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BigMachines: Getting Bigger and Better - Part I
I recently attended Gartner’s CRM Summit in Scottsdale, Arizona (US). During the conference, I bumped into several old acquaintances who are working for

briefing books  for an in-person update briefing during a lunch break at the CRM Summit, and I'll go into the latest developments at BigMachines over the last 12 months or so. But before analyzing these events at BigMachines, let me explain why such CRM-oriented solutions are needed at all. While TEC’s previous article “The Complexities of Quote-to-order and Possible Solutions”  goes to great lengths to explain the typical conundrums of selling  mass customized  products via multiple channels, what follows now Read More...
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » briefing books

Provider of B2B Price Management and Optimization Speaks Out
In addition to growing at a breakneck pace for the last few years, Vendavo has recently rounded out its suite for price and margin management. The market should

briefing books  to have an update briefing with TEC. This briefing was done for two reasons. First, the vendor concurs that the market for such applications has been flourishing lately, as price management is receiving greater attention at the highest executive levels in B2B companies. Secondly, Vendavo wanted to point out its many recent developments in order to further inform the market about its offerings and capabilities, as well as dispel the lingering misperception that the vendor does not offer price optimization Read More...
Business Intelligence for SMBs: MBS Excel Applications and Competitive Analysis
Companies relying on an Excel or Excel-like system need to know that, while Excel might suffice for ad hoc analysis and data storage for individuals or small

briefing books  it appealing for management briefing books. Users can access their data, populated from multiple data sources and queries in one file, and off-line. Therefore, users can format information into content packages (reports and report packs) that they can e-mail to other users, access over Web portals, or collaboratively share with other Excel users. Given Excel's ability to massage data via sorting, creating formulas, and even fixing bad data, one can select data tree hierarchies or dimensions within those Read More...
Maximizer CRM Version 11 Highlights
Maximizer probably needs no introduction, but I will do it anyway for people who are not very familiar with the customer relationship management (CRM) space. It

briefing books  pleasure of having a briefing with Will Anderson, the executive vice president of technology for Maximizer. What’s New in Version 11? Version 11 brings a completely new ribbon-style user interface (UI), which looks very familiar to Office 2007 users. Now, the mobile version has a tabbed interface, which makes navigation easier. Also, Maximizer 11 supports Firefox for Windows, Mac, and Linux. From a functional point of view, here are some of the highlights of the new version: •  Sales quota Read More...
KMx is KMSI@s distributed learning platform that provides integrated e-learning content development, learning management, performance management, learning

briefing books  kmx,elearning lms,custom elearning,elearning,distance learning software,lms hosting,lms courses,scorm lms,online learning Read More...
Getting a More Exact Picture of, well, Exact Software Americas - Part 2
Part 1 of this series talked about my long-standing coverage of Exact Holding, and in particular about my recent update briefing with the Exact Americas

briefing books  about my recent update briefing with the Exact Americas division. My post concluded with the vendor’s intent to go back to its local roots and push its well respected North American manufacturing and distribution  enterprise resource planning (ERP)  products, especially Exact Macola ERP . Macola Redux Thus, this past fall saw Exact America’s more aggressive renewed push of Exact Macola ERP, via  the launch of the Exact Macola Manufacturing Pro and Exact Macola Distribution Pro product flavors in Read More...
Unleashing the SAN In Your IP Network
Computer storage holds the lifeblood of today's economy. From movies, music, books, and classroom materials, to corporate, personal, and financial data of all

briefing books  IP SAN,storage networks,iSCSI,NAS,DAS
Wet Quarter Postpones Amazon's Desiccation While Kmart Drowns
It is all about a viable and innovative business value proposition, immaculate execution, low costs, and customer satisfaction, and not about the company’s name

briefing books  Quarter Postpones Amazon's Desiccation While Kmart Drowns Event Summary The market is confused again. Just when the notion that anything associated with online, dot-com', or prefixed with e' or i' meant a pass, non-viable business model, the logic was reversed by the recent financial reports of prominent representatives of both clicks' and bricks' camps. On January 22, Amazon.com (NASDAQ: AMZN), one of the first online retailers (e-tailers) and the company used perennially as an example of a failed and Read More...
Montgomery Research
Montgomery Research publishes books, magazines, and websites, focusing on business and technology. The company@s topics include financial performance, supply

briefing books  
Winning your market with messaging that matters
Positioning Part 1: Putting a wet finger into the windThere is nothing more important to the success of your venture than proper positioning—at every step of

briefing books  your market with messaging that matters Positioning Part 1 : Putting a wet finger into the wind There is nothing more important to the success of your venture than proper positioning—at every step of your marketing and sales process. I see positioning as not just a branding exercise, but a powerful tool in the nuts and bolts of campaign creation and process. My own definition: “Positioning” is what you CHOOSE to say about anything —your product, service, sales call, or girlfriend. Let's star Read More...
Guide to Business Intelligence for Small to Midsized Businesses
You'll find it in Focus Experts Briefing: BI Overview, Key Issuesand Trends.

briefing books  it in Focus Experts Briefing: BI Overview, Key Issues and Trends . This handy, plain-language guide will quickly get you up to speed on features and benefits of BI for SMBs BI deployment options the 13 capabilities every BI solution should deliver how to avoid BI project failure BI trends to watch for You'll even discover five BI best practices to make your company smarter and more agile starting right now. Get the straight facts on BI for SMBs in this convenient, highly readable guide Download your PDF Read More...
TEC Certification Explained
If you’ve been to the TEC Vendor Showcase recently, you’ve probably seen this symbol.If you wondered what it means, you might have clicked it, and read

briefing books  Know You: The Vendor Briefing After validating the vendor’s RFI, TEC kicks off the certification process by arranging a short briefing for our analysts. Most vendor briefings are about half corporate backgrounder and half informal demo. Normally the vendor will use part of the briefing to put their products in context—giving us an overview of the company’s history, the markets they serve, their main competitors, and their plans for the future. They’ll also send some case studies or customer Read More...
Supply Chain Shorts for the Week of May 6, 2013
It's a busy conference season and quarterly results reporting period. TEC is chugging down the coffee, keeping up with happenings in the supply chain space

briefing books  provided us an update briefing on its solutions, but would not tip its hand in advance of the imminent conference in terms of likely announcements. (TEC’s PJ Jakovljevic detailed recent enhancements to its product line in “ AspenTech Keeps on Enhancing aspenONE ”.)  What will you be looking at or for at the conference? What are you expecting to hear? AspenTech did reveal a change in management this week, in concert with its third-quarter earnings announcement. AspenTech has appointed a new CEO, Read More...
TEC Analysts Want to Know About Your Software Solution
Every day, thousands of software buyers and IT professionals read—and are impacted by—research papers produced by TEC's analyst group.

briefing books  to get your analyst briefing Fill in our contact form , or call Sarah Gibson at +1 514-954-3665, ext. 318. You will be contacted by one of our senior analysts.   For assistance, please contact customer service. Hours: 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM EST. Phone: +1 514-954-3665, ext.367. Special Offer Files 2011 Read More...

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