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Documents related to » buffer overrun

Reflections on Lean Philosophy and the Theory of Constraints
The theory of constraints (TOC) is similar to, yet different from, the lean philosophy. TOC focuses on optimizing production through critical bottlenecks in order to meet market demand.

BUFFER OVERRUN: work (i.e., an inventory buffer is kept in front of the bottleneck to ensure that it is never idle). Subordinate everything else to the constraint. Since the efficiency at other resources does not really matter, there is no point in upstream work centers producing more work than the constraint can absorb. It is sufficient to provide an indication of the task priority of other non-bottleneck resources, since the utilization of non-bottlenecks is determined by the critical bottleneck. Elevate the

Sierra Atlantic, Inc.

BUFFER OVERRUN: Sierra Atlantic Application Networks®, including Customer Relationship Management Network (CRMnet), ECO Lens, Portal Network (PORTALnet), and Supply Chain Management Network (SCMnet), are configurable, pre-packaged business process integration solutions.

Enterprise Resource Planning Vendors Address Lean Manufacturing
Intentia, Fujitsu Glovia, QAD, and SSA Global's solutions supporting lean manufacturing are examined. Which areas the extended enterprise resource planning (ERP) vendors excel in depends on their original ERP system's suitability for repetitive versus to-order environments.

BUFFER OVERRUN: service levels, and the buffer performance evaluation. Accordingly, buffer or supermarket master data within the QAD application identifies details of buffer stock calculations, such as current maximum buffer stock, the method used for determining buffer, the order point (either calculated as the sum of the demand over the lead time [DLT] and the safety stock or set manually), safety stock or safety time, service level, buffer evaluation limits (e.g., warning only or critical), limits expressed as percent

The Theory of Constraints Enters the Lean Manufacturing Arena
Lean principles are difficult to employ in complex environments, but materials requirement planning has well-known limitations. The theory of constraints, which is complementary to lean manufacturing when it comes to low volumes and complex environments, may provide an answer.

BUFFER OVERRUN: include drum-buffer-rope (DBR) scheduling, buffer management, and VAT analysis [a procedure for determining the general flow of parts and products from raw materials to finished products]. Performance measurement includes throughput, inventory and operating expense, and the five focusing steps. In traditional manufacturing, goods are pushed through production at levels determined by often inaccurate scheduling and forecasting tools common in MRP II (an evolutionary step up from MRP that tries to marry fi

IBM and Partners Load the Guns in Europe
IBM has launched a service provider initiative in Europe, a move that underlines the growing trend to 'coopetition' behavior among service providers and technology partners; however, it will be on a scale much vaster than the one-on-one relationships that have been the vogue for the past couple of years. The implications of a partnership between a legacy giant and emerging new players are worldwide.

BUFFER OVERRUN: IBM and Partners Load the Guns in Europe IBM and Partners Load the Guns in Europe R. Krause - September 21, 2000 Read Comments E. Robins - September 21, 2000 Major Market Impact IBM has announced a service provider partnership program in Europe that will have major implications on how large and small digital business service providers (DBSPs) operate, not only in Europe, but also throughout the world. For clients, it means one-stop shopping for technology and niche services that run the gamut from legacy

MPM RFP Template

BUFFER OVERRUN: Manufacturing Process Management (MPM) RFP Template covers industry-standard functional criteria of MPM that can help you easily gather and prioritize your business needs in a simple and categorized excel document. More than a RFP template, it is a working document that serves as a knowledge base reference throughout the life-span of your MPM software project. Includes: Product Process Planning, Production Process Design and Validation, Production Modeling and Simulation, Ergonomic Evaluation and Simulation, Application Technology

ERP Belle Époque Officially Ended With the Demise of Baan and SSA
Once high-flying ERP vendors, Baan and SSA, have officially ceased to exist as independent companies on the same day in the first week of August thereby marking the end of the golden era of traditional ERP.

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The Joy Of Enterprise Systems ImplementationsPart 2: Implementation Key Success Factors
Enterprise systems, in fact, are devised to operate by codifying a set of business processes and employees have to learn the whys, wheres, and whos of the business process (workflows) rather than hows of the software screens.

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Competing Globally—Predicting Demand and Delivering Optimally
To benefit from globalization (or to meet its threat), a food manufacturer must be prepared. To sell into new markets, the manufacturer needs to be a better partner, and collaborate with customers who have different needs from its traditional customers.

BUFFER OVERRUN: efficiency depends on minimum buffer stocks, integrated processes, efficient use of resources, and shorter lead times. Nonetheless, experience shows that companies either struggle with a surplus of reliance on local knowledge, chance-taking, and effective fire-fighting; or else spend time and effort developing their own supporting systems (usually glorified spreadsheets) to help to better manage inventory levels. To support a demand-driven supply chain, consumer goods companies must employ

How to Plan and Manage in Times of Uncertainty and Volatility? Based on Reality and Facts, Duh! (Part 1) » The TEC Blog
shocks”, suppliers have less  buffer inventory (safety stocks) , whereby  lead times (latencies)  are increasing. To this end, there have been the following two classical responses of SCM executives at enterprises: Increase safety stocks — and good luck with the chief financial officer (CFO) who will “love” this tying up of his/her working capital and cash. Reduce customer service levels — and increase the number of “stock out” situations with customer disappointments as a result.

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ERP Systems and the ETO Manufacturing MarketPart Three: User Recommendations
Companies that are project manufacturers, engineer-to-order (ETO), build-to-order, jobbing shops or contract manufacturers should think carefully when selecting an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. Given the maturity of the ERP market, its ongoing consolidation, and that fact that competitive advantage is hard enough for manufacturers to find, they should not compromise on their requirements.

BUFFER OVERRUN: ERP Systems and the ETO Manufacturing Market Part Three: User Recommendations ERP Systems and the ETO Manufacturing Market Part Three: User Recommendations P.J. Jakovljevic - May 5, 2004 Read Comments What Happens When You Select the Wrong ERP System One of the myriad of appalling consequences that result from fitting an engineer-to-order (ETO) environment with a repetitive-oriented ERP system, which does not have, in the very least, a product configurator facility with generic items (encapsulating

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