product saved gave the users more time for value-added activities. Therefore, the logic ran, with more time for analysis, the company would benefit from better-informed decisions, and we described the types of decisions. The first problem we encountered was getting good information from customers. They didn't know how Read More
Software Test Tools
Tools exist to support software testing at all stages of a project. Some vendors offer an integrated suite that will support testing and development throughout a project's life, from gatheri...
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Documents related to » automated testing tools gartner

Spyware versus Viruses
At first glance, spyware and computer viruses appear to have much in common. But in fact, spyware is a unique challenge. Unlike viruses, the motivation behind

automated testing tools gartner  infect end users. This automated scanning of the Internet to identify new forms of spyware involves proprietary technologies and a specifi c understanding of spyware and its unique properties. Diffi cult to Remove Once installed on a system, the presence of spyware on the PC can be insidious. While viruses typically take the form of a single executable and might affect a few registry entries, spyware typically impacts multiple registry entries and potentially leaves dozens of application fi les spread Read More
A Tectonic Shift in Communications Customer Life Cycle Management
Amdocs recently announced a complete revamp of its marketing philosophy and its offering to its customers, which it believes to be the most important shift

automated testing tools gartner  to an independent and automated customer service center, thereby relieving the operator's customer service center of a great burden. Also, in order to provide customers with integration between systems, Amdocs has also developed an integrated catalogue, in contrast to the separate ones it has previously used for each system. The integrated catalogue is software that enables operators to define the systems and services that they want to order. At the same time, users can still order each Amdocs system Read More
How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Shipping Your Software Application as an Appliance
For independent software vendors (ISVs), software delivery creates big operational challenges. Integrating an application with the latest operating system and

automated testing tools gartner  Asset Management Software | Automated Application | Automation Software | Automation Software Applications | Built Appliance | Built Appliances | Business Application Software | Business Intelligence | Business Intelligence Software | Business Performance Management Software | Business Process Automation | Business Process Management | Business Process Management System | Business Software | Business Software Applications | Business Vendors | Choose Appliance Development | Choose Appliance Development Read More
The Practical Realities of Automating ETO Business Processes
Today, engineer-to-order (ETO) manufacturers—also known as project-based manufacturers—experience significant market pressure across their sales, engineering

automated testing tools gartner  everything that can be automated? Manufacturers that provide engineering design as a service to their customers need technology that supports the responsiveness necessary to remain competitive.. Mike Burkett, Research Director AMR Research “Engineer-to-order businesses need more than manufacturing automation to achieve efficiencies that will lead to scalable business growth. They need more extensive rules-driven product management approaches that automate significant amounts of well characterized” Read More
SAP Finds CRM Partner for Marketing Tools
On December 6, SAP revealed it had entered into a partnership with Recognition Systems Group of the United Kingdom to add marketing-planning and campaign

automated testing tools gartner  crm comparison,crm comparisons,crm implementation,crm implementation cost,crm implementation failure,crm implementation methodology,crm implementation strategy,crm implementations,crm product,crm products,crm provider,crm providers,crm service,crm services,crm software comparison Read More
Two Mistakes Most Professional Services Organizations Make-How Metrics and Automation Tools Drive Profits
Many companies strive to effectively measure and analyze their service operations. But while management struggles to measure too many (or too few) metrics, they

automated testing tools gartner   Read More
Outsourcing Management Software Tools: An Executive Point of View
Large-scale, complex outsourcing deals have produced equally complex management issues. Indeed, the leading cause of missed expectations in outsourcing is poor

automated testing tools gartner   Read More
SCO’s Tarantella Offers Tools for Technology
SCO introduces Tarantella ASP edition and ASP Connect as tools for the Application Service Provider market.

automated testing tools gartner  tarantella,application service providers,supply chain software,hosting software,application service provider,hosted software,asp saas,saas model,saas application,saas applications,saas providers,saas company,saas provider,application services provider,asp vs saas Read More
Pre-testing Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans: The Network Simulation Solution
Effective IT disaster recovery (DR) and planning is essential for every business. However, IT environments have become so complex that safeguarding the business

automated testing tools gartner  testing Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans: The Network Simulation Solution Effective IT disaster recovery (DR) and planning is essential for every business. However, IT environments have become so complex that safeguarding the business against disasters can present some major challenges. One way to improve your business disaster recovery planning is by pre-testing DR scenarios using network simulation. Find out how a simulation testing solution can help you better protect your business. Read More
HR Technology Tools: What You May Be Missing
Human resource (HR) managers face a dilemma. They’d like to spend more time improving the work environment, or helping management reduce workforce related costs

automated testing tools gartner  lawsuits. Regular legislative updates, automated record keeping, and specialized reporting help your company stay compliant with government regulations. By ensuring organized, centralized data and thorough record keeping, an HRMS helps avoid fines, penalties, and threats of lawsuits. Getting Strategic with HRMS As your company grows, you may find that your human resource automation needs change. That's the great thing about HRMS – it's easy to expand the system and add capabilities. You can start with Read More
Program Testing Methodology Part Two: Running Tests and Getting Approval
After testing procedures have been created and the type of test data has been determined, link or string testing, and system testing must be executed to ensure

automated testing tools gartner  Testing Methodology Part Two: Running Tests and Getting Approval Introduction Before any system can be completely implemented on a production computer, analysts and programmers working on the system must be able to unequivocally state that the programs work exactly as they were designed to work and that any errors or mistakes found in data processed by the system will be handled properly. Programming testing methodology should accommodate any scheduling slippage that may result from the test Read More
Reporting Tools versus Business Intelligence
Reporting has been significant to businesses by providing a platform for users to get immediate access to business information via using simple analysis

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SaaS versus Traditional ITAM Tools: How the Hosted Approach Delivers Greater Value
The differences between on-demand applications (also known as software as a service, or SaaS) and on-premise solutions mean that stronger benefits can be

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TEC's New White Papers Library Offers Research Tools to Help Companies Make Better Technology Decisions
Impartial software evaluation firm Technology Evaluation Centers Inc. (TEC) announces the launch of its newly redesigned TEC White Papers site, with improved

automated testing tools gartner   Read More

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