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(Software and Human) Help Wanted in Overwhelmed Retail Stores
My recent series on Quantum Retail presented the many difficult merchandise range and assortment planning issues that retailers face, and the ensuing tough

black salons  Back to School, Halloween, Black Friday, etc.) with specific promotions in specific departments. Store operations also have the responsibility to execute (and occasionally rearrange) the planogram layouts that scientifically determine how many facings of item multi-packs and flavors (say, yogurt, cereal, or pudding) there should be in rural and suburban stores serving more traditional families than in stores that serve city singles and couples without kids (so called “yuppies” that are more likely to Read More...
Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
Business process outsourcing (BPO) services manage critical front- and back-office processes that can include human resources and accounting as well as customer-related services such as contact cen...
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Documents related to » black salons

Founded in 2000, Bitam, Inc. is a provider of business intelligence (BI) and performance management solutions to mid-market enterprises. Bitam serves four

black salons  in 18 countries, including Black & Decker, Coca-Cola, GNC, Home Depot, Janssen, Johnson Controls, Pemex, Pfizer, and government customers. Bitam is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia (US). Read More...
Manhattan Associates Completes Second Quarter On Record Pace
Atlanta-based supply chain execution (SCE) software vendor Manhattan Associates announces its second fiscal quarter results.

black salons  consecutive quarters in the black. Figure 1. Manhattan also announced continued progress on its InfoLink initiatives. InfoLink is the company's collaboration product for suppliers, retailers, logistics providers to link Internet trading exchanges. The solution will use Microsoft's XML schemas and BizTalk framework. The InfoLink Advisory Council, a group of retailers who will participate in guiding InfoLink's focus and features, gained as members leading retailers Nordstroms, Inc., The Limited, Inc., and Read More...
Barcoding 101 for Manufacturers: What You Need to Know to Get Started
For manufacturers, barcoding carries with it numerous benefits, including increased accuracy, efficiency, and traceability, along with easier adherence to

black salons  of two-dimensional matrices of black and white cells vs. bars. The most common uses for Data Matrix symbologies are for small parts and products as they can encode up to 50 characters into very small barcodes, readable at sizes as small as 2 or 3mm2. Most manufacturing companies that utilize barcoding follow symbology standards established by their industries. Software Systems Once they have become familiar with their symbology requirements, manufacturers need to select software systems to drive their b Read More...
Web Application Security: The Truth about White Box Testing versus Black Box Testing
Information security managers, quality assurance staff, and developers are faced with the enormous responsibility of keeping Web applications secure from the

black salons  White Box Testing versus Black Box Testing Web Application Security: The Truth about White Box Testing versus Black Box Testing If you receive errors when attempting to view this white paper, please install the latest version of Adobe Reader. Cenzic provides software and SaaS solutions for dynamic, black box testing of Web applications to protect your Website against hacker attacks. Source: Cenzic Resources Related to Web Application Security: The Truth about White Box Testing versus Black Box Read More...
Thanks to a Smart Little Company called Lexias, CIOs Can Now Empower their Users to Assist in eBusiness Security
Despite advances in security technologies, securing confidential and proprietary information has become more challenging than ever. In an attempt to keep pace

black salons  enough. Security is not black and white. A firewall, if configured properly, will keep out 95% of the trouble-makers. However, time and again we have been shown that it only takes a few bad apples to create a lot of work for everyone else. That wee 5% is a powerful force that only needs small trinkets of security holes to invade the corporate immune system. Anyone who has worked as part of an incident response team knows that once security has been violated, repairing the damage is duly time-consuming Read More...
Checklist: Adding Up the Return on IP Telephony Investments
Calculating the total cost of ownership (TCO) of an Internet protocol (IP) telephony system is complicated. And you need to know the return on investment (ROI).

