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SOA From a Management Perspective: Part Two
Despite the numerous benefits companies can expect from service-oriented architecture, the technology is still relatively new and implementation costs are steep

beta bites  with vendors to test beta versions of tools. This is why, for example, pioneering companies are using everything from Excel spreadsheets to simple databases as repositories for services. By using in-house tools, companies have the opportunity to survey the technology landscape for the best solution for their infrastructure. Although there are differing opinions on the subject, many consider Web services as a mandatory element of SOA. For those sharing this viewpoint, Web services must be implemented Read More...
Web Content Management (WCM)
Web content management (WCM) systems manage content creation, review, and approval processes for web site content. This may include public Web sites (Internet) or private web sites (intranet or ext...
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Documents related to » beta bites

SSA GT Beefs Up BPCS V8 Through Partnerships' Spree Part 2: Market Impact
SSA GT has mostly achieved its most imminent and important goal of enticing existing BPCS customer base to stay on their maintenance contracts. Vendors vying to

beta bites  have used a longer beta testing phase, while the NT product released at the end of 2000 has reportedly resulted only in a handful of new licenses. Furthermore, the company's silence about MAX product it acquired not so long ago (see SSA Acquires MAX Hoping To Leap From Its MIN ) might indicate that it was an impulse purchase and that the company has not many ideas as what to do with it, since MAX essentially competes with its own BPCS NT product. The above challenges may impede SSA GT's ability to Read More...
2007 Microsoft Office System Suites Comparison
To meet the challenges of our global, information-based economy, employees and teams must work more efficiently and effectively with information. Solving these

beta bites  Microsoft Office System in Beta Testing | List of All 2007 Office System | Microsoft Office Business Standard | Microsoft Office System Sharepoint Solutions | Rights Management Services RMS | Home Use Program HUP | HUP Microsoft Office System | HUP Office System Microsoft | HUP Free Business Software Demos | HUP Office Online Home Page | HUP Products Home Page Office Online | HUP Microsoft Office System Techcenter | HUP Resources Available on Office Online | HUP Regarding 2007 Microsoft Office | HUP Read More...
Red Hat’s OpenShift PaaS: Traction Update
At the recent AWS:REINVENT 2013 conference, Red Hat made two announcements about its OpenShift platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offering.Red Hat has expanded

beta bites  Hat has released the beta of its new on-premises integration solution, which will be the foundation for its integration PaaS (iPaaS). BPM is still the works. Breathing Down the Salesforce Platform’s Neck? OpenShift still has a long row to hoe to catch up with the market leading Salesforce Platform and partner ecosystem, which currently boasts more than 2,000 partner apps (in the AppExchange app store), with more than 2 million installs and over 20,000 user reviews. Still, a  recent Seeking Alpha Read More...
Business Intelligence for SMBs: MBS Excel Applications and Competitive Analysis
Companies relying on an Excel or Excel-like system need to know that, while Excel might suffice for ad hoc analysis and data storage for individuals or small

beta bites  availability of a private beta release of a new server-based business performance management (BPM) scorecard application. Code-named Maestro , the new application will reportedly take advantage of the power of the Microsoft Office System to help organizations perform deeper analyses by allowing them to build, manage, and use scorecards and key performance indicators (KPI)—all within an intuitive and collaborative environment. It should provide companies with a broad view of business opportunities, Read More...
Business Intelligence… PRONTO! (PRONTO-Xi + IBM Cognos 10)
Today, Pronto Software [Evaluate this product], developer of enterprise software solutions, is announcing the inclusion of IBM’s Cognos 10 Business Intelligence

beta bites  our IBM Cognos 10 beta program and instrumental in validating the value and benefits Cognos 10 will bring to midsize companies.” The strong and long-term relation between these two organizations may be a key benefit for organizations that will be acquiring an enterprise system with strong functionality in both operational and analytical areas. As with other partnerships, the degree of integration of both applications will be the key to success in terms of adoption rates. PRONTO-Xi’s newest release is Read More...
Lilly Software - Product Enhancements Remain Its Order 'Du Jour' Part Three: Competitive Analysis
Contrary to most of its competitors that had opportunistically pursued their customers randomly, and whose latest vertical initiatives stem from the sudden

beta bites  being already in a beta release) should take the company into other trenches of industries, conspicuously automotive and medical devices suppliers. From the technology standpoint, the company has long supported Microsoft's technologies (COM/DNA, ODBC and Office 2000 ), with a recent embracing and move to Microsoft .NET architecture framework. Still, most of its products support almost all relevant databases ( SQL Server , Oracle, and IBM DB2/400 ) and operational systems (Windows NT, UNIX and OS/400) Read More...
MicroStrategy Manages Your Customer Relationships And Its Own
MicroStrategy has recently added CRM applications to its offerings. The company’s new CRM suite, eCRM7, will be generally available in December. MicroStrategy

