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Manhattan Associates Completes Second Quarter On Record Pace
Atlanta-based supply chain execution (SCE) software vendor Manhattan Associates announces its second fiscal quarter results.

black baud  consecutive quarters in the black. Figure 1. Manhattan also announced continued progress on its InfoLink initiatives. InfoLink is the company's collaboration product for suppliers, retailers, logistics providers to link Internet trading exchanges. The solution will use Microsoft's XML schemas and BizTalk framework. The InfoLink Advisory Council, a group of retailers who will participate in guiding InfoLink's focus and features, gained as members leading retailers Nordstroms, Inc., The Limited, Inc., and Read More...
Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
Business process outsourcing (BPO) services manage critical front- and back-office processes that can include human resources and accounting as well as customer-related services such as contact cen...
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Documents related to » black baud

NAPM Puts The Spotlight On Change
TEC VP, James F. Dowling is quoted in the National Association of Purchasing Management (NAPM) magazine Purchasing Today on the meaning of “Value”. The quote

black baud  Planning Projects Morph Into Black Holes i2 Technologies Lives Life In The Fast Lane These articles and more can be found in the TEC Research Channels. Read More...
Intel Faces 820 Chipset Problems (Again)
In the latest round of setbacks to beset Intel’s performance-oriented 820 chipset, the manufacturer announces a recall of nearly a million motherboards shipped

black baud  more. This is another black eye for Intel, and a market opportunity for rival chipmaker Advanced Micros Devices [NYSE:AMD]. SDRAM on 820 was a margin saver , and Intel won't have a working SDRAM compatible 820 chipset until Q3 2000. AMD is unaffected by the problem. The major PC vendors have different exposures on this issue. Dell According to Dell [NASDAQ:DELL] Vice Chairman Kevin Rollins, Dell engineers discovered the problem early, and committed instead to Rambus technology. Dell users are Read More...
Earthlink Leads the Way in DSL Security
DSL providers speed up their customers' Internet access, however, at the same time they also expose these customers to enormous security risk. Earthlink has

black baud  on the market include: Black ICE Defender, Netscreen-10, SonicWall 10, Zone Alarm, Comsocks, and CyberArmor. Read More...
Question: When is Six Sigma not Six Sigma? Answer: When it's the Six Sigma Metric!!©
Six Sigma Quality is a popular approach to process improvement, particularly among technology driven companies such as Allied Signal, General Electric, Kodak

black baud  teams, team leaders, and black belts for one of the aforementioned companies in their 6s metrics module. Once they get through the distinction between defects vs. defectives and attribute vs. variable data, the greatest difficulty that the trainees encounter is in determining what constitutes an opportunity for a defect. Obviously, by increasing the number of opportunities (the denominator of dpmo), you can improve the metric, particularly if you include opportunities that are not important to customers Read More...
Infor to Acquire CERTPOINT Systems Inc.
Infor has reached an agreement to acquire CERTPOINT, a provider of software-as-a-service (SaaS)–based learning technology. CERTPOINT currently holds a portfolio

black baud  of clients includes Honda, Stanley Black & Decker, Lutheran Medical Center, Meritas Health, and Toyota. Infor intends to take advantage of CERTPOINT's learning management system (LMS) and learning content management software (LCMS) capabilities to advance the Infor human capital management (HCM) suite. So far, Infor HCM has included functionality that supports human resources (HR) service delivery, talent management, human resource management, and workforce management. This new acquisition Read More...
Intentia: Stepping Out With Fashion and Style Part Two: Software Challenges in the Fashion Industry
The requirements for the fashion industry are some of the most demanding and unforgiving in the world of manufacturing. If you're not careful, you may find your

