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VAI Unveils S2K Smart Center Social User Experience
VAI, a provider of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to the midmarket, announced S2K Smart Center, a configurable Web-based user experience that

better user experience  help midmarket customers make better-informed and proactive business decisions, with immediate access to pertinent information and tools within one browser session. S2K Smart Center instantly notifies users of To Do’s, Alerts, and Company News from a dynamic home screen. From this comprehensive screen, users can collaborate about tasks with one another while reacting to pressing business issues. VAI Smart Center includes IBM Smart Cloud for Social Business , instant messaging, and single sign-on, Read More...
Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)
A warehouse management system (WMS) should provide database and user-level tools in order for a company to optimize its storage facilities while at the same time providing user level task direction...
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Documents related to » better user experience

KronosWorks 2010: Of Next-Gen User Experience & Workforce Mobility
Given our shared presence in the Boston metro area, I’ve had numerous contacts and interactions with Kronos Incorporated in the past, but this fall was my very

better user experience  the US economy for better or worse) “like a pig through a python.” On a positive note, the so-called “baby bust (trough)” generation that is 20-30 years away from retirement should be in great demand. Also, when all the initial shock and anger subside and the “finding the guilty party” (e.g., immigrants, China, India, socialists, earmarks , etc.) ends, the time will come for everyone to roll up their sleeves and find a solution. US Social Security is not apparently an insurmountable problem Read More...
A Retail Sourcing Suite Built on Experience
Eqos's mission is to become the leading provider of global sourcing and supplier management solutions for the retail supply chain worldwide. Today, Eqos

better user experience  2005 database to provide better performance. Solution developers can use these well-known and widespread technologies to extend the core capabilities of the Eqos solution. Further performance enhancements through a more flexible data schema. This new approach has addressed the needs of customers that are embedding collaborative solutions more deeply into their business and increasing the traffic through them, by providing easier navigation and customization of data and reports. To that end, the Read More...
User-Focused Design Principles Shape the Customer Experience
Welcome to the customer experience. We all have them. Some are good, others bad. A variety of factors - the user interface (UI), customer support, marketing

better user experience  was technically a lot better. AOL stole the market through their commitment to ease of use and content for their non-technical audience. In each case, senior management adopted the customer-centered ethic and rigorously spread the message from the top of the company through the entire infrastructure. The support of senior management is critical in implementing a user-centered ethic, especially when integrating the click business with the brick business. Rubin works extensively with Fortune 500 companies Read More...
Qlik: Newer, Bigger, Better?
During the second half of last year and the beginning of this year, the Pennsylvania-based software company QlikTech has undergone a number of important

better user experience  apply which approach for better performance and effectiveness.   New “Natural” Analytics Recently, a blog written by Donald Farmer, VP of product management at Qlik, established what Qlik has been up to for some time now: working towards bringing a new generation of analytics to the market. In this sense, two things seem to be particularly interesting. First, Qlik’s continuous work towards changing and evolving analytics from its traditional role and state and delivering new ways analysis can be Read More...
Social Media and Customer Experience Feedback
Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and blogs are just a few Internet services that make up the new growing digital world called social media. Many companies have seen

better user experience  information, so we can better meet your needs?”) Work with your Mindshare account manager to create a SM mini-survey. You can use this survey to gain more structured information about the customer’s issue, such as the location, who was involved, the type of problem, when the problem occurred, and any additional comments to aid in addressing the issue. The data provided from this mini-survey can be easily integrated with your existing Mindshare feedback surveys and presented to your local managers Read More...
Customer Experience Management: Accelerating Business Performance
Do you spend all your time chasing new customers instead of taking care of the ones you already have? Most customer relationship management (CRM) projects focus

better user experience  
SMBs Must Eliminate Information Silos to Improve the Customer Experience
This report identifies the major IT issues faced by small to midsized businesses (SMBs), including information silos, lack of IT staff, and outdated business

better user experience  
KANA Software and Ciboodle Join Forces for Customer Experience Perfection
The multi-channel customer experience management software market represents an attractive US$5 billion-plus market opportunity, which IDC recently forecast to

better user experience  
Forecast Less and Get Better Results
Forecasting and planning conventions dictate that planning far into the future is a necessity. But is long-term planning really the most productive way to

better user experience  Less and Get Better Results Forecasting and planning conventions dictate that planning far into the future is a necessity. But is long-term planning really the most productive way to organize your business? No, not really. Detailed forecasts and plans are needed only inside the “planning time fence”—a critical period for acquiring specific components and building certain products—and for many companies, only four to eight weeks into the future. Read More...
Cloud-Based Manufacturing: A Better Way to Streamline Your Supply Chain
Find out in the webcast Cloud-based Manufacturing: A Better Way to Streamline Your Supply Chain.

better user experience  Based Manufacturing: A Better Way to Streamline Your Supply Chain How can your manufacturing business best streamline operations in a fragmented, global environment? To successfully compete, you need to collaborate with suppliers and partners around the globe. But how do you effectively manage the multiple time zones, cultural differences, regulatory requirements, and the large physical distances involved? Find out in the webcast Cloud-based Manufacturing: A Better Way to Streamline Your Supply Chain Read More...
Holistic Omni-Channel Customer Experience Spotlighted at KANA Connect
I couldn’t make it to the KANA Connect 2013 conference this September, but the marvels of modern technology allowed me to follow the event in real time through

better user experience  governments seek to offer better services at a lower cost. Having had its last acquisition about 18 months ago, KANA has since been able to converge those once diverse products onto a unified platform as required. KANA can provide on-premise and cloud solutions for large enterprises and mid-market organizations both in the commercial and public sectors—a CX software breadth and depth most competitors in the space cannot compete with. The flagship KANA Enterprise suite is hailed as the only enterprise Read More...

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