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Supply Chain Shorts for the Week of October 14, 2013
This week: Kewill, LLamasoft, GAINSystems, Smart Software, Nipendo, Amber Road, Teletrac, Park City Group, Lagoa, and GE.KewillWhat is going on at Kewill

branding cattle  behold, reflecting a new branding and a much needed update and more modern look-and-feel to their brand and site. This supply chain planning vendor prefers the low-profile approach, but with the new Web site and a new environmentally-friendly office , this vendor continues to make noise in the supply chain space. Smart Software Smart Software, a demand forecasting vendor, has announced SmartForecasts release 9.0 , Smart Software’s first solution available either as a perpetual license or as a cloud Read More
Recruitment and Staffing
Recruitment and Staffing functionality allows the user to select and hire the right people with the right skill sets, as well as track the information regarding their recruitment for later analysis...
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Documents related to » branding cattle

JDA FOCUS 2010 Impressions - Part 2
Part 1 of this blog series talked about my attendance of the JDA FOCUS 2010 conference on the heels of the recent merger between JDA Software (NASDAQ: JDAS) and

branding cattle  confused by JDA’s new branding as “the supply chain company?” JDA’s latest branding is almost identical to Manhattan Associates ’ tagline “The Supply Chain People.” This particular positioning hasn’t reportedly resonated with retail companies and would seem to be counterproductive to JDA’s many retail products. Perhaps subsuming “retail” within “SCM” might not be a huge deal, though, considering that former Retek remains the primary competition in retail, even though it is part Read More
The SCM Perspective: 2009 in Review-and What You Can Do to Weather the Storms of 2010
In spite of the 2009 recession, some SCM vendors were able to create traction in the supply chain space this year. From an industry landscape perspective, three

branding cattle  strategies focused on product branding and customers to provide customer centric models. Create a model of collaboration with partners that will provide end-to-end visibility into the extended supply chain. Fine, but how? You will need to reevaluate how you are using your technologies. Many organizations can adapt to change by using tools such as sales and operations planning (S&OP), linked to advance planning and scheduling (APS) to create a complete view of demand and to determine how pricing needs to Read More
Branding and Positioning: What’s the Difference? And Can You Afford It?
Understanding the difference between branding and positioning is especially important if you're involved in marketing B2B software. That difference can

branding cattle  Can You Afford It? Branding and Positioning: What's the Difference? And Can You Afford It? Featured Author - Lawson Abinanti - November 26, 2004 Originally published - December 15, 2003 Situation A few years ago, I had just finished an all day meeting with our company's new ad agency when I got an uneasy feeling that, despite the agreeable head nodding and diligent note-taking, we were not really synched up. My product marketing team had presented positioning statements for our product offerings in Read More
Now Andersen, Tomorrow Accenture, They’ve got a lot of Selling to do
In compliance with the August arbitrator’s report on the conflict between Arthur Andersen and Andersen Consulting, the consulting firm has announced its new

branding cattle  added $100M to its branding effort - making a total of $175M next year - to promote its name as of January 1, 2001. The impact of such high spending, coming from a brand maker, may well impact the market significantly, particularly if they can accompany the branding campaign with other add-on ventures such as Avanade ( The Empires Strike Back - Part I: The Big Guys Spin On A Dime ) in which they are paired with Microsoft. If AC's ambitions are met, Accenture could become a new kind of force: a Read More
TEC Spotlight Report: Sage Accpac ERP
In this Spotlight Report, TEC's Managing Editor David Clark examines Sage Accpac ERP. Learn about the product's history and market positioning, as well as its

branding cattle  As for the product's branding history, the accounting system has gone from Accpac to ACCPAC to Sage Accpac ERP. While all this was happening, the actual product was undergoing substantial evolution from its origins as a basic accounting package. Accpac incorporated modules for operations support in 1996, and for customer relationship management in 1999. In 2005, the MS-DOS version was sunset, with over 100,000 units having been shipped to customers. The Windows version (launched in 1994) counts Read More
User-Focused Design Principles Shape the Customer Experience
Welcome to the customer experience. We all have them. Some are good, others bad. A variety of factors - the user interface (UI), customer support, marketing

branding cattle  support, development, marketing and branding activities, often with little or no communication between them. Users interacting with that firm do not make those subtle distinctions. From the user's perspective it's all one company, and if one silo fails to meet the user's expectation, the experience is ruined. Ultimately senior management has to be involved in the customer experience strategy, to serve as an umbrella over the silos and to get them talking to each other, Rubin contends. Anything less Read More
J.D. Edwards' CEO Retires Again; This Time For Good?
Having seemingly paved a solid ground for its successor, it is likely that this time J.D. Edwards founder and CEO Ed McVaney might not have to come back from

