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Understanding the PCI Data Security Standard
The payment card industry data security standard (PCI DSS) defines a comprehensive set of requirements to enhance and enforce payment account data security in a

boundary markers  that sits on the boundary between the public (outside) and private (inside) network elements and inspects and manages all traffic that crosses this boundary. This particular requirement seeks to ensure that only authorized traffic is permitted across the boundary and to block any and all illicit or unauthorized attempts to gain entry or information about the private side of the Internet interface. It's also necessary to log all firewall configuration changes so that those responsible for making changes Read More...
PPM for Internal Departments
A business practice that assists organizations to align their portfolio of projects with their business strategy. Typically IT departments employ an IT governance framework to ensure that their PPM...
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Documents related to » boundary markers

Function Points: Are They Really the Right Unit of Measure for Software Sizing?
Function points (FPs) are the most popular unit of measure for measuring the size of software. But because FPs were developed in the 1970s, are they not now

boundary markers  out of the system boundary. EQ—also known as external inquiry —explicitly mentions an input and an output. Today all applications are event-driven, meaning there is always an input associated with every process. So does that mean EI and EO processes are inquiries? Add, Modify, Delete, and Inquire In the past, these four functions needed different programs, and hence were counted as four distinct FPs. Now, given improvements in programming languages and RDBMS technology, all four are made possible Read More...
Bullet-proofing Instant Messaging
As more corporations adopt instant messaging (IM), chief information officers (CIOs) and IT managers are learning that it can be a serious source of liability

boundary markers  content crosses the organization boundary in transparent, easily readable form. Most corporate IM solutions impose 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) or other reasonably strong encryption sufficient to protect all but the most sensitive of data (keys, passwords, other security information) as it transits the network periphery. Other, stronger mechanisms are also supported for secure exchange of security information itself. All content is screened as it crosses the boundary: Malware and content scans Read More...
The Yin and Yang of Electronic Commerce
This note identifies the major corporate functions that engage in E-Commerce activities and the kinds of information flows that result from E-Commerce

boundary markers  furthest from the web boundary. We mean this in the sense that, for example, the data representing web sales will be in a concise form by the time it gets to the Back Office Finance function; actual transactions are handled automatically, and Finance will be dealing with summary reports from the website and from the external payments processor. However, some Back Office functions may have more direct relationship to the web; HR, as an example, may receive rsums via E-mail or a web form. It's tempting to Read More...
19 Steps to Maintain an Accurate Inventory What You Must Know About Your Inventory
It takes $2,500 in new sales to make up $100 in lost inventory, assuming a 4 percent return. Keeping an orderly warehouse with up-to-date processes and informed

boundary markers  Steps to Maintain an Accurate Inventory What You Must Know About Your Inventory 19 Steps to Maintain an Accurate Inventory What You Must Know About Your Inventory Featured Author - Ren Jones - May 19, 2005 Introduction Peter Drucker, the foremost author and expert on enterprise and self-management, and one whom I am sure everyone reading this has probably heard of, stated, We know little more about distribution today than Napoleon's contemporaries knew about the interior of Africa. I found out just Read More...
Enterprise Systems and Post-implementation Agility-No Longer an Oxymoron?
The need to support flexibility prior to installation of enterprise systems has largely been mastered by many vendors. But what is really more important is

boundary markers  2000s saw its first cross-boundary shared services implementations and marquee implementations in Oslo and Stockholm (the capital cities of Norway and Sweden, respectively). Also projects of note included implementations for the Ethiopian Water project in Africa, and for the House of Commons in the UK. Agresso has certainly learned through its vast experience that the public sector has quite different goals and needs from the private sector, since the public sector is mission- rather than revenue-driven. Read More...
Best Practices in Extending ERP: A Buyer’s Guide to ERP versus Best-of-breed Decisions
The trade-off between best-of-breed functionality and ease of integration is no longer so simple. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software continues to

boundary markers  Extensions Where is the Boundary of ERP? Beyond the Boundary - Extensions The Option to Customize&8230; or Not. Chapter Two: Extending ERP: Weighing the Factors Fit and Functionality Integration Impact on Upgrades What Drives Software Decisions in General? Small Companies Favor Single Vendor Solution Large Companies ' Similar Decisions, Different Results? Chapter Three: Implications & Analysis: A Self-Assessment The Role Technology Plays Service Oriented Architecture Middleware Decisions The Role of New Read More...
TEC Vendor Note: Lectra, A Focused PLM Player
A brief introduction to Lectra, a specialized vendor in the CAD, CAM, and PLM industry, including history, product offerings, and achievements, as well as

