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The User's Undying Quest for Exploring and Discovering Info - Part 1
SAP AG and Endeca Technologies might not appear to have much in common at first glance, other than occasional partnering in some joint opportunities, and

barnes nobles  Defense Intelligence Agency, ESPN, Barnes & Nobles, Dell, Ford Motor Company, Hyatt, IBM, John Deere, The Library of Congress, Texas Instruments , and Walmart.com have been relying on Endeca’s platform. The Tale of Two Events (with Similar Messages) In mid-2009, these two quite different vendors (in terms of stature and target audience) had their own separate user conferences. Still, those two events revolved around similar themes. I attended  Endeca Discover 2009  in person, since it took place in Read More
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Remember The Story About The Secret Cookie Recipe? Looks Like It’s Been Patented
A patent has been issued on a technique for sharing cookie information between different domains. Why?

barnes nobles  patents, especially against rival Barnes and Noble. CNET's official statement on the enforcement is CNET holds a number of patents related to Internet technology. While we have not offensively asserted any of these patents in the past, we continue a process of identifying and filing patent applications to protect significant contributions to Internet technology. In other words, there are no immediate plans to enforce the patent, but neither has the company relinquished the right to act in the future. Read More
2011 Trends Report: Unified Communications
As a set of products that provides a consistent, unified user interface and experience across multiple devices, unified communications (UC) is poised to become

barnes nobles  experts Jon Arnold, Mike Barnes, Nicole Hayward, Dave Michels, and Blair Pleasant share their predictions for unified communications. Read More
UK based Dinamiks Ltd, under the guidance of Managing Director Simon Barnes, is the self funded designer and developer of Dinamiks, the online [cloud based

barnes nobles  of Managing Director Simon Barnes, is the self funded designer and developer of Dinamiks, the online [cloud based] Employee Performance Management tool that can also be used for Talent Management, Compliance and Employee Development Planning [EDP]. Read More
Customer Relationship Management Strategies Part Four: Strategies and Case Study
Creating specific CRM strategies means developing measurable goals and calculating your ROI to achieve them. These in addition to a technical framework, sales

barnes nobles  the shelf? For example, Barnes and Noble sometimes offers their books for less on their web site than at their stores. Third, take advantage of this channel to add value to your CRM system. Have your customers verify their address when they re-order a product. Ask your customers to take a survey. Capture your customer's interest by tracking their traffic through your site. Did they spend more time in the electronics section than in the book section? Track your customer's buying habits. Do your customers Read More
NetGenesis Predicts The Future From Mouse Trails
NetGenesis recently released NetGenesis 5, a suite of web analytics applications that do more than report simple web statistics. NetGenesis claims that its new

barnes nobles  clients include 3Com, Lotus, Barnes & Noble, and Charles Schwab. NetGenesis hopes its new product suite will speed revenue growth; since 1996 NetGenesis has watched its own revenues grow at slower pace than those of its competitors. Figure 1 shows annual revenue from 1996 though 1999. Figure 2 shows quarterly data for the first three calendar quarters of 2000. Figure 1. *Accrue's Fiscal Year Ends 3/31, thus data reflects revenue one quarter ahead of the other vendors Figure 2. *Accrue's Fiscal Year Ends Read More
Concur Scores A Bingo
Concur took a quantum leap in providing E-procurement services to small and mid-sized businesses by partnering with Nortel Networks and SAFECO. The resulting

barnes nobles  Corporate Express, Contact East, Barnes and Noble.com, GetThere.com, and Software Spectrum. Users of the Concur Business Advantage will take advantage of volume discounts that are assured by the presence of Nortel Networks and SAFECO in the network, and will enjoy additional discounts from some of the suppliers recruited for the network. Market Impact Concur was once apparently aiming to be Avis to Ariba's Hertz. With this announcement the company has clarified its focus and is now well on its way to Read More
i2 To Power Best Buy
Since introducing its first cavernous superstore in 1989, the Minnesota-based discount retailer has grown rapidly to over 350 stores in 39 states. The company

barnes nobles  high profile retailers like Barnes & Noble, Home Depot, and Pepsi, who help i2 achieve 30% of its license revenue from consumer goods and retail companies. Like Best Buy, Barnes & Noble will use i2 solutions to support both its retail locations worldwide and online site. Though Home Depot currently does not offer goods online, the $40 billion home improvement retailer plans to do so in the future and is preparing its catalog for web deployment, a task that the i2/Aspect combination is eminently capable Read More
Information Security 101: an Introduction to Being Compliant and Protecting Your Assets
E-mail, Internet access, and collaborative tools (whether a phone system’s conferencing capabilities, or document-sharing applications) are “must-haves” for

barnes nobles  plagued Guess, Victoria’s Secret, Barnes & Noble, Tower Records, Eli Lilly, and even—gasp!—Microsoft, to name but a few. ) Never underestimate the wrath of an employee spurned… a woman employed as an administrative assistant recently deleted $2.5 million (USD) (and seven years’) worth of architectural drawings to seek revenge (or would that be pre-venge?) on her employer, whom she believed was planning to fire her. The woman used her own account credentials to access the files, which it took Read More

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