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The Impact of the Economic Crisis on Software Buying Behavior
When the economic crisis hit, organizations scurried to find ways to cut back and keep their businesses afloat. Survival was key. Investments and projects of

bubble diagramming  collapse of the housing bubble and the foreclosure crisis in the U.S. caused a worldwide ripple effect that left the construction industry severely wounded. Construction projects stalled due to difficulties in obtaining short-term loans in order to finance mortgages for personal and business property. Similar challenges arose in the manufacturing industry, where jobs were endangered and significant cutbacks were made in the automobile, electronics, and food/beverage sectors. Construction and Read More...
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » bubble diagramming

Enterprise Software Product Outsourcing: A Fresh Perspective for Mid-market Vendors
Creating outsourcing centers is a viable option for companies under pressure to develop quality products with tight time and budget restraints. Mid-market

bubble diagramming  Then came the IT bubble burst of 20002001 and subsequently the 9/11. These two events changed everything. Due to the bubble burst, large investments in software projects slowed in US and 9/11 stopped flow of software professionals from India due to stricter legislation and security. Additionally, a number of these highly skilled professionals touting US corporate experience returned to India. At the same time, Indian companies were maturing and going up the value chain and were able to offer better Read More...
Interview with Joe Cowan

bubble diagramming  done that. The dot-com bubble gave us the opportunity to do that. And you saw a lot of it. To be frank, I think this entire supply chain space got caught up in that. Then all of a sudden the market realized, We're not getting any real value out of this. They are not delivering on all the things they said their software would do. SH: I guess you could say that many of us were affected by irrational exuberance. JC : I guess a lot of us did! And another problem that I think attributed to this was the Read More...
i2 Bleeds In Shark-Infested Waters
What a difference a year makes. Two months after the Nike debacle, more than a dozen class action lawsuits for securities fraud are now pending in federal and

bubble diagramming  year following the market bubble contraction. Many of these startups bet their hopes (and billions in venture capital) on business plans that often failed to address critical process and technology needs. Instead, they hoped for huge ad revenues to compensate for competition-induced low prices and poorly run logistics operations. For years, i2 and its SCM brethren have preached to Internet retailers the necessity of matching Internet storefronts with optimized back-end supply chains to minimize expenses Read More...
KronosWorks 2010: Of Next-Gen User Experience & Workforce Mobility
Given our shared presence in the Boston metro area, I’ve had numerous contacts and interactions with Kronos Incorporated in the past, but this fall was my very

bubble diagramming  a possible stock market bubble. Globalization -- meaning that everything can be made and sold everywhere, and that cost is only one of many factors. Namely, if cost were the major factor, then Bangladesh would be the manufacturing capital of the world, which is not the case.  Productivity  and added  value  are other critical factors, as exemplified by Reich’s own artificial “French designer” hips that were manufactured in Germany and implanted in the United States (US). The workforce Read More...
Software for Real People Part Two: Competition and User Recommendations
The root of creativity rests in the people, the management, and the culture of the organization. A better tool will not help an organization that is resistant

bubble diagramming  for Real People Part Two: Competition and User Recommendations Software for Real People Part Two: Competition and User Recommendations Featured Author - David March - February 1, 2005 Introduction The problem is that creativity is a function of the mind and the mind works very differently than the software tools and applications that we use to enslave it. The mind is a neural network that has evolved over hundreds of millions of years to be an incredibly efficient network pattern graphics Read More...
Retalix Strives for Leadership in Retail Food Segment
Retalix, a supply chain software provider is positioning itself to be a segment pack leader through vendor positioning, vertical differentiation, and horizontal

bubble diagramming  9/11 slump, the dot-com bubble burst, and general software malaise of the market, is truly incredible. Retalix' 2004 revenues were $124 million (USD) and its revenue goal of an estimated $185 million (USD) for 2005 implies a revenue grown rate of 67% in 2005. Retalix has also shown a consistent track record of profitability since 2001, and has been listed on the NASDAQ in 1998. Retalix also had nearly $112 million (USD) in cash and marketable securities at the end of 2004. Ability to execute in the field Read More...
Scala and Microsoft Become (Not So) Strange CRM Bedfellows Part Three: Challenges and User Recommendations
Whether this is a temporary stint, a true long-term alliance, or just a prelude to nuptials down the track, Microsoft should turn out as a beneficiary in every