beta bites  months later eCRM 7 beta -- a 100% re-write over eCRM 6 -- was released. Combined with the new pricing model and WebStore these product updates are surely spreading resources thin across the organization. The company has also put a freeze on hiring and reduced its workforce by 10%, primarily through reductions in sales, marketing, and administration. Wall Street has yet to reward MicroStrategy for its attempts to turn the company around since the restatements. MicroStrategy was trading above $300 per Read More...
Another One Bites the Dust - SSA Gored to Death
On April 7, Gores Technology Group (GTG), a leading international technology and management company, and System Software Associates, Inc. (SSA) announced that

beta bites  One Bites the Dust - SSA Gored to Death Another One Bites the Dust - SSA Gored to Death P.J. Jakovljevic - May 3, 2000 Event Summary On April 7, Gores Technology Group (GTG), a leading international technology and management company, and System Software Associates, Inc. (SSA) announced that SSA has agreed to sell substantially all of its assets to a newly formed subsidiary of Gores Technology for a total of approximately $52 million in cash and 25% of the common stock of the newly-formed Read More...
Autodesk Fusion 360 Cloud CAD Now Available
What was hinted at in late 2012 during the Autodesk University 2012 conference just became a reality—Autodesk has delivered the first cloud-based computer aided

beta bites  and startups. Since the beta release in early 2013, there have reportedly been 500,000 users, with up to 1,300 users signing up per week. The product’s partner ecosystem is also expanding slowly but surely. After the recent alliance announcement with NetSuite , Fusion 360 has been integrated with GrabCAD. The idea is to be able to design faster, with secure 3D collaboration, free CAD models, and access to a large community of mechanical engineers. The future will be about folks being able to share, Read More...
Manugistics Lays Groundwork For Talus Integration
This $152 million SCM vendor should make e-commerce the focus of its integration effort.

beta bites  recent customer Amazon.com a beta site for the planned integrated solution. User Recommendations We feel that the integration of Manugistics and Talus products has great potential, but users are advised to remain patient. Manugistics must first outline a high-level strategy for combining the various parts of each product suite, including a plan for reconciling any overlap in functionality. Following the initial groundwork, Mr. Cuhady and his team will need to engage developers and application engineers Read More...
The 12 Cardinal Sins of ERP Implementation
The biggest single issue in ERP is the failure of a successful implementation. It is mind-boggling to continually encounter companies who make major ERP gaffes

beta bites  early 1980's with alpha, beta and gamma releases. The pertinent question is what are the main causes of ERP failure and what can be done to prevent this from happening to you? There are twelve major reasons for why companies get bogged down or fail in implementing ERP. This white paper addresses them. Read More...
ERP Packages For Midsize Firms in the Works
Two vendors of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for midsize companies, Epicor Software Corporation and QAD Inc., are gearing up to deliver new e

beta bites  it plans to start beta testing Web-based order management and supply-chain collaboration applications next month. The applications are expected to be ready for customer shipment next spring and will be followed later in 2000 by an online procurement package, QAD officials said. Pricing has not been finalized. Market Impact The market can expect a spate of similar announcements in this space as vendors scramble to belatedly jump on the e-Commerce bandwagon. We believe that the year 2000 will be a trying Read More...
VOConline is the leading provider of software services and solutions that enable customers to efficiently and effectively manage beta programs to ensure that

beta bites  efficiently and effectively manage beta programs to ensure that their products are ready for the market. VOConline, through its acquisition of BetaSphere, Inc. in 2005, brings over a decade of experience developing and executing beta programs. We apply the best practices in the field, superior software technology, and experienced program managers to deliver the most insightful product evaluations and market feedback. Our customers include several Fortune 500 companies who have come to rely on us to help Read More...
Windows 2000: Paragon for Partisans, Skewered by Skeptics
After a wait of more than a year, Windows 2000 (The OS Formerly Known as

beta bites  applications. The above notwithstanding, beta testers/customers have generally been pretty happy with Win2K. It is clearly an improvement on NT 4.0, which is itself a pretty decent OS. We are not recommending customers stay away from it, only that they delay implementation or proceed with the understanding that it will require potentially major changes to their infrastructure. Finally, although it is probably obvious to most casual observers: Windows 2000 is geared more toward enterprise/business Read More...

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