black salons  the benefits are in black and white on the cellphone and hotel bills. 3. Cut phone system costs. Because IP telephony systems typically run on standard servers rather than specialized hardware, they can be cheaper for even a one-office company than a traditional phone system, according to Parker of UniComm Consulting. And when the deployment spreads to multiple sites, the savings multiply. For one thing, it's no longer necessary to have equipment in every site. Since phone traffic can travel via the IP Read More...
A Guide to Software Test Tools
Testing a system well is harder than building it. In the face of new risks introduced by the ever-increasing complexity of software and hardware, test tools may

black salons  during testing are typically black-box tools; they do not need much information about the internal structures of the system. Capture-replay automation tools are test automation tools that create initial scripts by recording the actions of a single person—typically while that person uses a graphical interface. These scripts are modified and replayed at will—deviations from expected actions or their recorded consequences are analyzed and highlighted where necessary. Load test automation tools (also kn Read More...
Interview with Louis Suárez-Potts of OpenOffice.org and CollabNet
Louis Suárez-Potts speaks about the political and social architecture of open source communities as well as practices for successful oversight of a project. He

black salons  to disappear into a black hole. And nobody wants to contribute if their contributions are not paid attention to, or not relevant, or if they feel they have no real access to the core process, if they don't even have an insight into how decisions regarding not just their code but the overall project's (writ large and small) are made. You mentioned this problem of a black hole regarding developers' work. There is also this notion that when the relevance of what developers want to contribute doesn't get Read More...
Should You Modify an Application Product?
When it comes to modifications to an application product, there is the good, the bad, and the ugly. Enter the modification process cautiously, with your eyes

black salons  to be is not black and white. What is an absolute must-have for one enterprise would not even be considered at another. What are the various types of needs that may result in a decision to modify and how can we prioritize them? Some business processes or conventions are industry practice. These processes or conventions are the way business is conducted in that industry and not having the ability to follow them would mean not being able to conduct business. These business processes or conventions are Read More...
Michael Jackson: Greatest Hits for ERP Users
... or songs you should listen to while working with an ERP system:You Are Not Alone – a customer representative will be with you shortly. Please hold the line!

black salons  the vendor promised us? Black or White – As a project manager, you probably already know that implementation can only be a success or a failure Remember the Time ... when you could still track inventory without having to go check in the warehouse? Who Is It ... that sent all invoices to the wrong customer? Keep the Faith – Still waiting for those bugs to be fixed? Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough ... sales orders into the system and then please try NOT to use the delete all   button. Heal the Read More...
Analysis of Sendmail, Inc.'s Largest Open Source Release in Twenty Years
sendmail 8.10 now includes SMTP authentication and support for the lightweight directory access protocol (LDAP) and multiple queues.

black salons  found on the Internet's black list. Release 8.10 includes a relay control mechanism, which identifies and purges large recipient base emails, a common technique among spammers. Sendmail has released a shrink-wrapped commercial version of sendmail 8.10. The package is simply being called Sendmail Switch . The product is attractively priced at $99 (USD) as an introductory promotion into the marketplace. The retail version includes a graphical user interface (GUI) and is slated to ship to market in March Read More...
Frankie Does ERP, Part 3
[Editor’s note: Frank is a real person, employed at a real company. However, I’ve changed certain identifying particulars for a variety of reasons. This

black salons  expertise. He has a black belt in six-sigma ass-covery, which means that as political circumstances warrant, he will not only cover his ass, but also insulate it, brick it in, bury it in lead casing, and surround it with a tasteful picket fence and a barbecue for guests. He’s especially busy now, with some weird C-level shake-ups over the last couple of weeks. Not only is our CEO conspicuously absent from the premises lately, but we’ve also got a new CFO, Greta Samson, parachuted in from a start-up Read More...
Quote-to-order: One Big, Lean Machine Adds High Tech to Its Mix
BigMachines differentiates itself in the quote-to-order (Q2O) sphere due to its solutions’ lean end-to-end, inquiry-to-order focus. Although there are other

black salons  with a Six Sigma Black Belt entitlement), Dell (also a Black Belt holder), Accenture , etc. BigMachines has also made substantial investment in services and support over the past several years. The vendor's press release of July 2008 notes that [t]he company has expanded its Customer Support program to include a new online Support Center , an interactive customer idea forum called My BigIdea , and online customer collaboration tools. BigMachines' online Support Center provides the company's global Read More...
Architecture Evolution: From Web-based to Service-oriented Architecture
Traditional enterprise systems have proven difficult to change and extend. The inherent problem of old core code and business logic duplication is part of the

black salons  interfaces. Services behave as black boxes : Their internal design is independent of the nature and purpose of the requestor. In SOA, data and business logic are encapsulated in modular business components with documented interfaces. This clarifies design and facilitates incremental development and future extensions. An SOA application can also be integrated with heterogeneous, external legacy, and purchased applications more easily than a monolithic, non-SOA application can. The Organization for the Read More...

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