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Business Agility for Communication Service Providers: A Few Simple Steps Are a Great Way to Start
In today’s market, customers have no patience for companies that let their size and complex product lines slow them down. The challenge for communication

both internal and external proposals are  that all sales channels, both internal and external, as well as all distribution partners have ready access to the same timely and accurate information, wherever and whenever they need it. It's important for them, and for your customers, to feel confident that the same information they access on yourwebsite at 3:00 a.m. is the same information they will get from a customer service rep on the phone at 3:00 p.m. This kind of real-time, accurate information flow is at the very core of an agile, integrated Read More...
Regulatory and Compliance
Regulatory compliance covers the requirements for ensuring products and their associated materials comply with both external and internal rules and regulations. It covers regulatory and requirement...
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Documents related to » both internal and external proposals are

Lawson Software Means Business With PSA and IPO
By acquiring a leading PSA vendor and deciding to go public, in addition to the new functional and technological enhancements to its flagship lawson.insight

both internal and external proposals are  recent PSA product enhancements both in-house and through acquisitions and alliances, they will still face tough competition from a number of the native PSA players like Niku Corporation , Evolve , Novient , Portera and Business Engine that have already created market visibility. The scenario is somewhat similar to the CRM, SCM or e-procurement markets: pure PSA players will emphasize their relevant product completeness and depth with the appropriate price tag, their expertise in handling unstructured Read More...
Drink-IT Is TEC Certified for Mixed-Mode Enterprise Resource Planning
TEC is pleased to announce that Drink-IT by the NORRIQ Group is now TEC certified in the mixed-mode enterprise resource planning (ERP) software space. Drink-IT

both internal and external proposals are  block inventory or operations both automated tests and ad hoc tests supported forward and backward tracking quality reporting using Excel or BI reporting tools Plant Maintenance Management maintenance of different equipment in the production process plant maintenance work orders: initiated by preventive maintenance plans or ad hoc service requests; planned on internal or external resources consumption of hours and spare parts are logged on the work order for reporting third party services supported spare Read More...
Not All Acquisitions Happen: JDA and QRS Part One: Event and Market Impact
Recent QRS' announcement that it has terminated its agreement to merge with JDA Software, while, in a separate announcement, it stated that it will be acquired

both internal and external proposals are  from multiple data sources, both inside and outside of their firewalls, and JDA is now indisputably left in the lurch by QRS' abandonment. The ill-fated merger of JDA and QRS might have well emphasized some interesting dynamics within the retail market segment. On one hand, the market has been penetrated less by enterprise applications than most other economic sectors, in part since retailers have largely been remiss in leaving mainframes and other legacy technologies behind. Also, the sector has shown Read More...
ERP Selection Facts and Figures Case Study - Part 2: Qualitative Assessments and Analysis
This is part two of a note describing an opportunity TEC had to evaluate and compare the four top ERP vendors for a client. Each vendor’s offering differed in

both internal and external proposals are  Figure 10 indicates that both SAP and Oracle were perceived by the client to be more cumbersome and less intuitive compared to JD Edwards and IFS. Figure 10. Business Scenarios vs. Ease of Use and Navigation The strengths and weaknesses graph below indicates the relative strengths and weaknesses for each vendor relative to the model categories. The graph indicates that IFS' scores in Flexibility contributed proportionately more points to their percent match score than Business Scenarios or Product Ease Read More...
Are ERP Workarounds a Terrific Way of Shooting Yourself in the Foot?
Are ERP workarounds a terrific way of shooting yourself in the foot? TEC Analyst Gabriel Gheorghiu says “There’s no way to avoid ERP workarounds. And yes, they

both internal and external proposals are  offline discussions with you both that Gabriel’s perspective derives from his experience with SMBs, while Jorge’s stems from his experience with medium to large companies. So here’s my question for the two of you:  What strategies can companies adopt to minimize or mitigate workarounds in the first place? Gabriel There are a few things you can do: When using any type of workaround, you should try to understand how this will affect other users and departments. User rights and securities should be Read More...
Why Conventional Testing Methods are not Equipped to Handle Business Rules Implementations
Your competitors are adopting business rules management solutions (BRMS) to achieve agility and reduce maintenance costs. With enhanced ability to store all

both internal and external proposals are  
6 Ways Vendors Are Talking At You Instead of To You

both internal and external proposals are  
Epicor 9: Delivering What Oracle and Others Are Yet to Achieve? - Part 2
Part 1 of this blog series outlined Epicor 9 (aka Epicor ERP [evaluate this product]), Epicor Software’s next-generation converged product suite. A similar feat

both internal and external proposals are  personalize the UI and run both a smart (rich) client  and a browser-agnostic Web client from the same metadata (including users’ customizations and personalizations, which are stored in layers in the metadata). Much More than an Integration Tool It is important to point out again that Epicor True SOA considers both server business logic and client business logic as abstracted “business services.” Few other ERP systems are written using SOA concepts that consider both client and server Read More...
Robust Systems are Built from the Bottom Up
Information technology infrastructure takes a back seat to applications investments for lack of a cost justification method. However, the infrastructure

both internal and external proposals are  information technology infrastructure,Business architecture,IT infrastructure,information systems,domain process,it infrastructure software,it security infrastructure,building it infrastructure,information technology management,IT Management Issue,Architecture Impacts,business improvement initiatives,e-Commerce system,business value,adaptive infrastructure Read More...
Top 5 Reasons Professional Services Organizations are Embracing the Cloud
In the webcastTop 5 Reasons Professional Services Organizations Are Embracing the Cloud, find out why cloud technology has so captivated PSOs and l...

both internal and external proposals are  technology is impacting PSOs, both internally and with their clients a real-life case history of the benefits and challenges of cloud computing Join this webcast to discover how the cloud can benefit your professional service organization Register for Top 5 Reasons Professional Services Organizations Are Embracing the Cloud today! Event date : December 8, 2010, 1 PM Eastern Standard Time Sponsored by SAP For assistance, please contact customer service. Hours: 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM EST. Phone: +1 Read More...
Process Manufacturers: Are You Running the Wrong Type of ERP Software? [SURVEY]
Take the survey now! Or read on to find out why we're talking about this.*In his article Process Manufacturing Software: A Primer, TEC author Joe Strub

both internal and external proposals are  
Using Management Software to Tackle Your Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Which Scope Are You Talking About?
“Clearly there will be winners and losers in the transition to a low-carbon economy, and investors should be concerned about companies who are not able to

both internal and external proposals are  emission reporting relies on both the accuracy of the calculation mechanism, and the effectiveness and efficiency of the reporting process. In fact, as I have learned from a process manufacturer, a well-designed reporting process automated by an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system not only helps generate accurate emission figures, but also raises internal awareness of GHG emissions and reduces emissions caused by human factors in the operation. There are many other areas that management software Read More...
i2 Third Quarter Results Are The Usual Story
i2 Technologies completes another stellar quarter. Does success ever become boring?

both internal and external proposals are  
Are Your Company Laptops Truly Secure?
The portable nature of laptops makes them particularly susceptible to all kinds of security and tracking problems. This paper discusses the strengths and

both internal and external proposals are  a result of events both accidental and intentional, no single IT tool can protect against the full spectrum of potential threats. True corporate security and data protection relies on the implementation of a multi-faceted or layered approach to mobile data protection. A layered approach to data security should include: REAL-TIME ASSET TRACKING - the ability to locate all mobile assets connected to an internal network, or the Internet; more than the traditional spreadsheet or static database that Read More...

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