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E-procurement: From Brilliant Innovation to Common Cliché
Electronic procurement has moved from a nice idea to a stampede in just a few years. Growing at Internet speed it spawns business models faster than the market

brilliant payrole  procurement: From Brilliant Innovation to Common Cliché Introduction In 1998 researchers at the Haas School of Business of the University of California at Berkeley published an important study called Procurement in the Internet Age - Current Practices and Emerging Trends. Essentially a survey of 80 technology-oriented companies, the paper proved to be a good guide to subsequent developments in E-procurement. It is a measure of how far we have come in less than two years that in their summary of Read More

Human Resources (HR)
Human Resources encompasses all the applications necessary for handling personnel-related tasks for corporate managers and individual employees.  Modules will include Personnel Management, ...
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Documents related to » brilliant payrole

How to Seize Opportunity in an Economic Downturn
But a recession opens the door to a host of opportunities your company can run withas you'll discover in the white paper no time to retreat: seizin...

brilliant payrole  a foundation for a brilliant future. Download your PDF copy of No Time to Retreat: Seizing Opportunity in an Economic Downturn today.   For assistance, please contact customer service. Hours: 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM EST. Phone: 514-954-3665, ext. 367. Read More
Winning your market with messaging that matters
Positioning Part 1: Putting a wet finger into the windThere is nothing more important to the success of your venture than proper positioning—at every step of

brilliant payrole  were seldom blamed on brilliant advertising. There are just too many opportunities to screw up An inescapable fact: most advertising fails—even today—which is ridiculous, considering the multitude of marketing tools and data available to any business with an internet connection. More than ever, true campaign success stories are pretty rare—a reality made more poignant by the avalanche of e-marketing shoveled into your inbox every day. There are just too many opportunities in the marketing process Read More
7 Steps to an Easier Development Project, a Better Product, and a Stronger Team
Your data models are brilliant ... but only if database administrators (DBAs) and developers are on the same page. A mismatch of expectations can slow down a

brilliant payrole  Your data models are brilliant ... but only if database administrators (DBAs) and developers are on the same page. A mismatch of expectations can slow down a project and lead to weak products. But this situation can be avoided if you develop a strategy that builds a little more teamwork. Follow seven cost-effective steps to better collaboration, and get a lot more value from your software development team’s data modeling. Read More
OpenText Acquires GXS: Will Content and Process Management Enrich EDI?
A decade ago or so, there were three leading enterprise data interchange (EDI) and business-to-business (B2B) network integration providers: Sterling Commerce

brilliant payrole  This could be a brilliant move for OpenText, the usage of which has been mostly relegated to IT departments, as OpenText has had to compete with the popularity and pricing of Microsoft SharePoint and cloud-based  Box . This move could take the vendor from IT tools talk into business-oriented supply chain discussions, increasing its value proposition. GXS had been trying to expand past its historical EDI transaction roots and move into product specifications and data synchronization. Aligning with Read More
TEC Industry Watch: Enterprise Software News for the Week of August 6, 2012
SOFTWARE SELECTIONSAccuride Corporation selects cloud-based Plex Online ERPIndustry tags: Manufacturing

brilliant payrole  great catch and a brilliant concept. With Arbortext, 4CS, and Servigistics, PTC will certainly be way ahead of any PLM/ERP competitor in the realm of SLM. In addition, Servigistics should be additive to PTC’s revenue (which PTC quite needs), and potentially accretive to the bottom line in the near term. It also bolsters PTC’s “complete scope” story. But while the potential is great here, possibly the biggest issue is the increasing levels of complexity and cost with PTC’s continued Read More
IBM Emptoris v10, Smarter Commerce, and Strategic Sourcing
Emptoris has been part of IBM for about 20 months, and we’re coming up on the close of its first full fiscal year under the IBM label. Since the acquisition

brilliant payrole  find to be either brilliant or condescending), there can be little question that IBM has done a creditable job at putting together a coherent and sticky message around its “Smarter” business which IBM has called a “new market that it estimates will grow to $20 billion in software alone by 2015”. IBM’s focuses are on four key growth initiatives (Smarter Planet, Growth Markets, Business Analytics and Optimization, and Cloud Computing); Smarter Planet is broken up into Smarter Commerce, Smarter Read More
DSL Provider Scoops up Netscreen Firewall Goldmine
In a $905million exchange of stock, Efficient Networks has acquired a more than efficient security solution with its acquisition of the Netscreen line of

