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Enterprise applications have long been providing the means for businesses to collect required data and deliver it to the right people. Now that sales and

button extender  are therefore today's hot button, helping businesses to increase their overall enterprise application return on investment (ROI). In the CRM arena, analytics are provided in two major flavors: Descriptive analytics — which focuses on the historical customer patterns Prescriptive analytics — which tends to predict the customer's future behavior Many of the traditional CRM packaged software providers like Siebel , SAP , PeopleSoft , MS CRM and E. piphany offer analytics modules that mostly fall into Read More...
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » button extender

ERP Trivia - Every Why Should Have Its Wherefore Part 2: ERP Key Success Factors
ERP systems, in fact, are devised to operate by codifying a set of business processes and employees have to learn the whys, wheres and whos of the business

button extender  or 'which field or button does what' instead of boosting their ability to realize the underlying flow of information through business processes. ERP systems, in fact, are devised to operate by codifying a set of business processes and employees have to learn the whys, wheres and whos of the business process (workflows) rather than hows of the software screens. Without learning the whys and wherefores of the process, users retain their pre-ERP mindset, which is quite detrimental in an interwoven ERP Read More...
Ideabytes Inc
Model Based Testing (MBT) Services provided by Ideabytes @ automates the creation of test cases, at a guaranteed 50% or better, of current test creation time

button extender  the touch of a button. In addition to being more efficient, Conformiq Designer provides increased coverage, automated documentation as well as minimal maintenance costs, as additional benefits. The combination of Ideabytes Services and Conformiq Designer has been proven at Tier 1 companies, and should be considered as a method to increase productivity in the software development life cycle, with efficiencies many times (proven 4x – 5x gains), greater than inflation.” Read More...
Experlogix is a premier provider of product configurator technology, specializing in fully integrated quote and order automation solutions for Microsoft

button extender  the touch of a button. With Experlogix's powerful product modeling architecture, a solution for virtually any configuration scenario imaginable can be easily designed and implemented. Experlogix focuses solely on developing a comprehensive configurator solution with the highest caliber of integration to the Microsoft Dynamics and NetSuite platforms. Experlogix is universally recognized as the “go-to” configurator solution by their respective communities. Read More...
Making the Right Decisions with SCOR
In the relentless search for ever-improving returns on investment and market competitiveness, some of the world’s biggest corporations are applying a model

button extender  the touch of a button, managers can evaluate all aspects of e.g. delivery performance and can make informed decisions on how and where this can be improved. The Key to Success Few companies can resist the clear benefits that desktop access to SCOR metrics can provide. Once it has achieved full management buy-in and support, it is important to move quickly to get a solution within a reasonable time frame. It is also important to concentrate on making successive quality enhancements to the source data to Read More...
Product Review: GFI's LANguard Network Security Scanner
Performing patch management is one of the most tedious chores that must be completed by network administrators. While there are many patch management tools

button extender  and click the Scan button. Because of the amount of time that it takes to scan all TCP and UDP ports, the software will scan only well known ports by default, but you can perform a full TCP / UDP scan if necessary. When the scan completes, a number of different reports are compiled. These reports are viewable directly through the user interface in the Scan Filters section. Reports cover a variety of topics such as missing patches and security vulnerabilities (sorted by severity and type). In addition to Read More...
Next-generation Tool for Software Comparison Hits the Web
TEC has just released the second generation of its flagship software comparison tool, eBestMatch, which allows users to compare enterprise software side-by-side

button extender  Your Discrete ERP Comparison” button. 3. You’ll go through fifteen questions defining your business requirements (you also have the option to answer five additional technical questions, if you want to drill down to technical details). 4. You’ll get a shortlist composed of the software products that survived the cut. By clicking on any of the vendor names, you’ll get a profile of the company and its product. 5. Here’s the key thing: using eBestMatch, you can compare any 3 vendors of your choice Read More...
Web 2.0 --
Another buzzword (albeit not another three letter acronym [TLA]) that has slowly (or not) but surely crept into our collective mind is certainly Web 2.0

button extender  After clicking the submit button, the new page would show the possible results, so that the user can select a certain supplier, and then continue to input all other necessary data for the order. Conversely, Web 2.0 should allow the user to type the partial supplier's name (a la Google Search) to immediately receive the potential matches, select the correct one and continue accordingly. Further, Given that Web 2.0 is first and foremost an application interface question, there is certainly an opportunity Read More...
Source Code Translation
Everyone who writes computer software eventually faces the requirement of converting a large code base from one programming language to another. But source

button extender  there is no magic button to turn old code into new code, there are tools that can dramatically reduce the time and cost of a conversion project. While a development project includes testing and other activities, this discussion will focus on the code translation process. Project Plan The first step in any successful project is to understand what you are starting from, where you are going and then develop a plan to get there. For a code conversion project, you want to identify: Old and New Code Design and Read More...
E*Trade Ignores Private Security Warning, But Public Hullaballoo Gets Response
E*Trade was notified about a cookie vulnerability in August, but the correction wasn't made until after the problem became public.

button extender  : Press the security button. Go into the Java/Javascript parameter and make sure that you have explicitly forbidden access to the E*Trade website. Read More...
Enterprise Application Integration - the Latest Trend in Getting Value from Data
Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) is one of the hot-button issues in IT for the Year 2000. Information Week Research's survey of 300 technology managers

button extender  is one of the hot-button issues in Information Technology in 2000. Information Week 's research survey of 300 technology managers showed nearly 75% of respondents said EAI is a planned project for their IT departments in the coming year. According to a study by Bank Boston, the market for EAI is expected to be $50 Billion USD by 2001. Successful EAI requires a careful combination of a middleware framework, distributed object technologies, and custom consulting. Many vendors have evolved out of the Read More...
Avent Users Rave Over SalesLogix
“The sales reps just rave aboutall the customizations we havedone because they provideaccess to critical data, at theclick of a button,” Stoner said

button extender  the click of a button,” Stoner said. “And, overall, SalesLogix has provided significant improvement in sales rep productivity with a 20 percent across-the-board time savings, as well as 23 hours a week time savings on reporting and forecasting from a business unit!” Greg Stoner Avnet Director of CRM Architecture Read More...
Intentia: Stepping Out With Fashion and Style Part Two: Software Challenges in the Fashion Industry
The requirements for the fashion industry are some of the most demanding and unforgiving in the world of manufacturing. If you're not careful, you may find your

button extender  units (SKU). A man's button-down, long sleeve, Oxford shirt that comes in five colors could easily generate 300 distinct, pickable items (shirt x color x collar size x sleeve length). When you add such variations as plain collars, Egyptian cotton fabric, and French cuffs, the number of items expands geometrically and, even for very small suppliers, can easily exceed several thousands. And who said that women were the fashion plates of the species? A corollary to this challenge is that orders tend to be Read More...
Informix Decides to Start Analyzing Websites
Informix, a leader in data warehousing and business intelligence software, has developed an application named i. Decide Web Success that promises to provide dot

button extender  the Our Site radial button.
The (NA)Vision of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 - Part 2
Part 1 of this blog series went through the first three generations of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV product, which at the time was called Navision and was owned

button extender  (by simply clicking a button next to the relevant address, e.g., in the customer file or from the shipping manifest). Continuing the work started in Navision 4.0, the built-in business analytics take advantage of the capabilities of Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) so that users can present meaningful information in a more appealing way. With online analytical processing (OLAP) tools enabled by Microsoft SQL Server, users can draw upon table relations within Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0 for a Read More...

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