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Winning the PCI Compliance Battle
The payment card industry (PCI) Data Security Standard establishes common processes and precautions for handling credit card data. Although achieving PCI

bank regulatory compliance  automatically notifies the acquiring bank when a merchant achieves PCI compliance. A friendly and fast process to address and eliminate false positives detected during scans. But the most important feature of QualysGuard PCI is the Six Sigma level of accuracy made possible by the industry's most complete vulnerability knowledgebase, an encyclopedic inventory of thousands of known vulnerabilities that covers all major operating systems, services and applications. The result is a current error rate of less Read More
Regulatory and Compliance
Regulatory compliance covers the requirements for ensuring products and their associated materials comply with both external and internal rules and regulations. It covers regulatory and requirement...
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Documents related to » bank regulatory compliance

Making Gramm-Leach-Bliley Security Compliance Fast and Easy
Designed to improve consumer financial services, the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) includes security provisions for protecting confidential electronic financial

bank regulatory compliance  the Standards ' Each bank must impluent an information security program pursuant to these Guidelines by July 1, 2001. (A grandfathering of agreuents with service providers expires on July 1, 2003.) (G)(1 and 2) As a web service, QualysGuard requires no special installation or provisioning; users get immediate compliance adhering to these Guidelines FREE, EASY TRIAL Experience the benefits of automated network security audits and vulnerability management with a free, seven-day trial of QualysGuard. Here Read More
Centralizing Bank Connections
Electronic connections with corporate customers determine much of a bank’s competitive differentiation and cost structure. But many banks are held back by

bank regulatory compliance  accidental architecture evolved within bank IT groups and the need to adhere to compliance mandates rose, managing governance of file transfer processes has become a critical need for organizations. File transmission teams now must enforce policies and processes across two areas: machine-to-machine processes, related to the integration of messages, files and transactions; and human-centric transactions, relating to the collaborative processes across groups and teams. Alternative File Transfer Read More
What Small Businesses Need to Know in Today’s Regulatory Environment
Today, entrepreneurs running small-to-medium sized businesses face daunting tasks that just a few years ago were not existent. The complexities of the business

bank regulatory compliance  Compliance Audits | Compliance Bank | Compliance Cost | Compliance Definition | Governance Software | Governance Structure | Health Insurance Portability and Accountability ACT HIPAA | Identify Corporate Governance Concepts | Implement Auditing Systems | Implement Regulatory Compliances Systems | Implement Risk Management Systems | Implement Sarbanes Oxley Policy | Industry Regulation | Information Compliance | Information Risk Management | Information Security Management System | Information Security Read More
Segregation of Duties and Its Role in Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance Issues
The Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) requires publicly traded firms to demonstrate that their accounting and reporting practices are in compliance with regulatory

bank regulatory compliance  checks, and reconciliation of bank statements. Within these activities a form of SOD is already in place—usually the issuing of checks requires different levels of authorization and more than one signature. In essence, more than one person validates a process or activity. In terms of IT, SOD issues are not as clearly defined, and in many instances, individuals in an SMB have multiple levels of responsibility, which can call into conflict the stated goals of SOX and SOD. Following are five circumstances Read More
Why Google Docs Must Have Compliance Management
More than 30 million users within businesses, government agencies, schools and other organizations world-wide have switched to Google Apps. Unfortunately

bank regulatory compliance  Google Docs Must Have Compliance Management More than 30 million users within businesses, government agencies, schools and other organizations world-wide have switched to Google Apps. Unfortunately, Google Apps does not have any built-in document compliance or records management features to meet organizational standards and legal regulations. This document discusses how to achieve regulatory and policy compliance with Google Apps. Read More
Continuous File Integrity Monitoring: A New Approach for PCI DSS Compliance
When it comes to US Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance, safe change actions are critical. But what’s the best approach for file

bank regulatory compliance   Read More
Compliance: A Work in Progress
There’s no magic bullet for compliance success@even the most experienced organizations use a combination of reliable processes and proven technologies to get

bank regulatory compliance   Read More
Improving Regulatory Compliance with Encryption
As a bedrock element of any sound corporate data protection strategy, encryption protects valuable company data, whether it is at rest, in transit, or in use

bank regulatory compliance  Regulatory Compliance with Encryption As a bedrock element of any sound corporate data protection strategy, encryption protects valuable company data, whether it is at rest, in transit, or in use. Advanced encryption algorithms coupled with faster processors now make it possible to transparently encrypt and decrypt entire drive volumes, massive amounts of data on storage area networks (SANs), and other large-volume data stores. Read More
GreenSky: A Solution for Aviation Emissions Reporting and Compliance to EU-ETS
‘GreenSky’ is an end-to-end Carbon Emissions Reporting and Compliance solution for Aviation that covers all aspects of the European Union’s mandate on the

bank regulatory compliance  aviation software,aviation store,federal aviation administration,what are carbon emissions,general aviation news,aviation history,aviation services,reduce carbon emissions,aviation websites,aviation gifts,aviation articles,aviation charts,aviation forums,carbon emissions global warming,national aviation academy Read More
The Retail Industry: Improving Supply Chain Efficiency Through Vendor Compliance - Part 2 An Andersen Point Of View
A vendor compliance database can range from a complex system built within the retailer's existing architecture to a smaller, stand-alone desktop database

bank regulatory compliance  vendor compliance,supply chain efficiency,supply chain,supply chain consultants,supply chain consultant,edi compliance,logistics consulting,supply chain companies,fulfillment services,edi solutions,supply chain software,asn shipping,edi 754,edi specification,vendor scorecards Read More
Enhanced Courseware for Compliance and Risk Mitigation Training from Skillsoft
Skillsoft announced that it has added new content courses to its compliance and risk mitigation courseware collection. Skillsoft's compliance courses—available

bank regulatory compliance  Courseware for Compliance and Risk Mitigation Training from Skillsoft Skillsoft announced that it  has added new content courses  to its compliance and risk mitigation courseware collection. Skillsoft's compliance courses—available on demand—are aimed at preparing individuals for exams and meeting regulatory requirements. The courses have been compiled in collaboration with subject matter experts and cover organization-specific legal requirements as well as ethics, bribery, harassment, Read More
LogRhythm and SOX Compliance
In order for a business to stay on top of compliance requirements required by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX)—and avoid financial penalties or possible jail time

bank regulatory compliance   Read More
Rules, Tools, Policies, and Best Practices for Compliance in the United States
A strategic compliance program can help employers in the United States (US) reduce the likelihood of litigation, regulatory investigations, security breaches

bank regulatory compliance  budget or the company's bank. A reliable, easy, and affordable solution, the Hosted Services model is gaining ground with enterprises of all sizes. MessageLabs, now part of Symantec, reports that 80% of mid-sized to large enterprises with over 1,000 employees plan to expand their use of Hosted Services services. According to SearchCIO-Midmarket.com, 40% of companies of all sizes currently use at least one Hosted Services application. Forrester Research reports a 33% increase in the number of large Read More
Data Storage Encryption for Enabling PCI Compliance
Compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is mandatory. As such, businesses must think seriously about their data storage

bank regulatory compliance   Read More

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