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The 7 Deadly Sins of Software Selection
Q: How many doomsday prophets does it take to change a light bulb?A: None. The light is still on.“Knock knock.”“Who’s there?”“The Raptured. SURPRISE!”

best thank you sentences  all week (according to best estimates). You may have heard recently about Harold Camping , the radio host who predicted that The Rapture would take place May 21. Fun fact : Did you know that Harold Camping’s tribulations mirror those of a software selection project gone terribly awry? Answer: Yes! That’s because he committed the 7 deadly sins of software selection. Here’s how you, too, can send your software selection project straight to hell: Deadly Software Selection Sin #1: Setting unrealistic Read More...
Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)
A warehouse management system (WMS) should provide database and user-level tools in order for a company to optimize its storage facilities while at the same time providing user level task direction...
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Documents related to » best thank you sentences

6 Ways Vendors Are Talking At You Instead of To You

best thank you sentences  best-run businesses. Businesses applying best practices to achieve explosive growth. Businesses in turmoil. Businesses suffering in a weak economy. Businesses burdened by regulation. But the only business you care about is your own. This may sound picky, but to me, these generic descriptions sound a little too prescriptive. They sound like the vendor, without even asking what your business is actually doing, knows what it should be doing. Like without understanding where you want your business to go, Read More...
Five HR Technologies You Should Know
Almost everything you know about human resources (HR) outsourcing is about to change. The future is about single-source integration, and there are key new

best thank you sentences  benefits outsourcing | hr best practices | hr companies | hr compensation | hr compliance | hr dashboard | hr database | hr database software | hr definitions | hr department | hr development | hr director | hr employment | hr functions | hr generalist | hr info management | hr information management | hr information system | hr information systems | hr issues | hr management | hr management information system | hr management online | hr management programs | hr management software | hr management system Read More...
10 Common Mistakes You May Be Making When You Set User Rights and Securities
Whether you are implementing a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution in your company or you already have one—but did not pay very much attention to

best thank you sentences  it works, so the best person to decide who is doing what would be the system administrator. Ideally, the administrator should work with the head of each department in the company, who understands better the needs of each user. 8.  Create user groups for each user— unless you have no choice. This depends on the way your software manages user rights and securities. If you only have the option to set permissions by user group, then sometimes you will have to create a group for a user with special needs. Read More...
Guide for Serious Business Phone System Buyers: What You Need to Know Before You Buy Your New Business Phone System
You’re on a budget and need the right kind of phone for your business. But before diving into the sometimes overwhelming market, there are a couple of things

best thank you sentences  
Best Practices for Recruiting the Right Talent
This white paper examines best practices in recruiting and the technology behind those practices. It discusses how to reduce time to hire by up to 50 percent

best thank you sentences  This white paper examines best practices in recruiting and the technology behind those practices. It discusses how to reduce time to hire by up to 50 percent, reduce cost per hire by up to 70 percent, and improve recruiter efficiency in finding the right talent. Read More...
SaaS ERP: What You Need to Know for Your Business
Join this webcast and learn how. SaaS compares to on-premise and custom options, and the trade-offs you may face; SaaS allows organizations to reap...

best thank you sentences  
Can a Recommendation Turn Against the Person you Recommend?
We all recommend or have been recommended at some point in our professional lives, but have you ever thought about the hidden consequences a recommendation can

best thank you sentences  We all do our best to say nice things about others, but when you tell someone that a person is “ideal” for the job or “amazing”, recruiters really expect the person to be that way. A candidate who’s described as being “great” will have to demonstrate this during the interview—and quite frankly, you’re not doing that person a favor by exaggerating his or her qualities or skills. 3.  Do not provide irrelevant information : Make sure you know exactly why a person needs a recommendation. Read More...
Thank You for Your Interest in Our HCM Buyer's Guide
Human capital management comparison. Talent management comparison. You'll get the results immediately including a detailed report with charts showing how all

best thank you sentences  You for Your Interest in Our HCM Buyer's Guide Thank You for Your Interest Our HCM Buyer's Guide If you found TEC's Human Capital Management (HCM) Buyer's Guide helpful, you'll really appreciate our online comparison tool, TEC Advisor. Use TEC Advisor to compare HCM software—free TEC Advisor allows you to compare three HCM solutions head-to-head online—based on your company's unique needs and characteristics. You can compare up to three solutions from leading HCM vendors like Microsoft, Lawson, Read More...
What Screen-scraping Vendors Don't Want You to Know
This white paper focuses on a side of screen-scraping that vendors won't talk about. It details four drawbacks to screen-scraping that you won't discover until

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Do You Want Your App to Talk Back to You (as a Chatterbox)? - Part 2
In Part 1 of this blog series I admitted to being a late adopter of a sort, in part for not immediately jumping onto the social media bandwagon. In particular

best thank you sentences  all sizes. Possibly the best example of the pace of change in technology would be that even the Amazon.com, Google , and eBay metaphors of the early 2000s look a bit dated today in comparison to those of YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. Namely, the good traits of “Cloud 1.0” or the first generation of cloud applications – i.e., multitenancy, shared systems, trusted reliability and performance, “democratization” of enterprise applications,  metadata -driven customization,  mashups ,  Web Read More...
3 Things You Must Know About Cloud ERP
In this whitepaper, we present the facts you need to know about cloud ERP, including distinctions between different cloud computing options and the benefits and

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Should You Keep or Replace Your Legacy ERP Software? Here’s How to Decide
Not sure if you should hang on to your legacy ERP system or give it the boot? Find out, as TEC analyst Philippe Reney looks at the pros and cons of buying new

best thank you sentences  : Even at the best of times, rolling out a new solution carries more than its fair share of technical issues as compared to upgrading a system. While there is a risk of upgrade failure, this typically does not require a complete rollback due to crippled operational execution. Implementation failures, on the other hand, are ( famously ) another story. In general, it is also easier to roll back an upgrade than it is to undo a new system install, especially in the case of a big bang install (i.e., with no Read More...
Red Hat Plays 'Love You, Love You Not' with CPUs
Red Hat has announced the release of Alpha Deluxe, its version of Linux for computers based on Compaq’s Alpha CPU. At the same time, the company announced it

best thank you sentences  has marginal interest at best in anything other than Solaris-on-Sparc, witness their lackluster support of Solaris-on-Intel. But with Sun's recent acquisition of Cobalt Networks , one would think that they had become slightly more attuned to Linux. Perhaps it is a case of good intentions acted on too little and too late, but we tend to believe that Sun will continue to be Solaris first, last, and always , until Linux takes over the world. Red Hat's Linux for Alpha has the potential of being a good thing Read More...

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