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Vertical Marketing--What Is A Vertical?
What is vertical marketing? Vertical marketing is product and promotion efforts targeted at specific industries. Many benefits are derived from vertical

bakery minnetonka  the setting to a bakery event and he may say bread. Change it again to a bread event and he may say ready-to-eat organic craft breads. Which one of these answers is correct? Which defines their vertical market? The answer is all the above. Our cocktail party customer sees his company as belonging to all these groups. How does the vendor use this information to make its marketing more successful? Trade-offs exists. If you target is ready-to-eat organic craft breads your market will be small and your Read More...
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » bakery minnetonka

Ellison Bakery

bakery minnetonka  Bakery
Acquisition Places Descartes Before E-Transport
Descartes Systems Group announced a definitive agreement to purchase E-Transport, Inc., a logistics exchange solution provider based in Pittsburgh, PA.

bakery minnetonka  2/97 Distribution software for bakery and other food industries Roadshow International, Inc. $29.9 million 11/97 Dynamic vehicle routing and scheduling software DXDT Technologies, Inc. n/a 2/98 Logistics management software Lightstone Group Inc. $11.4 million 6/98 Route optimization and scheduling for field personnel and delivery vehicles Calixon NV $7.4 million 6/98 Trading partner collaboration, order tracking software NRM Systems, Inc. $1.4 million 7/98 Warehouse optimization software and consulting Read More...
Sage’s New Year's Resolution: Make 2013 The Year of the Customer
2012 was a whirlwind year of influences on the business landscape—some of them good and some of them not so good. The fiscal cliff, the U.S. presidential

bakery minnetonka  If you own a bakery, you could offer free cake decorating classes or even jam preserving classes (adjacent, but still relevant). If you have a manufacturing plant, you could offer your customers discounted shipping during the off-season. If you own a consulting service, consider extending a free hour of advisory services for a particular specialty of your firm. 3. Show your customers that their feedback really matters. Sage is constantly reviewing its processes to determine the best ways to deliver a Read More...
Case Study: Continental Mills
Continental Mills, a producer of dry bakery mix products, needed to gain supply chain visibility, improve resource efficiency, and evolve the sales and

bakery minnetonka  a producer of dry bakery mix products, needed to gain supply chain visibility, improve resource efficiency, and evolve the sales and operations planning (S&OP) process. Learn how the company deployed a solution that helped accelerate inventory turns, increase resource efficiency in the forecasting process, boost forecast accuracy, and improve data accuracy, and visibility throughout the business. Read More...
Oracle Buys Carleton Corporation to Enhance Warehouse Offering

bakery minnetonka  data warehouse vendors,data cleansing,cass software,address correction software,address cleansing,data profiling tool,address scrubbing,validate address,data warehouse software,data cleaning software,data extraction tools,data quality tools,software data quality,address correction,data hygiene Read More...
Infor Launches Implementation Accelerator for Food and Beverage Industry
Infor recently announced general availability of the Infor Implementation Accelerators for food and beverage industry customers. The solution, formerly known

bakery minnetonka  processes for confectionary, dairy, bakery, protein, fruit and vegetables, and other food manufacturing companies. By being tailored to the needs of the multiple departments within a food and beverage company, the product helps customers handle challenges such as short-shelf life materials, regulatory compliance, volatile demand, and an increasingly complex supply chain, and thus achieve more value in areas such as customer service, production, procurement, finance, and quality control. Infor Read More...
Engage AudienceNet Brings Users the Ads They Want To See
Engage has introduced a new product that delivers ads to users who are most likely to be receptive to them. AudienceNet relies on data collecting, proprietary

bakery minnetonka  or scones at a bakery site. A site using AudienceNet is not restricted to advertising. The same profile data could be issue for targeting page content to a user. So, different users coming to the home page of a site would see content tailored to their interests as deduced by AudienceNet. AudienceNet is sold to advertising agencies and advertisers on a CPM (cost per thousand impressions) basis. The rates range from $30 to $75 depending on the target audience. To deliver these ads, Engage purchases Read More...
Food and Beverage
Food and beverage manufacturers and distributors have many challenges on their plate, and even industry giants cannot afford to sit back. Given this backdrop

