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BI State of the Market Report
IT departments rarely know as much about a business as the business people themselves. But business users still depend on IT to deliver answers related to the information that they receive. Learn how business intelligence (BI) 2.0—also known as collaborative BI—is helping business users create and modify their own reports, share and enrich information, and provide feedback to each other and to information producers.

business intelligence users  Intelligence Mashups , Business Intelligence Users , Business Intelligence Application . Using BI 2.0 to Increase Your Competitive Advantage   Executive Summary Business people rarely take action on numbers alone: they share the information with others, soliciting their feedback and performing external research before taking action. Business intelligence (BI) 2.0-also known as collaborative BI-uses the collective intelligence of the user community to enrich existing information. When the community helps Read More...

The Top Five Challenges with SQL Server Reporting and BI
Users of SQL Server value its power, speed, and affordability. But research shows that these users often face significant challenges in producing the business intelligence (BI)—reports, analysis, and dashboards—that they need to gain insight into their businesses. Learn how to evaluate three BI alternatives for Microsoft SQL users, and discover a new reporting and BI paradigm for SQL Server.

business intelligence users  faced by Microsoft business intelligence users, Birst addresses these as follows: Provides Extensive Self-Service with IT Control One of the keys to alleviating the report backlog is to enable greater end-user self service. Thanks to its extreme ease of use, business users can start using Birst s ad-hoc query and dashboarding capabilities almost immediately, with little training, to get answers to their questions. Another important enabler for true self service is the ability for end users to source the r Read More...
Business Intelligence (BI)
Business intelligence (BI) and performance management applications enable real-time, interactive access, analysis, and manipulation of mission-critical corporate information. These applications pro...
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Documents related to » business intelligence users

Microsoft Dynamics and the 2007 Microsoft Office System: Integration Highlights
Business management solution users spend most of their time “heads down” in the business application, but they also need to use communication and desktop productivity tools. Thus, business solutions need familiar, easy-to-learn user interfaces. They need to be “process-centric” and role-based. And they need to provide a bridge between the worlds of structured business applications and unstructured desktop productivity software.

business intelligence users  Management, Search, and Business Intelligence, users can now access both structured and unstructured data with greater ease. The Microsoft Dynamics utilizes many new features that utilize Office SharePoint Server 2007, including: The ability to not only search SharePoint Server 2007 content and Microsoft Office documents, but also search your Microsoft Dynamics data, such as sales transactions. More flexible report publishing, allowing you to publish Microsoft Dynamics reports alongside other reports, suc Read More...
Information Builders Announces New Release of WebFOCUS
Information Builders Inc., (IBI) has released a new suite of business intelligence tools designed to support e-business. Release 4.3 of the product has been re-engineered and enabled for wireless and XML, in addition to integration with Microsoft Office 2000 and BackOffice 2000. Announced at their Summit 2000 User Conference, IBI hopes the product will appeal to non-technical users of business intelligence technologies.

business intelligence users   a majority of Business Intelligence users are from such areas as sales, marketing, and accounting. They need to generate online reports and conduct business and financial analysis without depending on the IT department. Among the new features for WebFOCUS v.4.3 are an improved user interface, enhanced graphics capability, user-enabled report scheduling/distribution and integration with Microsoft Excel 2000. We ve made it easy for the non-technical user to generate reports in the ubiquitous Excel Read More...
Reaping the Benefits of Next-generation Dashboards
The old approaches for collecting, assimilating, and delivering business intelligence (BI) data have not kept pace with today’s increasing demand for rapid decision making. Many companies use static reports and ad hoc queries, but fewer companies use dashboards and portals—which often lack the interactivity required for navigation and visualization of business data. Learn how a next-generation dashboard solution can help.

business intelligence users  between IT and business intelligence users, allowing stakeholders to become proactive in the design process. Dashboard technology should be flexible, allowing an unlimited combination of controls for analyzing and navigating business data. The next generation of dashboards must: Provide a consolidated view from any data source: Dashboards are only as useful as the data they present to the user. The next generation of dashboards leverages technology that can not only consume proprietary data sources, but Read More...
Business Intelligence: Its Ins and Outs
In today's highly competitive business climate, the quality and timeliness of business information for an organization is not only a choice between profit and loss, it is a question of survival or bankruptcy. No business organization can deny the inevitable benefits of business intelligence.

business intelligence users  systems proactively deliver business intelligence to users based on criteria they define, as the events happen. It keeps users continuously informed of critical events by delivering the message at work, home, or on the road through e-mail and wireless technologies. BI versus Analytics Business intelligence is sometimes called analytics though there are distinctions between them. BI is full set of technologies and programs and analytics comprises all specialized programming that analyzes data about a Read More...
Distilling Data: The Importance of Data Quality in Business Intelligence
As an enterprise’s data grows in volume and complexity, a comprehensive data quality strategy is imperative to providing a reliable business intelligence environment. This article looks at issues in data quality and how they can be addressed.

business intelligence users  best tools for business intelligence (BI), users will encounter inefficiency and frustration if the quality of data is compromised. When embarking on a data warehousing or business intelligence project, it is essential for organizations to emphasize the quality of data that is used for analysis and subsequent decision making. As data captured from a multitude of sources makes its way to an enterprise data warehouse or data marts, a data quality framework creates a screening process that measures the Read More...

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