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Cooler-running Notebooks from HP, Toshiba, et al.
Recent announcements from AMD, Toshiba, and Phoenix highlight an increasing focus on extending the battery life of notebook computers.

bios pheonix  Technologies Ltd., a leading BIOS manufacturer, announced that PowerSuite 4.0 will allow notebooks to extend battery life by providing the ability to control both the speed and the voltage level of the notebook's CPU. The first products to use this will be part of Sony's VAIO product line. Early testing indicated battery life extension of around 18% when running one set of tests. Market Impact Although Intel currently controls the corporate notebook market, AMD is winning in the retail space. This will Read More

Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » bios pheonix

Identix Leads Biometric Authentication
Perhaps the most exciting product released at last Comdex, was the Identix DFR-300 Fingerprint Scanner. Implemented in Compaq, Dell, and Toshiba laptops, the

bios pheonix  biometric identification and authentication, BIOS level security, single sign-on and multi-factor security. A pioneer in identification technology, and a worldwide provider of Biometric authentication, Identix was founded in 1982, by then engineer Randy Fowler. Mr. Fowler has been credited with being the person to first patent image capture devices used for authentication purposes making Identix the original pioneer in fingerprint scanning technology. Retiring as CEO this year, Mr. Fowler still holds the Read More
G-Log Offers New Start For CEO, Management Team
Global Logistics Technologies (G-Log) will soon launch its Internet-based logistics software business for the transportation industry. G-Log is a new beginning

bios pheonix  vendor in G-Log's executive bios, Manugistics. G-Log promises a new beginning for Weseley, who is hoping to put past misfortunes behind him. Market Impact Though Weseley's ability to attract top talent may make G-Log a success, it helped entangle him in a legal morass just a few years ago. Prior to G-Log, Mitchell Weseley was best known as the founder of his namesake, Weseley Software Development Company (WSDC). Incorporated in 1992, WSDC became the subject of litigation following its acquisition by Read More
Using Keyboard, Video, and Mouse over IP to Connect Remote Networks
Today’s IT professionals are often challenged by unrelenting changes in the enterprise, increased data growth and compliance regulations, and geographic

bios pheonix  conflict for remote access) BIOS level access to servers No limitations on locations of servers (across the room, across the globe) Simple and Non-Invasive. Any server management strategy should reduce complexity and lower the overall IT workload. Deployment, installation and usage of a server management solution should minimize or eliminate impact on the server, its operating systems, services and applications. The solution should offer: Simple and quick installation No special hardware (management Read More
Can Software Help Employees Enjoy Their Workday (More)? - Part 1

bios pheonix  as other  Workday leadership bios here ). Indeed, David Dobrin, Naomi Bloom, Ray Wang, Vinnie Mirchandani, Dennis Howlett, Dana Gardner, Nick Carr, Mike Krigsman, Jason Busch, Phil Wainewright, and Brian Sommer are only a few of the renowned market observers that have been talking, blogging, tweeting, and whatnot about Workday as possibly the best invention since sliced bread. Naturally, the skeptic in me has wondered what all this fuss and adulation was about. For some flavor, here are the  blog posts Read More
Are Your Laptops Protected against Careless Employee Use?
The best encryption and security policies will not protect your laptops against careless employee use. Learn about the latest innovations in tracking IT assets

bios pheonix  embedded support in the BIOS of a computer, the Computrace agent is capable of surviving operating system re-installations, as well as hard-drive reformats, replacements and re-imaging. More Information About Absolute Software Absolute Software Corporation (TSX: ABT) is the leader in Computer Theft Recovery, Data Protection and Secure Asset Tracking&8482; solutions. Absolute Software provides organizations and consumers with solutions in the areas of regulatory compliance, data protection and theft Read More
Case Study: IT Asset Security Tool Helps Healthcare Provider Track 97% of Laptops
Learn how IT asset tracking tools helped Allina Hospitals and Clinics monitor 2,700 computers on and off their network without having to invest in additional

bios pheonix  critical location information. With BIOS support, the Computrace agent is capable of surviving operating system re-installations, as well as hard-drive reformats, replacements and re-imaging. Thefts Continued at Allina Facilities Thefts continued however. In one particularly noteworthy incident, a thief entered an Allina facility one Saturday morning and made off with a laptop. The following day, Allina's IT team watched via the Online Customer Center as the computer went online in nearby Golden Valley. Read More
Virtualization Strategy for Midsized Businesses
In these challenging times, midsized businesses need to simplify IT infrastructure and reduce costs. Yet, with diverse storage, server, and network requirements

bios pheonix  Replacement of 20-year-old legacy BIOS with a new Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) offers even more function, a better user interface and easier management. UEFI is the next generation BIOS, based on industry standards. It is a foundation for delivering many innovative features to improve manageability, security, and the installation process, said Doug Fisher, a vice president and general manager at Intel. Intel applauds IBM's decision to adopt UEFI in the newest Intel processorbased IBM Read More
Compaq, HP, IBM, Intel and Microsoft Create New PC Security Alliance
Five key vendors, Compaq, HP, IBM, Intel, and Microsoft have allied together to develop a new hardware and software specification for personal computer security

bios pheonix  develop hardware specs and BIOS extensions that will enable certain security services to the operating system. That's nice but if the operating system isn't good, security-wise, it won't matter what the hardware provides. If nothing else, the formation of this alliance is sure to heighten security awareness in the information technology sector as a whole. Elias Levy, Chief Technical Officer of Security Focus and moderator of the well-known Bugtraq security mailing list says, The alliance is a good idea Read More
What’s Up with xTuple-and Open Source ERP?
You may be wondering how the open-source ERP vendor xTuple operating with a workforce of only 27 can compete on the same stage with the software giants. Find

bios pheonix  http://www.erpgraveyard.com/ ). See xTuple’s bios of its top management as well as this article on Ned Lilly and the idea behind starting xTuple.   Our questions and Lilly’s answers are as follows: TEC: Has your market and competitive landscape changed as of late and how? What trends have you noticed in the market? NL: We're spending less and less time explaining the concept of open source and leading more with functionality and value with next-generation business management software. Then, when Read More

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