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Product Note: Jaspersoft-Is It Ready for Big Enterprises?
Entering the BI space for large companies is not a small challenge. Jaspersoft may be doing its homework to acquire more recognition and make a smooth but sure

bi for large enterprises  (see Is Open Source BI at a Tipping Point ?). This idea is under consideration, not only for Jaspersoft, but for other open source BI providers like Pentaho , who have been working towards offering mature BI solutions that can embrace larger customers to make themselves bigger challengers in the BI market. The release of Jaspersoft´s Enterprise version seems to be a logical step towards gaining more presence in the BI market. Jaspersoft Is Rolling Out the Strategy With this general background on Read More
Business Intelligence (BI)
Business intelligence (BI) and performance management applications enable real-time, interactive access, analysis, and manipulation of mission-critical corporate information. These applications pro...
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Documents related to » bi for large enterprises

BI Principles for Another Kind of Intelligence
Traditional business intelligence (BI) and analytics applications aim to support the decision-making process of a company. By analyzing large amounts of data

bi for large enterprises  information. But while traditional BI tools work this information for the purposes of achieving better business performance and operation, similar technology can be applied to an organization’s data for the more immediate purpose of deriving more and better data. Data Intelligence These tools use data analysis techniques to enable knowledge gathering, as well as to perform important tasks such as: detecting data correlations detecting patterns and/or key data elements detecting relevant facts creating Read More
Is BI Really for Everyone?
It’s been a long time (in this business, anyway) since the very first business intelligence (BI) solutions turned up, enabling big organizations to perform data

bi for large enterprises  do you fit in? BI for Large Organizations For corporations that need powerful analytics and data movement—data integration, data warehousing, and more—there are full-fledged BI suites that extend the reach of common BI functionalities and incorporate high-end technologies to include real-time data handling, embedded business process management, new technologies for team collaboration, and mobile features. Also, large enterprises are often global; their systems may require localization, and other Read More
SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI for Business Intelligence Certification Report
SAP's business intelligence solution, SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI, is now TEC Certified. The certification seal is a valuable indicator for organizations who

bi for large enterprises  BusinessObjects Edge BI for Business Intelligence Certification Report TEC Product Certification Report: SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI If you receive errors when attempting to view this white paper, please install the latest version of Adobe Reader. At Technology Evaluation Centers, we help companies like yours research, evaluate, and select the best enterprise software solutions for their unique business requirements. From small businesses to large enterprises, our clients include hundreds of private- Read More
2011 Business Intelligence Buyer's Guide: BI for Everyone
This buyer guide is for business owners, managers, decision makers, and anyone interested in learning about the deployment of business intelligence (BI) systems

bi for large enterprises  Business Intelligence Buyer's Guide: BI for Everyone This buyer guide is for business owners, managers, decision makers, and anyone interested in learning about the deployment of business intelligence (BI) systems across large enterprises as well as small to medium businesses (SMBs). It presents a comprehensive view of the wide spectrum of BI software solutions currently available and investigates how they match different types of organizations according to size and need. Read More
Polymita Customer Success Story: Simplifying JACIE’s Certification Process
JACIE, a non-profit corporation, was looking for an application that would enable a more effective hospital accreditation process, as well as provide the

bi for large enterprises  well as provide the ability to process complex medical files. With the help of Polymita, JACIE created a decision support system that could centralize access to important information and manage an unlimited number of certification processes simultaneously—without increasing the resources. Read More
frontpath Announces Mobile Internet Appliance
Continuing the onslaught of 'Internet appliances', S3 subsidiary frontpath announced its first product, called ProGear. Unlike most current appliances, this

bi for large enterprises  as medical, is a big change from the current let's sell appliances to people who can't afford a real PC mindset. We can see some vertical markets having a need for wireless connectedness - being able to download a patient's records instantly to an appliance would probably make a doctor's life easier. Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles provides Palm devices to allow their physicians to do just that. The idea of a Web pad has been discussed often in recent months, and Transmeta showed a model at Read More
Transmeta to Intel/AMD: Eat Our Dust
Transmeta’s CEO says his company has a five-year lead on Intel’s and AMD’s technology. Reality or hype? And does it matter?

