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How Secure is Your E-Mail?
A party interested in viewing point to point e-mail can visit one of numerous news groups and hacking web sites for a full instruction set and tools to read your mail

axapta was not originally designed as a pos system  Internet e-mail, which was originally designed for ASCII text. MIME encodes the files by using one of two encoding methods and decodes it back to its original format at the receiving end. A MIME header is added to the file, which includes the type of data contained, and the encoding method used. S/MIME (Secure MIME) is a version of MIME that adds RSA encryption ( R ivest- S hamir- A dleman) a highly secure cryptography method by RSA Data Security, Inc., Redwood City, CA, (www.rsa.com) for secure Read More...

Centralizing Bank Connections
Electronic connections with corporate customers determine much of a bank’s competitive differentiation and cost structure. But many banks are held back by outdated file transfer systems, which make it difficult to reliably connect to clients and rapidly deliver new services. Learn how using a managed file transfer platform can help banks simplify data transfers, lower costs, and deliver compelling services to customers.

axapta was not originally designed as a pos system   First, since FTP was originally designed with minimal security, there s often no encryption for passwords or files being transferred, making data open to attack or loss. Second, file traceability and auditing are limited with FTP. While you can confirm that the file was delivered to the recipient s FTP server, there is no way to verify that the recipient downloaded it from the server. And there is no audit trail of file usage to support regulatory reporting requirements. Point-to-point solutions Direct, Read More...
Point of Sale (POS) Systems
A point of sale (POS) system helps retailers automate transactions. POS solutions are used in retail stores where sales associates must enter sales, refunds, layaways, transfers, etc. TEC's ...
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Documents related to » axapta was not originally designed as a pos system

Business Intelligence Status Report
Spurred by government mandates for more business transparency, business intelligence has emerged to extract information from ERP systems. How has BI emerged? What does the terminology surrounding it mean, and what is its current state of affairs?

axapta was not originally designed as a pos system  when the system was originally designed. Instead, these systems were specifically designed for high levels of transaction volume with many concurrent users. If the database is relational, it has probably been normalized (the process of organizing data in accordance with the rules of a relational database). Although less likely, if the database is non-relational, then even worse, custom programs have to be written to store and retrieve data from the database (which is often accomplished with the COBOL Read More...
Linking Planning and Execution Systems for Retailers’ Nirvana--Improved Visibility and Fulfillment
Linking an APS to an ERP system, although simple in principle and worth the trouble, is nonetheless a major integration project.

axapta was not originally designed as a pos system   systems. APS systems were originally designed as bolt-ons with the idea of plugging into an ERP system s database to download information and then create a feasible schedule within identified constraints, such as finite capacity. The new schedule can then be uploaded into the ERP system thereby replacing the original material requirements planning (MRP) results, which were based on infinite capacity. These APS systems typically offer simulation ( what if ) capabilities that allow the planner to analyze Read More...
Rich Internet Applications (RIA): Opportunities and Challenges for Enterprises
Rich Internet applications (RIAs) represent the next wave in the evolution of web applications, as they promise the richness, interactivity, and usability lacking in many of today’s web applications. However, as with any technological innovation, with the new opportunities come new challenges to be negotiated. What are the business benefits of adopting RIA, and what are the risks?

axapta was not originally designed as a pos system  with HTML, which was originally designed to deliver static documents in sync with information via a browser. Over time, the Internet rendered rich content - complex graphics, audio, video, and multimedia. Then came applications that used the Net as a platform for business, rendering dynamic content to users based on back-end business logic and database content. Developers enhanced the Internet s capabilities to meet the demands of business applications by including scripts - JavaScript and VBScript - and Read More...
Two Highly Focused Vendors Team For Their Markets' Good
For every vendor, focus often results with more value to its targeted customers. Two highly focused vendors that also remain profitable and growing even in these difficult economic times, Ross Systems and Prescient Systems, are thus seemingly poised to offer enriched combined value proposition to their respective markets.