boundary markers  Vendor Note: Lectra, A Focused PLM Player Thirty years ago, Michael Porter introduced three best generic strategies —cost leadership, differentiation, and market segmentation (or focus)—in his 1980 book Competitive Strategy: Techniques for Analysing Industries and Competitors . Since then, these three strategies have helped explain numerous success stories in the business world. While looking at Lectra with Porter’s theory in mind, I had to accredit market segmentation as a winning strategy for Read More...
Enterprise Information Management: Strategy, Best Practices, and Technologies on Your Path to Success
New data sources, unstructured data, and greater volumes of data than ever before are creating an information overload. Plus, customers’ demands for faster

boundary markers  point where the functional boundary of the platform will be reached and a handoff to the next application is needed. Unfortunately, a technology platform is constrained by the elegance of its design and the amount of development resources applied to it. It can’t be expected to do everything. For example, consider the migration from a source system to an MDM hub to a data warehouse. No single, discrete platform today supports the multi-functional capabilities of robust extract and transformation with Read More...
How One Distributor Played Wal-Mart's Distribution Game-And Won
As a supplier to Wal-Mart, appliance manufacturer Haier America was required to implement a radio frequency identification (RFID) tagging system. To satisfy

boundary markers  One Distributor Played Wal-Mart's Distribution Game-And Won How One Distributor Played Wal-Mart's Distribution Game and Won If you receive errors when attempting to view this white paper, please install the latest version of Adobe Reader. Haier America Implements RFID Technology VAI designs fully integrated, customized system to meet the requirements of big box retailers. Source : Haier Resources Related to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) : Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) (Wikipedia) How One Read More...
What Do Users Want and Need?
At the basic level, users want a more intuitive way to

boundary markers  separated by a remoting boundary ) to communicate. Objects using remoting may be on the same computer, or on different computers connected by a network. At the end of the day, Microsoft pledges to provide mechanisms for migrating applications that use most existing frameworks to services. To brush up on our knowledge, the . NET Framework is a programming infrastructure created by Microsoft for building, deploying, and running applications and services that use .NET technologies, such as desktop Read More...
IPSec VPNs for Extranets: Not what you want to wake up next to
In general VPNs are ill suited to building multi-company extranets, for any situation that extends across organizational boundaries, or where there is

boundary markers  the WAN & network boundary issues   Provide complete enterprise autonomy   Be application agnostic deliver all applications in their native form, whether legacy, file share, web-enabled, or web-services About the Author Roger Wood is a Senior Product Marketing Manager for Flatrock Inc. Flatrock develops and sells Instant Extranet products to help companies dramatically reduce the cost, complexity and time associated with securely connecting business partners to critical applications. Mr. Wood joined Read More...
Enabling Product Innovation: The Roles of ERP and PLM in the Product Lifecycle
Companies are turning toward product innovation to achieve revenue growth, but to generate return on an innovation idea, the idea must be fully developed. When

boundary markers  there is a clear boundary between the design phase and what is released to manufacturing. This logical separation is reflected in enterprise applications as well. Most companies reported having a promotion process from design systems to manufacturing, although many had loose guidelines for execution of that handoff. The logical boundary between design and production, or innovation and execution, makes sense. Considering the small percentage of products that are actually released to manufacturing, the Read More...
Mid-market CFO Benchmark Survey: The Changing Face of Sales and Use Tax Compliance
When it comes to transaction tax management, midsized companies haven’t much choice. They can either stay the course@increasingly complex and risky@or they can

boundary markers  that surrounds cross jurisdictional boundary transactions. 80% of respondents reported that they transact business with customers having multiple locations. In fact, on average, 50% of transactions either shipped to different customer locations or were sold from multiple locations. This significantly ups the ante for tax management – unless a company is thoroughly on top of tracking customer and employee locations, it may unknowingly create nexus and thus set itself up for a nasty surprise. Read More...
The Name and Ownership Change Roulette Wheel for Marcam Stops at SSA Global Part Two: Marketing By Invensys
IPS was hoping that the early product vision and venerable reputation that Marcam has in the process manufacturing market for providing plant-centric ERP

boundary markers  standard, which defines the boundary conditions between a manufacturing and a business system, the touch points between them, and which data elements should be transferred. Further, as mentioned earlier on, Invensys PMD still had many complementary products and technologies in its other product families that gave it credibility in the emerging operations management market, but Protean's production model strengths in costing and scheduling had yet to be integrated with these systems, a colossal (and Read More...

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