bi for large enterprises  battery life is a big selling feature for the smaller devices. User Recommendations Until Transmeta's claims can be verified on a production-grade notebook, potential corporate customers should watch, but not buy. If Crusoe-based notebooks demonstrate battery life on a par with their claims, then these notebooks have the potential to be a highly valuable tool for road warriors - employees usually on the road, such as salesmen. Customers intending to buy a notebook as a desktop replacement will get Read More
IBM’s DB2 Tops TPC Benchmark List
Leapfrogging the rest of the transaction-processing world, IBM has posted TPC-C results more than tripling the highest current transaction-per-minute figure.

bi for large enterprises  this is potentially a big win for IBM and DB2, and potentially a setback for Microsoft and Oracle. The positive for DB2 is obvious: bragging rights for the highest performance. In addition, these results push DB2 into the limelight, a new and welcome experience for IBM in this area. The potential downside for customers is that DB2 is not cheap, costing more than $20,000 per CPU, not per server. (Note: Oracle is also expensive, SQL Server's price is significantly lower than both Oracle and DB2.) The Read More
Syncra Systems Helps Kimberly-Clark Clean Up
Though other software vendors market CPFR tools, Syncra System’s vendor neutrality makes it stand apart.

bi for large enterprises  its CPFR application to inhabit the network between trading partners. This provides Syncra Ct ultimate flexibility to work with any third-party applications in use by network partners. User Recommendations Manufacturers who already possess solutions for demand planning and inventory management will hardly find a better candidate CPFR solution than Syncra Ct. Its vendor neutrality also makes it a good choice for companies whose suppliers and/or customers use disparate forecasting and replenishment Read More
Global Business Community Management
With more manufacturing being outsourced, and suppliers located farther afield than ever, logistics is much more complex than it used to be. To simplify the

bi for large enterprises  , Global Supply Chain Visibility , Global Business Intelligence , Global Business Cycle , Business Management , Business Process , Effective Management , Financial Management , Business Management Articles , Small Business Management , International Business Management , Business Management Consultants , Inovis Business Process Data Management Software , IT Vendor Inovis Business , Inovis Solutions . This Isn't Your Parents' Supply Chain Introduction Supply chains looked vastly different as little as one Read More
NeoModal Launches Corporate Ship On Promising Journey
NeoModal is completing work on an innovative combination of global logistics applications for shippers, transportation intermediaries, and carriers.

bi for large enterprises  carriers to explore different combinations of outbound and return portions, considering both ocean and inland components, for choosing the lowest cost option. While there is no clear leader in the global logistics software market, NeoModal's offering will undoubtedly place it in competition with companies like Tradiant, GoCargo, and Descartes Systems Group. NeoModal has selected the right combination of functionality and this will give it an edge over many of the other players. User Recommendations As a Read More
SAS/Warehouse 2.0 Goes Live
SAS Institute has announced the production availability of SAS/Warehouse Administrator software, Version 2.0. This new version provides IT the ability to

bi for large enterprises  has announced the production availability of SAS/Warehouse Administrator software, Version 2.0. Demonstrated at the Data Warehousing Institute conference in Anaheim, Calif., this new version provides IT the ability to proactively publish data warehouse information and track its usage, plus aggressively manage the process of change in the data warehouse. Data warehouses and data marts have become a vital component of all successful data mining, knowledge management, business portal, e-intelligence, Read More
Enterprise Messaging Evaluation and Procurement Audio Transcript
This is a transcript of an audio conference on Enterprise Messaging Evaluation and Procurement presented by TechnologyEvaluation.Com. The presentation used the

bi for large enterprises  caused more than $7 Billion (USD) in data damage. WEBTESS DEMO Now, I think it's time we moved to the demonstration. Although everyone has been given instructions on getting to the WebTESS Enterprise Messaging Software Selection Model on our site, I'll go through it again, briefly just in case some of you may have had difficulty. First, go to our website, www.technologyevaluation.com . From the front page, select the tab marked Vendor Selection Tool. Then, within the blue-bordered box titled Current Read More

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