bakery minnetonka  drinks, salty snacks, and bakery) are delivered directly to retail customers and some operators. Fast-moving products, some of which have an extremely short shelf life, characterize the food and beverage supply chain. Frequently, there is only one day between the manufacture of a product and its best-sold-by date, so that order accuracy and rapid fulfillment are critical. Warehouse management systems (WMS) are critical to improving product throughput, minimizing inventory, reducing operating cost, and Read More...
Warehouse Management Systems: Pie in the Sky or Floating Bakery?Part Two: The Pareto Principle, Processes, and People: Assessing Your Warehouse Management System Needs
To ensure your warehouse management system is implemented as painlessly as possible, you must assess your warehouse situation before you decide on a warehouse

bakery minnetonka  the Sky or Floating Bakery?Part Two: The Pareto Principle, Processes, and People: Assessing Your Warehouse Management System Needs Introduction After understanding the myths behind the claims of huge staff reductions , quick and easy implementation , and the fast and big return on investment, you need to know what type of features and functionality you should look for in a warehouse management system. The bells and whistles of a system might look enticing, but what you ultimately need to do is Read More...
Fatal Flaws and Technology Choices
Food and beverage manufacturers rely on information technology to meet market demands. However, food is one market where most enterprise applications show a

bakery minnetonka  Namely, for many dairy, bakery, salty snacks, and beverage companies, products must be delivered directly to the retail store, and this business demand is not addressed by most ERP or SCM systems. Furthermore, because such supermarkets typically have no warehouses, all finished goods (whether perishable or not) have to be collected from the manufacturer or from the supermarket's distribution center, and routed to the supermarket shelves within hours. If a vehicle is going to collect a certain number of Read More...
TEC Industry Watch: Enterprise Software News for the Week of April 30th, 2012
SOFTWARE SELECTIONS @ DEPLOYMENTSEuropean manufacturer of construction chemicals selects IFS ApplicationsIndustry tags: Process manufacturing, mining

bakery minnetonka  Always Bagels operates modern bakery facilities in two US states, and is planning to replace its spreadsheet-based systems with its new integrated ERP package. With its ability to meet stringent requirements for traceability, inventory accuracy, and precise product cost tracking, Solarsoft's software Tropos was the winner of this competition. The software selection process also focused on a requirement for users to be able to work in Spanish. —Aleksey Osintsev, TEC Research Analyst TEC profile for Read More...
ScheduleSoft: What about Workforce Management on the Shop Floor?
My recent article entitled “Workforce Scheduling @ Optimization: The Missing Link on the Shop Floor?” analyzed the importance of manufacturing workforce

bakery minnetonka  experience is in the bakery category. This is an area that often has quite complex union rules that can make overtime scheduling, vacation planning, and even straight time scheduling difficult to automate. A Frank Discussion with ScheduleSoft’s CEO What follows now is my discussion with Gregory Flessas, ScheduleSoft’s founder and CEO. My questions and Flessas’ answers were as follows: PJ : How do you view your competitive landscape, and why do you win over or loose to these competitors? GF : Our Read More...
Adonix + CIMPRO = A Feature-Rich Process ERP Product, But With Challenges
Adonix is fulfilling its promise to bring a full Process ERP offering to the mid-market. The new Adonix X3 Process automates and integrates the complex formula

bakery minnetonka  vegetables, grain mill products, bakery and confection products, beverages, fats, oils, dressings, flavors and sauces) and chemicals (paints and coatings, industrial chemicals, lubricants and adhesives, petrochemicals, cosmetics, plastics and synthetic materials or specialty chemicals.) Adonix Challenges Adonix is entering the crowded mid-market process market. Although today no clear-cut leader has emerged yet, other vendors are more established in this market including: Invensys Production Solutions Read More...
People Don't Leave Bad Organizations. People Leave Bad Managers!
One of the most neglected areas of an enterprise is the warehouse. When errors occur here, the whole company is affected, so it is crucial that good managers

bakery minnetonka  the Sky or Floating Bakery? ). Warehouse employees benefit when their skills are nurtured, but how to do this isn't always clear. Ultimately, when companies invest in continuous learning and training, they are encouraging employees to become good employees . Now before you classify me as a crackpot and while you ask yourself who would want to learn how to be a good employee, hear me out. I spent several years in the military and I learned a lot about life in general. But what I learned about business Read More...

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