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What Is Interconnect Billing?
When operators interconnect together to send and receive voice and other services, special requirements arise for the billing. Operator to operator interconnect

billing project in telecom  Billing Models | Interconnect Billing Project | Interconnect Billing Suite | Interconnect Billing Transformation | Successful Interconnect Billing | Deploy Interconnect Billing | Entire Interconnect Billing | Interconnect Billing Analyst | Interconnect Billing Module | Interconnect Billing Management | Architect Interconnect Billing | Interconnect Billing Market | VOIP Interconnect Billing | VOIP Interconnect Billing Solutions | VOIP Interconnect Billing Systems | VOIP Offers Interconnect Billing | VOIP Read More...
PPM for Professional Services Automation
A business practice that assists organizations to align their portfolio of projects with their business strategy. Professional services automation (PSA) refers to a system designed to streamline an...
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Documents related to » billing project in telecom

A Veteran Enterprise Resource Planning Vendor Makes a SaaS-y Statement
Glovia International has launched the first full-fledged and versatile, manufacturing-oriented solution that is an on-demand, enterprise resource planning

billing project in telecom  modules; financial management—including the billing, accounts receivable (AR), accounts payable (AP), cash management, fixed assets, financial integration management, general ledger, and time and attendance (TA) modules; projects management—including the project definition, project management interface, project requirements planning (PRP), project accounting, and program cost accounting capabilities; service management—including the installation management, field service, service and repair, and Read More...
7 Things Every Executive Should Know About Telecom Expenses
Most enterprises waste millions of dollars annually by not managing their telecom spend in a standardized, centralized, more accurate way. Having ballooned up

billing project in telecom  Decreasing Fixed Telecom Costs Billing Errors Will Continue to Occur Wireless Costs Will Surpass Fixed Telecom Costs The CIOs Role in Telecom Expense Management The Costs of Ignoring Telecom Expense Management Recommendations for Effectively Reducing Telecom Spend   Take Action Assess your telecom expense management needs and begin reducing costs. With over 25 years of experience in telecom expense management, Telesoft has helped hundreds of customers lower telecom expenses and improve efficiencies by Read More...
6 Ways You Can Benefit from Telecom Expense Management
A national health insurance company’s spreadsheet-based telecom management process was leading to time and money wasted as staff tried to make up for lack of

billing project in telecom  network audits, resolving vendor billing problems, identifying the most cost effective service alternatives, negotiating vendor contracts, and redesigning business processes. TEM knowledge is a specialty. This specialty is similar to the knowledge possessed by a tax accountant, whose experience in a certain industry or knowledge of certain complex tax laws produce a better result - say, a lower tax bill, than someone without special knowledge of that industry or set of circumstances. TEM technology Read More...
WorldCom SPRINTs, Nokia/Visa Pays Bill, & Service Providers Gear for Wireless Tsunami
Ready for another Internet Tsunami? Broadband and Wireless ubiquitous infrastructures are coming into place at a rapid rate. Digital Business Service Providers

billing project in telecom  course data security and billing issues (maybe you rang the wrong number and got the coke machine?). Another existing application is GM's OnStar service that can notify a GM service center automatically if an air bag deploys in the car, and locate the car through its GPS system. Remote sensing and data will eventually play a major role in the agricultural industry. A corporation could, for example, monitor the micro-status of animal stock or crops on every ranch it owns or has an interest in, or various Read More...
Telecom Re-invention: Optimizing the Online Customer Experience
As networks, devices, and media converge, telecom companies have increasingly complex catalogs of products and services on offer to customers who are, in turn

billing project in telecom  more valuable asset; a billing relationship with customers. As connectivity becomes increasingly a commodity, operators have an opportunity to nurture and extend the relationship with their customers. However, they have to rapidly take smarter and more incisive steps, re-organise their internal divisions to take a customer, not technology led approach. This re-orientation around the customer, as well as the impact with other third party relationships will form the main focus of the next paper in this Read More...
Security in the Software Development Lifecycle
Application security is an important emerging requirement in software development. This article introduces CLASP, an application security process and plug-in to

billing project in telecom  
Advanced project for Microsoft Dynamics AX
Advanced Projects@ is an enterprise project and portfolio management (EPPM) solution for Microsoft Dynamics AX that manages both the operational and the

billing project in telecom  project resource management project billing project costing project analytics project portfolio analytics project collaboration project supply chain Adeaca Corp focuses exclusively on advanced project planning, resourcing, and budgeting solutions for Microsoft Dynamics AX and project-driven companies. Adeaca Corp provides fully integrated EPPM solutions for Microsoft Dynamics AX, with its Advanced Projects Solution Series. Read More...
Trends in Customer Experience at TIBCO TUCON 2012
I have attended several enterprise software events in recent months that discussed trends and changes in IT, with big data, mobile computing, social

billing project in telecom  
Oracle Sets Date for Database In-Memory Release
The Oracle Database In-Memory is Oracle’s answer to the in-memory database race that has been heating up over the last couple of years. Oracle Database In

billing project in telecom  Oracle, Database, In-Memory Database, SAP HANA, industry watch Read More...
ERP in Complex Manufacturing: Improving Collaboration and Visibility
Find out in ERP in Complex Manufacturing: Improving Collaboration and Visibility.

billing project in telecom  erp complex manufacturing improving collaboration visibility,erp,complex,manufacturing,improving,collaboration,visibility,complex manufacturing improving collaboration visibility,erp manufacturing improving collaboration visibility,erp complex improving collaboration visibility,erp complex manufacturing collaboration visibility. Read More...
Controlling Project Cost Overruns
This white paper examines how Pertmaster can reduce exposure to project cost risk throughout the project lifecycle by using a combination of a high level cost

billing project in telecom  Project Cost Overruns This white paper examines how Pertmaster can reduce exposure to project cost risk throughout the project lifecycle by using a combination of a high level cost estimate analysis and a detailed schedule-based cost risk analysis. Contingency and management reserve is also discussed. Read More...
Seeing through the Fog: Managing Application Performance in the Cloud
Much of a network professional’s time is spent in the weeds—fixing what breaks and trying to keep infrastructure humming so users don’t call the help desk

billing project in telecom  managing application performance in the cloud,cloud computing cloud computing,the data centre,performance testing,cloud service,performance measurement,in the cloud services,cloud services,services in the cloud,app management,network performance,cloud app,the cloud app,app cloud,cloud application Read More...
Customer Care and Billing (CC&B)
Customer care and billing (CC@B) solutions typically support providers of utilities, telephony, cable, or other services providing companies. CC@B software

billing project in telecom  Care and Billing (CC&B) Customer care and billing (CC&B) solutions typically support providers of utilities, telephony, cable, or other services providing companies. CC&B software includes functionality for mediation, provisioning, rating, reporting, financial systems, and billing for voice, data, content, and utility services. Read More...

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