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Antivirus Software: Market Review
Computer viruses are spreading through the Internet at an unprecedented rate and the antivirus market is now a $3 billion (USD) a year industry. This report

brian lewis  Software: Market Review Executive Summary Computer viruses are spreading through the Internet at an unprecedented rate and the antivirus market is now a $3 billion (USD) a year industry. This report measures the financial health and product quality of four key industry players: Symantec, McAfee, Computer Associates, and Trend Micro. Market Overview and Background In the global antivirus market, the four market leaders currently seem to be Symantec , McAfee , Computer Associates , and Trend Micro Read More
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » brian lewis

SYSPRO-Taking a Quantum Leap or Simply Becoming Smarter?
What do Einstein’s theory of relativity and quantum theory have to do with SYSPRO? TEC principal analyst P.J. Jakovljevic explains, as he discusses how SYSPRO

brian lewis  The blog posts by Brian Sommer of ZDNet , Nick Castelinna of Aberdeen , and Cindy Jutras of Mint Jutras shed some more light on SYSPRO Quantum Architecture.   SYSPRO USA Speaks Out (for the First Time) It is interesting to note that during our near decade-long coverage of SYSPRO, we’ve never had a chance for an interview article. Thus, to rectify the situation, what follows now is our discussion with SYSPRO USA’s top executive team. Our poignant questions and the vendor’s clear-cut answers are as Read More
Can Enterprises Keep Their Spend on Their Radar (Screen)?
My recent post Why don’t Potential Benefits of Spend Analysis Come by Easily? described typical challenges of comprehensive spend management solutions. On one

brian lewis  the company's two cofounders. Brian Daniels, CEO, and Rod True, COO, founded the company in early 2009 and the solution has been available to the market since late 2009. Spend Radar’s solution consists of the following two primary modules: The Spend Radar Data Manager module The Spend Radar Reporting and Analysis module (see Figures 1 & 2) Figure 1 Generally speaking, most customers begin their spend analysis project by providing Spend Radar with their spend data, which the vendor’s experts collect, Read More
Jaspersoft 4 Goes Big Data
On January 11, 2011, Jaspersoft launched a new version of its business intelligence (BI) suite named Jaspersoft 4, and just a couple of weeks later, on January

brian lewis  In Jaspersoft’s press release, Brian Gentile, chief executive officer (CEO) of Jaspersoft stated that “Jaspersoft's vision goes well beyond Big Data. Our modern architecture and agnostic data source support is tailored for the cloud, from IaaS [infrastructure as a service] to PaaS [platform as a service], in public or private. In particular, NoSQL support puts us in the driver's seat to become the de facto embedded standard for reporting and analysis within PaaS cloud environments.” Two points are Read More
Reliability Driven Maintenance--Closing the CMMS
Reliability driven maintenance (RDM) focuses on understanding the

brian lewis  Marketing, and Reliability Practitioner, Brian Maguire, claims that reliability driven maintenance projects typically result in 20 percent of the enterprises maintenance budget going to the bottom line. This comes from the combination of improved profitability (often resulting from increased product availability) and reduced cost. The vendor attempts to document projected financial impact during the proposal stage for its prospects by developing detailed reliability assessment and business case, which is Read More
Supply Chain Management Systems for Service and Replacement Parts: Players, Benefits, and User Recommendations
Improved service management boosts revenue from both service offerings and new product sales, while improved customer service and enhanced offerings increase

brian lewis  financial success. According to Brian Albright of Frontline Solutions , Aftermarket parts and services have a profit margin as much as 10 times that of initial product sales and account for 20 percent to 30 percent of revenues, and 40 percent of profits for most manufacturers . Improved service management boosts revenue from both service offerings and new product sales, while improved customer service and enhanced offerings increase customer retention, and draw new service business, providing an Read More
Future Trends in Wholesale Distribution—Part 1: Disruptive Innovations
The TEC Vendor Challenge was in full swing last week, with a full slate of vendor demonstrations from Epicor, IBS, Infor, Microsoft, NetSuite, SAP, and VAI, as

brian lewis  of  Insite Software ,  Brian Strojny , rightly points out in his article “ Can Today’s Distributors Compete? ” is the gold standard of fulfillment. Fastenal , for one, is proving, in quite a different way, that it is possible to compete. While the company may not have pioneered the use of vending machines in the distribution industry, it is pursuing that strategy the most aggressively, with plans to have as many as 30,000 machines installed by the end of 2013, up from some 1,900 machines Read More
How Big Data Helps HR to Maximize Business Performance
Oracle strategists Brian Gaspar and Amanda Hahn explore how big data is being used in human resources (HR) organizations for predictive problem solving and

