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Documents related to » bi tool evaluation sample

ERP Plus and Beyond
ERP Plus provides tools that metal fabricators need to streamline their quoting, order entry, inventory control, production, labor collection, shipping, and invoicing processes.

BI TOOL EVALUATION SAMPLE: fax automation; Hyperion for BI reporting; DataMax and RF Gen for wireless/mobile/barcode data collection; and PCCharge Pro for credit card authorization, just to name a few. Moreover, solid landed cost calculation and subcontracting capabilities may help Verticent expand its focus towards metal importers and giftware distributors. For example, automatically creating purchase orders directly from the sales order for sub-contracted and outsourced services may save time and improve profitability by

Jamcracker Dredges a New Channel
Jamcracker, an ASP providing business services for HR management, expense management and sales force automation solutions has announced a new program to increase sales. Jamcracker’s Channel Program offers sales and implementation training to its new channel partners.

BI TOOL EVALUATION SAMPLE: indirect channels. The workspace combines partner relationship management (PRM) functionality with demand creation tools, enabling Jamcracker and its channel partners to use activity-based dynamic profiling to provide channel managers snapshots of their channel activity. The Jamcracker Channels Program consists of three partnership levels: Jamcracker Explorers Jamcracker Sales Certified Pioneers Jamcracker Premier Certified Pioneers Jamcracker Explorers : Independent consultants, venture capitalists,

Retail Systems: A Primer
The core components of a retail information system are inventory management, inventory optimization, revenue management, sales management, and reports and inquiries. Non-core components can include financial, supply chain management, enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, and warehouse management systems.

BI TOOL EVALUATION SAMPLE: (for more information on BI systems, see Business Intelligence: Its Ins and Outs ). Non-core Areas As previously mentioned, many MMS vendors must adapt themselves to the different verticals within retail due to the diversity of the retail industry. Much of this customization relates to non-core areas. Some vendors even develop new functions and features to satisfy their clients. The down side of this approach is that these new capabilities are not always used by all companies, and the added features can

Exact Software--Working Diligently Towards the One Exact SynergyPart Two: Macola, the ERP and BAM Solutions
In 2003, Exact Software announced the general availability of Macola Enterprise Suite (ES), the latest version of the company's ERP solution, which goes beyond traditional ERP solutions’ scope by allowing its users to define business rules, workflow, and exception alerts and events. Also, Exact Event Manager addresses the challenge of not knowing about existing and potential business problems or of learning of them too late by providing a way for organizations to define and respond to critical, time-sensitive data across the entire enterprise.

BI TOOL EVALUATION SAMPLE: a sort of a harbinger of the recent raging consolidation ( see The Mid-Market Is Consolidating, Lo And Behold ). Recently, Exact Software stated that the company has been making significant strides in extending its market presence in North America. According to Exact s financial results for the first half of 2003, the company s North American operation now represents approximately 26 percent of total revenue for the company, which was an increase from 20 percent in 2002. Throughout 2003, Exact has

Global Trade Solutions: Competition, Challenges, and User Recommendations
The global trade management market is competitive, rapidly evolving, and highly fragmented, and competition will only increase in the future. While each GTM package will have a unique combination of features and components, it will still require data input and updating by users.

BI TOOL EVALUATION SAMPLE: trade, encompassing import shipment visibility to trade compliance. However, the GTM market is characterized by early adopters and is rapidly evolving and a company of TradeBeam s current stature, with only several years of existence and an estimated (less than) $20 million (USD) in annual revenues, might not be able to maintain its competitive position. Despite TradeBeam s immaculate financial position and slew of marquee customers, TradeBeam may find itself struggling against current and potential

Anatomy of a Technology Selection
Dell Computer Corporation spent millions preparing to deploy an ERP system before realizing that the solution to one set of issues created a more severe problem. Note based on discussion among Michael Dell, Kevin Rollins, and Morten Topfer of Dell Computer Corporation and Dell’s Platinum Counsel of customers.