axapta was not originally designed as a pos system  Chain Planning (SCP) suite originally designed for their needs. Other process manufacturing companies looking for a full solution now might have an additional option too, one that appears worthy of full investigation. The partnership is a good business move for both companies, since each has been successful in their respective application area, they have minimal functional overlap, and both have deep domain knowledge. Each has an historic strength of focusing on a tightly defined set of customers with a h Read More...
Using Social Media Tools for Recruiting Talent
Boy, we have come a long way in the search for talent. Long gone are the days where company’s would place an advertisement in the classified ad section of their local newspaper’s and wait for the perfect candidate to call and request an interview—although some organizations today feel this is still a very effective recruiting method and often use it in conjunction with other channels. Today, it

axapta was not originally designed as a pos system  there at their fingertips. Originally designed as social networking sites, MySpace and Facebook provide a place where individuals could meet, exchange photos, videos, and stories, as well as chat. The amount of traffic that these social media sites bring has enabled recruiters and HR executives alike to use these tools to search for potential candidates—while promoting their company and leveraging relationships that may turn into placements down the road. What Today’s Hottest Social Media Networks Read More...
Macintosh Retail Group to Use Progress Pacific PaaS
During the Progress Exchange 2013 conference, Progress announced that Macintosh Retail Group (MRG), a large-scale retailer in the lifestyle and fashion sector, will deploy the Progress Pacific platform as a service (PaaS). The decision is part of the company's modernization of key systems to facilitate for its customers a consistent brand experience. <!--more--> MRG’s retail and product

axapta was not originally designed as a pos system  of which had been originally designed with cross-channel capabilities. However, MRG opted instead to modernize its existing ERP system using the Progress Pacific platform, consisting of the Progress Rollbase , Progress OpenEdge 11.3 , Progress OpenEdge BPM , and Progress Corticon products. The Netherlands-based retailer is the first major global company to deploy Progress’ novel technology introduced earlier in August. It is expecting to avoid a complete rebuild and gain a faster time to market. Progres Read More...
Fourth Shift's evolution Within SoftBrands' DemandStream
With a set of seemingly complementary products and via a strategy of focusing on customers, astute acquisitions of more complementary software companies and a careful deployment of all resources around the world including product development, sales and customer support, SoftBrands hopes to rise from the ashes of its ill-fated predecessor, AremisSoft.

axapta was not originally designed as a pos system  Center application, which was originally designed to streamline purchasing and give suppliers visibility into the user-enterprise s production demands, has been discontinued and all of its functionality has been rolled into DemandStream. As mentioned earlier, the recent release of the Fourth Shift suite offers integration to DemandStream, and complete Web-browser enablement. Consequently, Fourth Shift product remains a major breadwinner for the SoftBrands Manufacturing division (~65% of its revenue), Read More...
Tier 1 vs. Tier 2 vs. Tier 3 ERP: What’s the Difference, Anyway? » The TEC Blog
Discussing Enterprise Software and Selection

axapta was not originally designed as a pos system   Tier 1 products were originally designed to address all possible requirements of large multinational corporations. In addition, the complexity of such software and required hardware are beyond the scope of an average mid-size and smaller business. In general, tier 1 solutions are more complex, and require more complicated hardware and high skilled information technology (IT) professionals. As an inevitable consequence of the two previous points, differences in software pricing exist. Tier 1 solutions are Read More...
Voice over IP Manageability
The average personal computer (PC) costs an enterprise $10,000 (USD) per year to own and maintain—five times the purchase price of the hardware and software! Is it possible to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of technology platforms? Voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) manageability can be a crucial step in self-provisioning users and unburdening valuable network professionals.

axapta was not originally designed as a pos system  retrofits-adaptations of legacy platforms originally designed to handle one type of traffic or the other. Various new functions are often added by acquiring existing products and technologies and then cobbling them together. This has serious implications for management, because the different components of the consolidated voice system-such as voicemail, network call routing, and client applications-are managed by different tools. Some have a Web-based interface, some are graphical but not Web-based, some Read More...
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