bubble diagramming  to the proverbial dot-com bubble burst, in 2001 the company had to give up on once high-flying prospects of its separate e-commerce application division, called iScala. Nevertheless, the iScala e-business functionality has come in handy, as the iScala platform is an extension of the company's back-office capability, thereby rounding out a next-generation solution set in which there is much tighter integration of collaborative e-commerce applications with ERP functionality. Thus, one could expect Read More...
Scala Shows Far More Than A Bit Of A Backbone Part 2: Market Impact
Scala is a serious challenger in the SME market, especially in emerging markets like Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and China (possibly the local

bubble diagramming  to the proverbial dot-com bubble burst, last year the company had to give up on once high-flying prospects of its separate e-commerce application division, called iScala. Nevertheless, the iScala e-business functionality has come in handy, as the iScala platform is an extension of the company's back-office capability, thereby rounding out a next-generation solution set in which there is much tighter integration of collaborative e-commerce applications with ERP functionality. Collaborating with business Read More...
Ariba's 15-Year Journey into the B2B Commerce Cloud
Ariba’s collaborative business commerce solutions focus on the basics: buying, selling, and managing cash. Ariba’s cloud-based vision has grown a vast network

bubble diagramming  the time the dot-com bubble burst in the early 2000s. One was the vendor’s own mismanagement of its exorbitant expenses (or investments, if you will, such as the Tradex acquisition in 1999) to support its “if we build, they will come” attitude at the time. The other factor was the then absence of rich and interactive Web tools, which have promoted today’s usability and acceptance of multi-tenant public cloud applications. Thus, customers were not ready to jump en masse onto Ariba’s inflexible Read More...
Science, Data, and Social at Heart of New IBM Smarter Workforce/Kenexa Talent Suite
During the IBM Connect 2014 conference, which took place recently in Orlando, Florida, IBM launched its Smarter Workforce program, combining the HCM abilities

bubble diagramming  customer. When the self-service bubble bursts, IBM will be there fully equipped with its service and consultancy division to guide customers through these difficult hurdles. Read More...
TEC Spotlight Report: Pronto Software
In this spotlight report, David Clark examines Pronto Software. Learn all about the product’s history and marketing positioning, as well as its strengths

bubble diagramming  2001, when the dotcom bubble burst, the management of Pronto organized a community buyout of the enterprise resource planning (ERP) division, resulting in the Pronto Software we see today. Pronto’s flagship ERP product, PRONTO-Xi , first saw the light of day in 1989 as PRONTO EMS. “We were writing custom software over and over again,” says Terry, “so we decided to build the framework that’s still in place today.” “Since then, Pronto’s ERP application gradually evolved to a fully Read More...
What CRM Should Have Taught IT (although not getting the message is not entirely IT's fault)
IT hasn't properly supported CRM because it hasn't understood either its importance or its requirements. The advent of CRM exacerbated a serious, pre-existing

bubble diagramming  companies populating the dot.com bubble would have ever seen the light of day—or the darkness at the end of the bubble. And if many CTOs, CIOs and IT managers had paid heed, they wouldn't have lost their budgets—or their credibility, and in some cases their jobs, either. But, you may fairly ask, doesn't the principle of aligning technology with business requirements apply to all technologies—ERP, ABC, XYZ—and not just CRM? And right you are. The alignment principle applies across the board. Read More...
Review: Profits with Principles

bubble diagramming  bursting of the dot-com bubble (the crash of dot-com companies after 2001) the failure of corporate governance and ethics growing geopolitical uncertainty—war  against terrorism, international trade tensions and anti-globalization campaigns ongoing environmental degradation—global climate change, loss of biodiversity, and water insecurity These situations are creating new challenges for enterprises, which nowadays are facing new crises (e.g., trust, inequality, and sustainability). Unfortunately, Read More...
TARGIT BI Product Certified
Recently, I met over the Web with TARGIT’s Ruben Knudsen and Ulrik Pedersen, along with some TEC cohorts to verify TARGIT’S BI product.  TARGIT had  completed a

bubble diagramming  interface, TARGIT provides scorecards, bubble charts, dashboards, hierarchical org charts (not the chart itself though) and alerts. If the client wants to, he can build reports using the usual statistical distributions and the associated functions for regression and correlation analysis, calculations of the mean, variance, standard deviation, and other statistical measures. For more specific information, I refer you to the TARGIT website. I realize that I have provided a lot of accolades for the company Read More...

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