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Preparing Yourself for the EHR Mandate in Massachusetts
In a climate of economic crisis, federal and state governments are examining ways to evolve the health care system. One way is to adopt an electronic health

be yourself summary  proven, and they can be achieved by every doctor, in every practice. By Conor Howley and Kyle Fugere Contact: Kyle Fugere Tel: 877-977-6636 x707 Email: kfugere@p2escan.com www.P2EScan.com Searches related to Preparing Yourself for the EHR Mandate in Massachusetts : EHR | Electronic Health Record | EHR Certification | EHR Software | EHR Systems | EHR Programs | EHR Deals | EHR Interoperability | EHR Adoption | Compare EHR | EHR Suppliers | EHR Information | EHR Decisions | EHR Training | EHR Read More
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » be yourself summary

NetWare for Small Business - NetWhy?
Remember Novell? They’re a small Utah company that makes network software called NetWare, now aimed at small businesses. Sounds familiar?

be yourself summary  antitrust case. We may be broke, but at least we'll have NDS? This isn't back to the future for Novell. Early versions of NetWare succeeded in the market because they were simple, effective, and, most importantly, cheap. Smaller offices didn't need budget approval or central IT to approve. NDS is great technology, but it's far from essential in small businesses. NetWare still has great features, but its eroding market share does nothing to win the hearts and minds of developers. This won't help. As a Read More
Why PLM Couldn’t Help You During An Economic Downturn?
Shorter time-to-market, higher product development efficiency, better product quality, and lower product costs are often associated with the benefits of

be yourself summary  these benefits seem to be more desirable. However, a recent poll (CIMdata Online Polls, presented near the end of CIMdata PLM Industry Summary, 28 May 2010 ) shows that ten percent of poll participants thought that PLM couldn’t really help tackle economic downturns. I totally agree with CIMdata that this result indicated an awareness issue—current and potential PLM users are not always on the same page with PLM vendors and advocators. Besides this, I felt that some of the ten percent who responded Read More
Remedy Makes CRM a Personal Matter
Remedy announced its acquisition of Axtive Software Corporation, a provider of relationship marketing software that supports personalized interactions between

be yourself summary  integrating personalization, it will be interesting to see whether Remedy eventually finds ways to add value to its E-procurement product and other members of its enterprise portal family Remedy@Work. This could prove to be just the right marginal differentiator in a space that is going to become increasingly commoditized over the year. User Recommendations CRM is used to describe a number of different software products. The addition of Axtive's technology will only be interesting to you if Remedy's core Read More
You Need More Than Functions and Features to Implement an ERP Package Part Two: More Tools and Summary
This article continues the examination of tools that a vendor may supply that can make the implementation of an ERP package easier for your project team, end

be yourself summary  (ERP) package, you must be sure that the software has the functions and features to support your organization. Unless you turn those functions and features into reality with a successful implementation, the benefits and savings that you think are there for the taking, won't materialize. Sure, if you don't select the most appropriate software in the first place, a truly successful implementation may never be an option. The majority of the hard work, however, still remains ahead of you and the project Read More
Microsoft Keeps on Rounding up Its Business Solutions Part One: Event Summary
While the recent initiatives by Microsoft Business Solutions to piecemeal bolster its product lines' SCM capabilities should benefit users, a lot more cohesive

be yourself summary  and TXT seem to be much clearer with regard to the delivery roadmap. General availability of MBS Demand Planner for the Axapta and Navision solutions is expected in November 2003, while MBS plans to announce general availability of the Great Plains module in early 2004. The integrated software will be distributed by MBS internationally through its network of more than 6,000 partners and resellers. On the other hand, TXT, which specializes in SCM largely for the consumer goods and fashion industries, will Read More
Made2Manage Systems 'One Year After': Reenergized and Growing Part Five: Summary, Challenges, and User Recommendations
Although not necessarily unique to Made2Manage Systems, the strategy of taking a deep breath and reflecting upon how to proactively better serve existing

