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Enterprise Applications Vendor Reverses Fortunes - But Will Perseverance and Agility Be Enough?
With seven consecutive profitable quarters, a feat unprecedented in the company's recent past, IFS enters a new phase of sustained profitable growth, along with

bpel evolveware  SOA, Web Services, BPM, BPEL, and More and SOA as a Foundation for Applications and Infrastructure . A Futuristic Product For over a decade, the cornerstone of the IFS strategy has thus been founded on its now proverbial component-based architecture with a well-rounded product footprint (to fit many manufacturing environments, including the mixed-mode or hybrid ones) and moderate vertical market focus. This has thereby become part of its identity, and a key ingredient in being able to deliver even deeper Read More
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » bpel evolveware

What Do Users Want and Need?
At the basic level, users want a more intuitive way to

bpel evolveware  SOA, Web Services, BPM, BPEL, and More . To put this into competitive prospective, at the recent mid-May Sage Insights Conference , Sage Software's CEO Ron Verni also spoke about what drives users to investigate technology options—a vision that is rather focused on providing the broadest range of choices and customer-specific application options that readily integrate. For Sage, underlying technologies are a means to an end, and the end is to provide businesses with highly functional, easy-to-use Read More
A New Platform to Battle Software Bloat?
Lawson has unveiled a new standards-based business applications platform designed to increase overall application quality and improve the product lifecycle

bpel evolveware  SOA, Web Services, BPM, BPEL, and More ), Landmark is designed to enable Lawson and its clients to relatively quickly and easily modify and customize business processes to accommodate specific business or technology needs. The significant reduction in code and errors and this move to an entirely open standards technology is also believed to help considerably reduce implementation times and lower total cost of ownership (TCO) in the future. Landmark will also complement Intentia's Movex suite of Read More
Made2Manage Systems 'One Year After': Reenergized and Growing Part One: Event Summary
Made2Manage Systems' decision to go private under wealthy Battery Ventures' wing appears to have been wise. Despite a draconic exodus of former executives and

bpel evolveware  SOA, Web Services, BPM, BPEL, and More ). A phased approach to implementing an SOA should allow Made2Manage Systems to take advantage of infrastructure changes as they are applied, rather than having to wait until the entire product is SOA-enabled. Although it will be invisible to the customers, the vendor believes that the implementation of an SOA will offer them a number of tangible benefits including Improved product quality and reduced number of change requests 40 percent reduction in release Read More
It’s About Process (or The Ability to Be Responsive)
Because business processes are often communicated in an ad hoc and unregulated manner, it can be difficult to standardize processes across organizations

bpel evolveware  Business Process Execution Language Bpel | Change Business Process | Introduction to Business Process | Complex Business Process | Business Process Issues | Worflow Automation Business Process | Generic Business Process | Simplify Business Processes | Major Business Process | Business Process Management Solution | Business Process Costs | Standardized Business Process | Business Process Management Software | Business Process Management System | Business Process Management Journal | Business Process Read More
Contributing to the Rejuvenation of Legacy Systems in the Enterprise Resource Planning Field
With its focus on service-oriented architecture, SSA Global appears to be sticking to its pledge to protect the user's investment as much as it can, while still

bpel evolveware  SOA, Web Services, BPM, BPEL, and More ). As mentioned earlier, users have an increasing need for greater simplicity, manageability, and agility, and if their business processes have changed, they want to know exactly how long it will take for an IT department to modify the software accordingly. As for what SOA means for customers, it should enable more rapid integration with existing systems, whereby customers can acquire new services without going through full upgrades. Additionally, it supports hybrid Read More
Oracle Further Orchestrates Its SOA Forays Part Five: Collaxa Acquisition
With the acquisition of Collaxa, Oracle has quickly plugged a hole in its SOA/BPM message by providing new workflow capabilities and monitoring tools to report

bpel evolveware  product, (later renamed Collaxa BPEL Server and now called Oracle BPEL Process Manager). This product aimed to help Java developers tackle the integration of major projects by delivering an orchestration method of coordinating, managing, and monitoring Web services. Subsequently Collaxa set up close partnerships with all the major providers of J2EE application servers, such as BEA , IBM , Oracle, and Sun , all of which use WSOS for orchestrating. It also partnered with Computer Associates ( CA ) to Read More
Architecture Evolution: From Web-based to Service-oriented Architecture
Traditional enterprise systems have proven difficult to change and extend. The inherent problem of old core code and business logic duplication is part of the

