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Talent Management 101: Moving beyond Core HR
From the 1950s to the 1980s, when companies wanted to hire, they simply posted handmade signs on their storefronts, restaurants, or office buildings and waited

baby 101  the retirement of the baby boomer generation, and a shortage of skilled workers. These factors have spawned new areas in the management of human capital, including recruitment, workforce management, performance and compensation management, succession management, and of course the over-arching approach known as talent management. What Is Talent Management? Talent management consists of a range of tools and processes: tools for defining and accomplishing their recruitment and retention goals the ability Read More...
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » baby 101

People Don't Leave Bad Organizations. People Leave Bad Managers!
One of the most neglected areas of an enterprise is the warehouse. When errors occur here, the whole company is affected, so it is crucial that good managers

baby 101  
ROI In Your Warehouse! (REAL or IMAGINED)
How can someone legitimately evaluate new software, improvements to a process, or

baby 101  
Three Ways to Improve Employee Engagement and Productivity with Social Business Media
The surge in social media use and younger people moving into positions once held by baby boomers are transforming today’s workplace, creating both challenges

baby 101  positions once held by baby boomers are transforming today’s workplace, creating both challenges and opportunities for companies trying to keep employees happy and businesses healthy. This white paper looks at the benefits for employee engagement and productivity that come with social media for business use. Read More...
Two Stalwart Vendors Discuss Mid-market Issues
In continuing our first-time ever questions-and-answers series for software applications vendors, Infor and IFS, two upper mid-market, stalwart vendors, express

baby 101  implementation methodologies, or merely baby steps ? Are we missing something earth-shattering in your offering in this regard? IFS : Everyone is trying to reduce the services content required to implement a solution, and some of these approaches are just a repackaging of existing implementation methodologies, pushing more of the work to the customer (more self-paced training, for example). The longstanding IFS application implementation methodology (IFS AIM) has a proven track record of guiding Read More...
APICS 2009 from the Expo Floor: Is S&OP Coming of Age? - Part 1
While my colleagues Khudsiya Quadri and Gabriel Georghiu diligently attended numerous conference sessions and reported their impressions of each convention

baby 101  were “left holding the baby,” i.e., their  hedge  transportation contracts that once seemed to be a smart strategy of locking carrier price and capacity. There can be little dispute that demand and supply volatility have persevered during this trying period, leaving very few companies unaffected. Innovative companies have been able to somewhat reduce the financial impact of demand volatility by adopting demand management processes and systems to detect (sense) and respond to demand changes early Read More...
Sit Customer Sit
Your customers' perception of your company is formed from the packages that arrive at their receiving dock. What do you think they perceive?

baby 101  
Outsourcing 101 - A Primer Part Three: Approaches and Recommendations
Outsourcing is a very diverse market, and there are many different outsourcing options and outsourcing service providers to choose from. This part discusses

baby 101  101 - A Primer Part Three: Approaches and Recommendations Summary When a company contracts work from another company, it is typically called outsourcing. Outsourced work is usually performed locally (onshore outsourcing), in other countries in roughly the same time zone (nearshore outsourcing,) in countries that are many time zones away (offshore outsourcing), or some combination of the above. Literally any activity that is performed by a company can be, and probably has been, outsourced. A Read More...
Software Companies Running on NetSuite
NetSuite, a provider of cloud-based financials, enterprise resource planning (ERP) and omnichannel commerce software solutions, has certainly found a sweet spot

baby 101  
Warehouse Management Systems by the Numbers
When it comes to warehouse management systems (WMS), the stats are both shocking and thought-provoking. And although you don't see these stats in the marketing

baby 101  Management Systems by the Numbers Warehouse Management Systems by the Numbers Featured Author - Ren Jones - September 22, 2006 Warehouses are built around numbers—from the facility's square footage, to how many rows of racking it takes to stock the number of stock-keeping units (SKUs), all the way to the amount of orders processed through a facility in a day. This article takes the numbers associated with warehouse management systems (WMS) you don't see in the marketing brochures or Read More...
A Veteran Mid-market ERP Vendor with a Pragmatic Vision Chimes In
Joining our growing list of vendors willing to provide their opinions and commentary on our thought-provoking questions on market trends, SYSPRO takes part in

baby 101  implementation methodologies, or just baby steps in that regard? Are we missing something earth-shattering in your offering there? SYSPRO : SYSPRO has always supported implementation methodologies. The SYSPRO STARS (Structured Technique to Achieve a Rapid Solution) Implementation Methodology is a highly structured, business-centric methodology that guides implementers in all aspects of the implementation procedure, and provides a framework by which business practices can be examined and re-energized to Read More...
Experience Montreal While at the TEC Vendor Challenge
If you’re attending the TEC Vendor Challenge event and are looking to see Montreal while you’re at it, I’m here to help.From now until the event date in mid

baby 101  New York had a baby, and the best place to really experience this is Old Montreal . This will be my focus in today’s blog post. Conveniently, the Delta Hotel is located right there, at the city’s historic centre. Old Montreal’s vibrant nightlife, restaurants, boutiques, history, and charm make it a unique experience not to be missed! Montreal is a pedestrian friendly city, everyone takes their BMW: B us. M etro. W alk. So I suggest you do the same and ditch the car (especially with an underground Read More...
Gen Y Talent: How to Attract and Retain the Young and the Restless
Because “Generation Y” will soon make up the bulk of the workforce, companies need to evolve their human resources (HR) programs and services to deliver to Gen

baby 101  Generation X and the Baby Boomers. Learn more. Read More...
Has KANA Gotten Its Mojo Back? - Part 1
In this service economy it is not surprising to hear about smart innovative companies whose businesses have been blossoming due to the superior customer service

baby 101  door, i.e., as the baby boomer workforce retires and valuable but disgruntled agents ( knowledge workers ) move on. KANA’s Evolution In spite of the apparent need for enabling solutions, not every vendor in the space has necessarily had an easy time or a smooth ride, and one example would be KANA Software . Founded in 1996 as KANA Communications, KANA started as an e-mail management software company, with a focus on customer service. When Mark Gainey launched the company, many companies were more or Read More...
Orchestra-Prémaman Group Selects Infor Fashion ERP
Infor, a large global provider of business application software, has an uncut gemstone in its vast enterprise resource planning (ERP) portfolio—Infor M3. Quite

baby 101  , which opened a baby megastore in 2012, the merger with Prémaman in 2013 accelerated the decision for a single system.   Several factors have affected the choice, including the broad functionality of Infor M3 13.1 , the ERP system's ability to help Orchestra work internationally, and the confidence inspired by working with a large global vendor like Infor. Infor M3 particularly impressed the company with its automation supply module. This feature meets the constraints of the childcare business, based Read More...

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