branding cattle  While the iSeries server co-branding agreement with IBM could breathe a fresh air in this product line, major intrinsic product enhancements are not very likely. User Recommendations Potential and current J.D. Edwards' customers should certainly welcome the improved vendor's posture and it is very likely that the new energetic CEO will not depart fundamentally from his predecessor's recently paved route. Consider the new product offering bearing in mind the immaturity of recently released products, and Read More
Case Study: Hauser Chocolatier
Old-world quality is great for a chocolate manufacturer, but old-style business systems are not. Hauser Chocolatier learned this the hard way, struggling for

branding cattle  book keeping software | branding strategy | branding success | business development strategy | business innovation | business software | business strategic planning | competitive success | content management customer success | corporate customer | corporate success | cost accounting software | customer acquisition | customer branding | customer company | customer experience | customer experience management | customer financial | customer growth | customer loyalty | customer objectives | customer Read More
MrTed Version 9 - Talent Acquisition in the Cloud
Recently, I had a briefing with Jerome Ternynck (MrTed’s chief executive officer [CEO]) about the company and Version 9 of its product TalentLink. One key

branding cattle  on pre-defined criteria. • Corporate branding allows customers to not only use their logo and a different color scheme, but also to automate single- or multi-company branding. Another thing worth mentioning is MrTedTalentLink’s reporting capabilities, which includes standard reports but also the option to create ad hoc reports, as well as its ability to integrate with many other software applications (MrTed recently forged its partnership with Workday ), done through MrTedTalentHub and portals , Read More
Moxie Software Offers Free Social Collaboration Apps
The days of companies making serious investments in general purpose social networks and collaboration tools seem to be numbered. The true value of collaboration

branding cattle  blogs, user profiles, mobility, branding, etc.), which connects employees, customers, and trusted partners to engage in business, share knowledge, and collaboration. Moxie Software focuses on customer experience and is particularly strong in multi-channel (email, phone, chat, etc.) and Web-based (co-browse, click-to-call, etc.) customer experience management. Spaces by Moxie is a broad solution suite that powers more than three billion social interactions per year for leading organizations in the Read More
2011 HR Technology Conference & Expo (Day 2): What Happens in Vegas Shouldn’t Have to Stay in Vegas
Day two of the 2011 HR Technology Conference @ Expo was an 8-hour marathon of talking with software vendors and attending various conference learning sessions

branding cattle  employee wellness (Keas), employee branding (Evviva Brands), and predictive analytics (Workday and Peoplefluent). The addition of these applications to the market will allow for better communication between employee and employer, a greater focus on the employee—how they think and feel about issues, etc., and how this information can be captured to make better informed “people” decisions in the future. It’s evident that HR technology (and technology in general) is moving at an ever increasing Read More
Pricing for BI and Analytics
In recent years, the business intelligence (BI) and analytics space has been changing at an incredible rate, not only in terms of functionality but also in the

branding cattle  efficiency than on product branding. One can only hope that this transparency of pricing in relation to functionality will trigger other vendors to apply similar innovative strategies, to provide more clearly defined software offerings not only in BI, but in other enterprise software areas. Read More
IBM and Partners Load the Guns in Europe
IBM has launched a service provider initiative in Europe, a move that underlines the growing trend to 'coopetition' behavior among service providers and

branding cattle  from legacy integration to branding services, in a coordinated and joint way between the DBSP and IBM. It presents a major challenge to legacy consultants on the continent, but its implications are worldwide. Event Detail The market trend to larger and more complex projects has forced a re-evaluation by most DBSPs of their technology providers and legacy partnerships. These partnerships are meant to assist them in delivering the new solutions now wanted by their clients, and are crucial to their Read More
Winning your market with messaging that matters
Positioning Part 1: Putting a wet finger into the windThere is nothing more important to the success of your venture than proper positioning—at every step of

branding cattle  as not just a branding exercise, but a powerful tool in the nuts and bolts of campaign creation and process. My own definition: “Positioning” is what you CHOOSE to say about anything —your product, service, sales call, or girlfriend. Let's start with a background story: Years ago, working in the creative department of a newspaper publisher in Edmonton, I was asked to help save a large account who was threatening to pull his advertising. “Make it work,” commanded the publisher. With that, his Read More

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