bpel evolveware  SOA, Web Services, BPM, BPEL, and More , the fact remains that the next evolutionary step of enterprise software architecture is the one of SOA and Web services, which promises accommodation of almost immediate changes, industry-specific assembled or composite applications using common and consistent services (software components) from repositories, and (re)creation of ubiquitous business processes and industry-specific platforms as required. Read More
Understanding SOA, Web Services, BPM, and BPEL Part Two: BPEL and User Recommendations
In a somewhat simplified language, while Web services allow applications to easily exchange and reuse information, it is only when they are orchestrated

bpel evolveware  Web Services, BPM, and BPEL Part Two: BPEL and User Recommendations Web Services Orchestration Increasing demand-driven responsiveness towards customers' needs requires a well-coordinated set of IT infrastructure components, since it is no longer good enough to purchase disparate pieces and expect them to simply interoperate. The ideal should be a sort of an independent data exchange that would leverage common metadata and processes to create composite functionality derived from existing application and Read More
Process-based Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance
The right balance of automated processes with paper records and manual, human interaction is necessary to keep costs under control with a flexible yet

bpel evolveware  SOA, Web Services, BPM, BPEL, and More , The Modelling Approach to Post-implementation Agility in Enterprise Systems , and Business Activity Monitoring—Watching the Store for You . Benefits of Process-based GRC The point here is that it is the emergence of the above technological concepts that, while not a silver bullet, at least promotes the treatment of controllership and compliance in a more strategic (top-down) way, rather than as a slew of knee-jerk reactions to the regulatory threats du jour Read More
While Oracle and PeopleSoft Are to Fuse, Competitors Ruse--Leaving Customers (Somewhat) Bemused
The recent merger of Oracle and PeopleSoft requires, among many other things, finding a perfect balance between cultivating the install base versus the zeal for

bpel evolveware  an ESB, and Oracle BPEL Process Manager to implement SOAs, customers should more easily integrate heterogeneous business applications and automate business processes. Oracle's middleware supports the Oracle E-Business Suite, as well as other enterprise applications. Additionally, thousands of partner independent software vendors (ISV) use it to build their own custom applications. Marking the next step in Project Fusion, Oracle plans to certify PeopleSoft and J.D. Edwards applications with Oracle Fusion Read More
ERP Plus and Beyond
ERP Plus provides tools that metal fabricators need to streamline their quoting, order entry, inventory control, production, labor collection, shipping, and

bpel evolveware  SOA, Web Services, BPM, BPEL, and More . In the future, Verticent plans to deliver similar modules that would expand beyond its current realm of customer self-service to include suppliers and employees. Even the former PowerCerv had attempted to move beyond combining integrated ERP and CRM applications for mid-sized manufacturers, yet it never had the chance to beef up its collaborative supply chain management (SCM) capabilities. In other words, all it managed to do was advocate a business case for Read More
Two Stalwart Vendors Discuss Market Trends
In this unique question and answer series, vendors were given the opportunity to put forth their views on market trends, platform approaches, and mid-market

bpel evolveware  business process execution language [BPEL] engine, portal, data hubs, enterprise content managemen t [ECM], etc.), SAP NetWeaver ( exchange infrastructure [XI], web application server, enterprise portal, master data management [MDM], etc.), and IBM WebSphere (almost everything as Microsoft and Oracle , except for comprehensive in-house applications). Salesforce.com 's Apex (the provider's software as a service [SaaS] platform), while not offering the depth of the on-premise development environments and Read More
Is Your Enterprise Application on a Road to Nowhere?
Consolidation is a well-documented trend and is to be expected in the market for enterprise applications. This article outlines the evolution of the enterprise

bpel evolveware  business process execution language (BPEL). This is the way that the industry is going. But moving in this direction requires a reengineering of the application that is much more complex than the transformation from a character-based to a GUI-based system. Most applications on the market have not been through the transition to components, which is necessary for users to take full advantage of SOA. In some cases, application vendors have opened plug points into their applications where services can be Read More
Magic Quadrant for B2B Gateway Providers
Business-to-business (B2B) gateway solutions have matured to the point where they can support a wide range of projects. However, there are still functional

bpel evolveware  translation via its XSLT-based BPEL engine, but the B2B server lacks built-in support for essential B2B infrastructure capabilities, such as EDI translation (technology Oracle resells from Edifecs) and MFT. Oracle customers (particularly those committed to Oracle Fusion overall) that need to implement generalpurpose B2B infrastructure for small and midsize B2B projects should consider Oracle SOA Suite (for B2B projects involving SOA) or Oracle Integration and Oracle Enterprise Service Bus (for B2B Read More

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