BI TOOL EVALUATION SAMPLE: is fueled by its ability to adapt to supplier and customer stimulus. This Sense and Respond operating model is pervasive. Having the ability to incorporate lower cost or higher performance mainboards, hard drives, or video interfaces into the production stream rapidly is of paramount importance. The core competence in Dell s operation is Process Management. There is a wall of patent and supplier recognition plaques in one plant highlighting process innovation and precision execution. Such accomplishment d

Web Testing Has Changed the Testing Landscape
Software testing vendors are forming alliances and partnerships with the vendors who actually service and support the delivery of Internet content. Thus do the realities of testing Internet applications sink in. Two instances: Mercury Interactive formed a strategic alliance with Akamai Technologies, and Segue signed NaviSite as its first Hosted Services Partner.

BI TOOL EVALUATION SAMPLE: analysis and early detection capabilities to augment the performance monitoring products and services in its current suite of web performance management products. According to Mercury Interactive, It is important to remember that any component within the Web infrastructure-including routers, firewalls and load balancers-can potentially contribute to performance bottlenecks. Because these devices perform demanding operations, such as packet cracking, IP source address analysis, protocol analysis URL parsi

Where Is ERP Headed (Or Better, Where Should It Be Headed)?Part 2: Product Architecture and Web-Basing
This note discusses how a flexible and agile ERP system needs an adaptable architecture, how easy integration to 3rd-party applications has become a key selling point for ERP vendors, and how extending ERP to the Internet stems from the intent of many IT organizations not to reinvent the wheel in their scramble to create e-commerce applications.

BI TOOL EVALUATION SAMPLE: ERP applications were too big and unwieldy, and that they needed to be more flexible. Componentization would not only make it easier for the ERP vendors to enhance their solutions but also make it easier for customers to upgrade the software. With componentization, a customer could incrementally upgrade only selected components without having to upgrade the entire ERP solution, which usually would entail a substantial effort. In summary, component-based architecture is beneficial for the following

How Winners Trap Their Competition
Using the highest degree of professionalism and integrity, you can protect your value proposition from competitive attack by setting traps for the competition. By knowing the competition's actions, behavior, and practices, you can identify damaging behavior. After exploring the potential risks and rewards, you can then consider what might be done to snare the competition. Exposing the competition's deficiencies with this mousetrap model will not only spare your client the expense, disruption, and embarrassment of a poorly executed implementation, but it will increase your ability to effectively compete.

BI TOOL EVALUATION SAMPLE: the appropriate size. Too big and the mouse sneaks through. Too small and it has no effect. You can get your own fingers mangled in a mousetrap, if you aren t very careful. You can t be present for it to work. You must use the trap in the way it was designed to be used. For example, it isn t worth the effort to throw the trap at the mouse. You need to do a bit of planning: recognize you have a problem, buy the trap, buy the bait, figure out the best place to set the trap, etc. You need some patience. Once

Predictive Product Keeps Debtors’ Prison Empty
SLP InfoWare adds a module that identifies credit risks.

BI TOOL EVALUATION SAMPLE: to fail to pay bills. BadDebt/CPS joins applications for making up-sell and cross-sell recommendations, predicting repeat buyers and exiting buyers, and for customized behavior analysis, in addition to churn prediction. The company boasts a scalable architecture that makes it easy to integrate its suite with other front and back office applications. A user of this or any of SLP InfoWare s products will begin using their modeling environment to accumulate the data to be tracked and define the behaviors to

Scala Shows Far More Than A Bit Of A Backbone Part 1
Scala seems to be telling any competitor that two can play the game in the global enterprise market. Employing offense as the best defense, the company is determined to attack the satellite divisions of its bigger competitors, particularly those of SAP.

BI TOOL EVALUATION SAMPLE: share its office with BizPartner. Also recently, on July 10, appointed Quadron B.V. as its reseller in The Netherlands. Until now, the company has been an integration partner only, but the new contract ensures that Quadron will play a key role in Scala s product sales as well as consultancy and system implementation. Quadron will concentrate on winning business in Scala s key markets the subsidiaries, divisions and suppliers of global companies and also local small and medium enterprises (SME s), in this

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