black baud  white shirt; the women's black dress; the basic men's Oxford shoe; and women's black, mid-heel pump. These products have an extended product life. Of course, NOS products often undergo aesthetic changes in a two to three year period. However, such changes usually do not require major adjustments to the production lines and setups. This segmentation is as close as you can come to make-to-stock in the fashion industry. The product segmentation in the fashion industry brings into play every type of Read More...
Easy ERP: A Challenge to Conventional Thinking
There is a new paradigm when it comes to evaluating ERP systems. With little difference between industry players' solutions, the key is the longevity of the

black baud  would be driving a black Ford Model T. The next generation of killer-apps will deliver innovations in convenience, ease-of-use, and emotional appeal. The key attributes of a successful product, and hence a successful business partnership in tomorrow's ERP market include A Complete Product Good enough technology and enough functionality to simplify getting the job done right Convenience Packaging The extended product is bundled with implementation accelerators and usability efficiency features Quality The Read More...
Color Printing Technologies: Which One Is Best for Your Document Production?
Color printing used to be reserved for only the most important documents, where the high cost was justifiable. As printing technologies have advanced, however

black baud  and inexpensively as in black and white. Read More...
Global Trade Applications in Global Credit Crunch - Part I
I have done blog posts lately on how some supply chain management (SCM) applications could fare in a down economy. One was about pricing optimization solutions

black baud  homes, etc. Meet Joe Black: Global Credit Crunch (or Cash is King) This gloomy scenario is exactly what the politicians and experts have failed to explain from the very beginning. If grocery stores don't have access to short-term credit to buy goods to stock shelves, there is no food; if farmers don’t have credit to buy seeds and fertilizers, there will be no crops, and so on and so forth. Almost every industry that common folks use every day is tied into this short-term credit market. And it was (or Read More...
Founded in 2000, Bitam, Inc. is a provider of business intelligence (BI) and performance management solutions to mid-market enterprises. Bitam serves four

black baud  in 18 countries, including Black & Decker, Coca-Cola, GNC, Home Depot, Janssen, Johnson Controls, Pemex, Pfizer, and government customers. Bitam is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia (US). Read More...
ROI for RFID: A Case Study Part One: Company Background
Radio frequency identification (RFID) is the latest buzzword in the world of manufacturing and distribution technology. If you believe the press releases, it is

black baud  RFID can become a black hole, a bottomless pit, or any other name you typically associate with ill-fated projects. This research note looks at how one company, KiMs , with the assistance of Microsoft Business Solutions , achieved its anticipated return of investment (ROI) and successfully implemented RFID. Specifically, this research notes provides a description of Background of the company and their pre-RFID environment Statement of problem Systems integrator and supporting hardware and software vendors Read More...
The Necessity of Data Warehousing
An explanation of the origins of data warehousing and why it is a crucial technology that allows businesses to gain competitive advantage. Issues regarding

black baud  their mainframes as the black hole , because all the information went into it, but none ever came back out - all requests for reports had to be programmed by the Information Systems staff. Only pre-canned reports could be generated on a scheduled basis, ad-hoc real-time querying was virtually impossible. To resolve these issues, data warehousing was created. The theory was to create a database infrastructure that was always on-line, contained all the information from the OLTP systems, including histori Read More...
5 Key Steps to Make Field Service Profitable
Is field service seen as a cost center at your business? Providing field service can be a complex process, but that does not have to mean it’s unprofitable

black baud  service organization in the black this year. Accomplish all five and get your field techs, customers, and balance sheet in your favor. Read More...
Process Manufacturing: Industry Specific Requirements Part Three: Textiles
As with any manufacturing operation, process manufacturing has special system requirements such as formulas, unit of measure conversions, and packaging recipes.

black baud  run of the fabric black. It is not until the final washing cycle that the pattern is apparent and verified to be good or not. This process is definitely not for A-type personalities. Other problems can create seconds during the production run. A critical need in the textile industry is the as-soon-as-possible notification as to when production yields will be less than forecasted. In doing so, the pipeline can be refilled so customer orders can still be met by the date promised. This type of notification Read More...

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