be yourself summary  via acquisitions, seems to be a recipe for success these days. The enterprise applications market is indisputably a mature and fairly saturated field, and all players must accordingly adjust their investment strategies from those of the emerging and growing market in the 1990s. Thus, Made2Manage Systems has lately concentrated on selling to its installed base, which, although not huge, is comfortably sizeable, given the vendor has no aspirations (if not even illusions) about any too aggressive growth or a Read More
Manufacturing 2007 Executive Summary
For a decade, IndustryWeek and the Manufacturing Performance Institute (MPI) Census of Manufacturers have provided data to US manufacturers. This year, MPI

be yourself summary  American manufacturers continue to be bullish about their prospects. The Executive Summary presents the combined data from this year's two surveys in tables and charts, as well as highlighting the research findings for plants within each country. MPI offers perspectives on the results, giving additional meaning to the metrics, and presents MPI Alerts where we believe the data illuminates critical decision points for North American manufacturers. Highlights and questions raised within this Executive Read More
The Global MSF Interoperability (GMI) 2004 Executive Summary
True multi-service, multi-vendor global networks are the future of the telecommunications industry. However, mazes of international standards and protocols can

be yourself summary  from theory into practice. Read More
Will Sage Group Cement Its SME Leadership with ACCPAC and Softline Acquisitions? Part One: Event Summary
By recently acquiring ACCPAC International and Softline, the Sage Group continues to round out by annexation. It currently still has the largest geographic

be yourself summary  the Alps seem to be forming. One would inevitably be Microsoft Business Solutions ( MBS ), following two major, well-publicized acquisitions in the early 2000s (see Microsoft Keeps on Rounding up Its Business Solutions ), while the Sage Group has been rounding out, also by annexation, its currently largest geographic coverage. To that end, in March, Best Software , Inc ., one of the leading current providers of integrated accounting, business management, human resources (HR)/payroll, and fixed asset solut Read More
Infor Healthcare To Be Implemented at Iowa Health System
Infor has announced that the Iowa Health System (IHS) has chosen to implement a full suite of the Infor Healthcare products across IHS’s hospital network. IHS

be yourself summary  Healthcare To Be Implemented at Iowa Health System Infor has announced that the Iowa Health System (IHS) has chosen to implement a full suite of the Infor Healthcare products across IHS’s hospital network. IHS has relationships with 28 hospitals, sees 3.1 million patient visits per year, and has a network of more than 24,000 employees. IHS will use Infor products for finance, supply chain, and human resources.  The Infor Healthcare suite of products to be implemented at IHS includes Infor Lawson Read More
ERP Systems and the ETO Manufacturing Market Part One: Event Summary
Users increasingly look for an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system designed for a specific business, since software that combines industry-specific

be yourself summary  The first group will be a limited number of very large vendors, while the second group will be a large number of small, highly focused vendors. The latter's business model will be focusing on a relatively small, tightly defined market with specific requirements that cannot be met with more generic products. Usually, these markets will be too small for the Big Five to want to compete, and will also have unique requirements that cannot easily be built into the more generic products offered by the Big Five. Read More
Concur Aims To Be Single Point Of (Purchasing) Access
Concur began as a vendor of shrink-wrapped travel and expense tracking software, but is now making a play to be a major provider of self-service Internet

be yourself summary  Aims To Be Single Point Of (Purchasing) Access Vendor Genesis Concur Technologies, Inc. was incorporated in 1993 as Portable Software, and soon offered as its first product a shrink-wrapped retail application to automate travel and expense (T&E) reporting for individuals. It expanded its product line in 1996 by offering a client-server travel and expense package called Xpense Management Solution (XMS), and again in 1998 by bringing XMS to the Intranet. The Intranet version of XMS - recently renamed Read More
Oracle Further Orchestrates Its SOA Forays Part One: Event Summary and Market Impact
Although its service-oriented architecture-based platform and enterprise solutions will not likely be

be yourself summary  unveiling of what could be the industry's first and most complete service-oriented architecture (SOA) and integration platform, featuring the Oracle BPEL ( Business Process Execution Language ) Process Manager product. Through Oracle's quiet acquisition of a privately-held business process management (BPM) pioneer startup, Collaxa Inc ., (located near Oracle's head office in Redwood Shores, California), Oracle gained technology to make it easier for organizations to orchestrate Web services and automate Read More

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