brian lewis  HR big data,predictive HR,predictive problem-solving,Oracle HCM,talent retention Read More
PTC's PLM Portfolio Gets More Comprehensive: Day 1 Overall Impression at PTC/USER World Conference 2010
Last year, after the TEC certification process for PTC Windchill 9.0 (download the certification report), I was convinced that this solution is quite

brian lewis  and strategy, presented by Brian Shepherd (EVP, Product Development, PTC), I'd expect to include more PTC's brands into the certification if there is a need for a new evaluation for PTC's PLM offerings. Besides Windchill and InSight, some other brands to consider the inclusion are: Relex One year ago, PTC announced the acquisition of Relex , a solution focusing on product reliability and maintainability, in order to expand its capabilities in product analytics. Based on the analytics capability of Read More
Product Note: Jaspersoft-Is It Ready for Big Enterprises?
Entering the BI space for large companies is not a small challenge. Jaspersoft may be doing its homework to acquire more recognition and make a smooth but sure

brian lewis  currently being managed by Brian Gentile, who has a strong leadership background having worked for Informatica , Sun Microsystems (acquired by Oracle ) and former software vendor Brio Software (acquired by Oracle/Hyperion). Under Gentile‘s leadership, Jaspersoft has continued to progress and improve its product positions, not only from an open source perspective, but also within the broad BI market. Jaspersoft's intention to address the big corporate market can be seen in recent events. Read More
Evaluating the Total Cost of Network Ownership
The upfront expenses of a network comprise only 19% of the total cost. The remaining 81% can sneak up on bank management, often unaware of some subtle TCO

brian lewis  Cost of Network Ownership Brian Killian and Lynn Koller are associated with Brintech, www.brintech.com Introduction A bank devotes extensive resources to its computer network-both in human wherewithal and hard cash. The upfront costs can be high, and veiled costs compound the burden. Ultimately, an invisible price tag hangs from a computer network. Total cost of ownership (TCO) is a model that helps systems managers understand and handle the budgeted and unbudgeted costs of an IT component throughout its Read More
Social Media in Your Supply Chain Keeps Everyone in the Loop
Social media is adding new value to cloud-based supply chain management for companies of all sizes. Internal social media (via Intranet) and external sites like

brian lewis  to recognize this.   Brian Bloom is a staff writer at ComputerWorld Canada, covering enterprise infrastructure, information architecture, and enterprise software topics. Previously, he worked as a communications consultant, writing, editing, and translating scientific and technical material, primarily for federal government agencies. Read More
Bootcamp for the Pros; Why Ernst & Young Will Lead Security Auditing Standards
Original News & Educational ReviewCourse SummaryErnst & Young, has put together the quintessential course for security engineers looking to improve their

brian lewis  in 21 days by Brian Komar, prior to taking the course. Whether you want to learn how hackers hack NT, UNIX, or Netware, the Ernst & Young course is a must for anyone wanting to understand the files, tools, procedures, and methodologies used for subverting even diligent system and network security. Reference: http://www.ey.com/security About the Author Laura Taylor is the Chief Technical Officer of Relevant Technologies ( http://www.relevanttechnologies.com ) a leading provider of original information Read More
Can Software Help Employees Enjoy their Workday (more)? - Part 2

brian lewis  not even utilize, to Brian Sommer’s understanding in his ZDNet blog post, subledgers for general ledger (G/L) in its in-core database. The vendor keeps source transactions in memory and can sort, parse, and restate the data in almost infinite combinations without any real effort . Moving relational database content to solid state memory without eliminating redundancies is not only inefficient but it cuts down on how easily data can be re-stated into different views (for example, creating a daily set of Read More
Jaspersoft on Amazon Web Services Marketplace
Jaspersoft has decided to take the JasperReports Server Community Edition and make it available on Amazon’s recent offering called AWS Marketplace, free of

brian lewis  solution. In this regard, Brian Gentile, chief executive officer (CEO) of Jaspersoft states: “ In this changing IT world, both business users and BI professionals are looking for faster, easier and more cost-effective ways to deploy business intelligence. Through the availability of JasperReports Server on the AWS Marketplace, we are now making this a reality for the world’s most widely deployed business intelligence software. ” This is an interesting approach from Jaspersoft that introduces their Read More

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