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Managing Your Supply Chain Using Microsoft Axapta: A Book ExcerptPart One: Sales and Operations Planning
Managing Your Supply Chain Using Microsoft Axapta provides an overall understanding of how the system fits together to run a manufacturing or distribution

backlog orders  the latter case, the backlog of sales orders drives the near-term production of make-to-order items while the combination of sales forecasts and sales orders drive the procurement and production of long lead-time items. A forecast period can be daily or yearly rather than monthly. For example, a daily forecast period might be used in conjunction with a daily repeating pattern, and a sales order line item only consumes a day's forecast. Statistical Forecasting and Demand Planner The Demand Planner Read More...
Sales Force Automation (SFA)
Sales Force Automation (SFA) systems help sales and marketing teams with functions related to taking orders, generating proposals or quotes, managing territories, managing partners, and maintaining...
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Documents related to » backlog orders

Interdependence of supply chain partners: A briefing session with PW and Bombardier

backlog orders  stations because of the backlog. In regular routings (assembly sequences), the part and its serial number would be entered by the inventory pick list crew, and would be part of the build-kit. Rework is very costly as the part’s serial number is not known until the last minute when it arrives at the rework station. The late arrival of the part may also cause additional delays because of need for quality assurance inspections. In either case, it is entered at the last minute. Loss of time and potential Read More...
Compaq Wins Supercomputer Contract, But Is It Enough?
Compaq recently was awarded a contract for the world’s largest supercomputer, which will use its Alpha processors. But what’s happening with their standard high

backlog orders  (Yes, we realize that backlog + new orders = 250. We discount some of the backlog because Wildfire was over a year late, resulting in more pent-up demand.) Unless these systems sell for an average of $2.5 Million (we think this unlikely), the sales force will need to redouble their efforts in order to reach $1 Billion. What mystifies us is the persistent lack of enterprise-focused performance data from Compaq - we commented on this two months ago, and have seen little change. Perhaps Alpha Marketing Read More...
RedPrairie - New Name For A Brave New Value Proposition Paradigm Part Two: Market Impact
Only very recently has senior management begun to take a closer look at logistics, not only in terms of its costs, but also as a healthy contributor to their

backlog orders  order due to a backlog, or trouble with the carrier, SCEM should allow visibility into those execution activities and alert the appropriate people, while there is still enough time to take action to rectify the problem. As a proof of concept, the other vendors still doing well in the segment are those that enable companies to efficiently manage trading relations and fulfillment processes. Companies such as Prescient Systems , Escalate , SoftChain , webplan , PipeChain , VCommerce , Ortems , SeeCommerce , Read More...
Understanding the True Cost of Sourcing
In today's twenty-first century, global outsourced business world, the traditional and somewhat simplistic approaches used to measure cost for sourcing

backlog orders  percent, or that the backlog will exceed one month, can also be computed. Price risks can also be projected. A buyer may want to evaluate the exposure to expedite fees on production at the suppliers, or on freight, or the exposure to price increases in a capacity constrained supply market. In companies where these metrics have been successfully introduced, management is specifying targets on both the average performance of the contract, as well as performance against different risk metrics across a range Read More...
Retailing Trends-Shopping Anyway and Everywhere
Multichannel retailers have to flawlessly execute a full range of services to engage, transact, and fulfill orders placed via Internet. Thus, they either have

backlog orders  Trends-Shopping Anyway and Everywhere Introduction It is certainly not news that the Internet has been a disruptive technology which has irreversibly changed many of our habits. One change comes from the convenience of leisurely web browsing and online shopping from our cozy places. However, this trend is sometimes unfortunately bundled with the inconvenience of late or incorrect deliveries, and lack of order visibility and status tracking, followed by annoying and costly returns. This is Read More...
Warehouse Management for Manufacturers: Why Extended ERP Might Be the Right Choice
As a provider of enterprise resource planning (ERP) integrated workforce productivity solutions, we have seen many approaches to distribution automation. Adding

backlog orders  Management for Manufacturers: Why Extended ERP Might Be the Right Choice Originally Published - June 16, 2008 Any manufacturer that makes a substantial number of shipments from a distribution facility has likely considered bringing a degree of automation to its warehouse and shipping functions. For some companies, a full-blown warehouse management system (WMS) is a necessity, particularly if their operation relies on an automated racking system, perhaps housed in a rack-mounted structure with its Read More...
Expandable Case Study: Photon Dynamics, Inc.
Photon Dynamics, a manufacturer of test, repair, and inspection equipment for flat-panel display manufacturing, was finding it difficult to track orders

backlog orders  
Oracle EAM’s Best Friend: Automated Work Order and Attachment Printing
Regardless of size or purpose, business processes within a company rely heavily on the dependability of assets for successful operations. Enterprise asset

backlog orders  EAM’s Best Friend: Automated Work Order and Attachment Printing AventX Attachment Printer for Oracle provides you with the ability to print and collate any Oracle E-Business Suite document (Work Orders, POs, SOAs, Statements etc.) with corresponding database attachments. Source : STR Software Resources Related to Oracle eAM’s Best Friend: Automated Work Order and Attachment Printing : Oracle Database (Wikipedia) Oracle eAM’s Best Friend: Automated Work Order and Attachment Printing Work Read More...
Case Study: Best Foam Fabricators
As a supplier to the automotive industry, Best Foam Fabricators often needed to expedite parts to customers to fill orders. This meant the company was spending

backlog orders  implement an erp application with global shop solutions,best enterprise resource planning application package for manufacturing business,mrp management software development and implementation,popular manufacturing erp software solution on the market,use of robust erp application for manufacturing,robust erp software sold by global shop solutions,free mrp software selection for small business,free enterprise resource planning for manufacturing,one-system erp software global shop solutions,free download enterprise resource planning solution in global shop website,system package,select the list of top ten systems for manufacturers,best system sales,best process,list of order management system Read More...
MicroMain XM
MicroMain XM gives organizations comprehensive maintenance (including fleet) management. MicroMain sets-up its enterprise asset maintenance/computerized

backlog orders  micromain xm reviews,micromain xm sdk,micromain xm price cmms comparison,forums micromain xm Read More...
Microsoft Axapta: Design Factors Shape System Usage Part Three: Manufacturing Environments
If you are implementing or considering Microsoft Axapta as your ERP system, or providing Axapta-related services, this note provides an overall understanding of

backlog orders  Axapta: Design Factors Shape System Usage Part Three: Manufacturing Environments This note is a reprint of Chapter 12 of Managing Your Supply Chain using Microsoft Axapta by Dr. Scott Hamilton, available at Amazon.com and book stores. System Usage in Manufacturing Environments The standardized functionality in an ERP system shapes its usage. Efforts to use the system should be guided by (rather than run counter to) its fundamental underlying design. This section reviews the major design factors Read More...
Standard Benchmark on Hewlett-Packard ProLiant Servers
In August 2006, Microsoft conducted a Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0 standard distribution benchmark to measure the performance and scalability characteristics of

backlog orders  Benchmark on Hewlett-Packard ProLiant Servers Standard Benchmark on Hewlett-Packard ProLiant Servers If you receive errors when attempting to view this white paper, please install the latest version of Adobe Reader. Microsoft is committed to providing you with technical information on how to better integrate Microsoft and SAP solutions, reduce complexity, and have a continued focus on TCO. The SAP certified Sales and Distribution three-tier standard application benchmark , using SQL Server Read More...

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