brilliant payrole  Efficient Networks made a brilliant acquisition. The Netscreen line of firewalls are the only firewalls on the market that are positioned to give firewall market leader Checkpoint a run for their money. With streaming video and high-bandwidth multi-media support ramping up, Efficient Networks and Netscreen can provide much more than an efficient bandwidth and security solution. With their ability to get mid-sized companies up and running on the Internet easily and quickly, Efficient has bought itself Read More
Successfully Managing Contract Risk
Contractors and subcontractors are both exposed to risk within a project. Thus, it is equally important to both parties that formalized risk management be

brilliant payrole  detail, produce the most brilliant project plans and cash flows but often the most important factor when planning and forecasting is forgotten - that is the aspect of uncertainty. The impact of uncertainty in any project can deem the best laid plans useless and yet it is arguably the most overlooked aspect of project management both at the planning and execution phase. Formalized risk management should be carried out not to necessarily eliminate project uncertainty (as this would be unrealistic even for Read More
Talking to Software CEO Who Only Succeeded by Failing a Few Times
Adriaan van Wyk is the CEO of K2, a software vendor that creates and helps run business applications, including forms, workflow/business process management (BPM

brilliant payrole  it real and hire brilliant people who share your vision.   TEC : Why do you believe your current venture, K2, has been successful? AvW : I have hired passionate people to work with me at K2. I strive to create a culture where my employees feel they can reach their full potential. I empower them to express ideas, encourage individual interests, and embolden them to act and pursue ideas immediately. This inspires energy amongst my employees.   TEC : Why do you believe K2 will remain successful in spite Read More
IT Investment Decision Making: Getting to
Many technology sales cycles get bogged down in the IT department. But while it is unlikely that a sale will get anywhere without IT management buy-in, IT

brilliant payrole  has to reflect that (Brilliant!). As a result, our team is built around in-depth knowledge and understanding not just of our clients, but of their customers’ markets too – across fields as diverse as banking and finance, public sector, telecoms, transport, IT, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, logistics and retail. Within each vertical sector, the Business Communications & Technology team includes experts on legislation, regulatory issues, and industry watchdogs – all vital parts of telling credible, Read More
Software Selection Horoscopes for January 2008
Come on, admit it: you read your horoscope. Maybe not every morning. But you do read it, even if just for comic relief, or because it allows you to feel a surge

brilliant payrole  you are. Exercise your brilliant leadership skills: delegate to your nearest and dearest Libra. Taurus: Though often your decisions are practical, you may need to listen to the suggestions of others when choosing your new customer relationship CRM solution . After all, you won’t be the only one using the solution—and listening to the advice of others now means you won’t have to listen to their complaints down the road, in the installation and implementation stages. Gemini: You sometimes have a way Read More
What's Wrong with Application Software? It's the Economics
Enterprise architecture is a technology problem, not the business problem. The business problem is time, money, and quality. Focusing on modifications as an

brilliant payrole  limits, no matter how brilliant the architects or much money is spent. The limits come from a number of decisions, well made at the time, that are now not practical or even impossible to change. At the root of the problem is the underlying enterprise architecture of application software. However, the enterprise architecture is a technology problem, not the business problem. The business problem is time, money, and quality. Focusing on modifications as an example, the reason that modifications are bad is Read More
Do More with Less: The Five Strategies Used by Successful SMB Manufacturers
A common issue for small to medium business (SMB) manufacturers is how to increase revenue and grow their businesses without significantly adding staff

brilliant payrole  Today, manufacturers can have brilliant ideas for new products, but if it takes too long to bring them to market, with procedures that require too much overhead and at a cost that makes it difficult to sustain profitability, they are not likely to survive. Through the start-up process, there is usually little attention placed on internal business procedures and infrastructure since there are only a handful of employees, and a limited number of customers to serve. Manual business processes are quickly Read More

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