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End-user Performance: Building and Maintaining ROI
Software alone is not enough to make your business run more smoothly and cost-effectively. For software to deliver value to your organization, your users must

calculate square yards  ROI business | ROI calculate | ROI calculation | ROI development | ROI investment | ROI management | ROI marketing | ROI ppt | ROI process | ROI software | ROI solutions | ROI strategy | ROI study | ROI technology | ROI tool | ROI white paper | security management | strategic management | strategic outsourcing | success performance | supply chain management | system performance management | technology management | technology ROI | tools for quality improvement | upgrade performance | what is return on Read More

Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » calculate square yards

Data Mart Calculator
Need a model to help calculate an estimate of manpower needs by role, timeline, and labor cost to build a data mart based on user-supplied variables? Here’s a

calculate square yards  a model to help calculate an estimate of manpower needs by role, timeline, and labor cost to build a data mart based on user-supplied variables? Here’s a calculator that provides two estimates. The first is based on using the traditional “develop by committee,” and the second on developing the same data mart at the developmental level. The model needs minimal input and can be changed to fit your needs. Find out more. Read More
Lombardi Software Teamworks 7.0 for Business Process Management Certification Report
Lombardi Software's business process management (BPM) system, Teamworks 7.0, is now TEC Certified. The certification seal is a valuable indicator for

calculate square yards  To understand how we calculate this difference, read Calculating the TEC FI (page 16). The Overall bar is our measure for determining which modules fall within the Dominant zone. If a module's difference from the average is greater than the product's overall difference from the average, we label it dominant. Those are the modules most responsible for pulling the Overall bar beyond the average. Modules with values that do not extend beyond the Overall bar but still provide as much or more functionality Read More
Making Large UPS Systems More Efficient
As energy resources become scarcer and more expensive, electrical efficiency is a more important performance factor in the specification and selection of large

calculate square yards  energy savings can be calculated from 0% to 100% load and every point in between. It is important that the manufacturer's curve be based on a configuration similar to what is being specified. The appendix of this paper provides an in depth discussion on UPS efficiency comparisons by investigating various scenarios. The following section describes how manufacturers can improve UPS efficiency by using various levers of design. Improving Large UPS Efficiency There are three significant losses that a Read More
SAS Institute Shoots for the Two-Stop-Shop with new Release of Warehouse Administrator
SAS Institute, a vendor of integrated data warehousing, decision support and information delivery software, has announced the production availability of SAS

calculate square yards  their money if they calculate their pricing and sales strategy properly. User Recommendations Companies looking at the capability to two-stop-shop for data warehouse tools should include the SAS Institute on their short list. SAS has long been known for their capabilities in the data-mining arena, and has expanded into most of the rest of the data-warehousing world. They are not a major player in the database engine area (i.e., Oracle, Microsoft, IBM). The SAS Institute is currently the largest Read More
Managing Process Manufacturing Using Microsoft Dynamics AX
Some firms rely on out-of-the box functionality to help reduce risk, minimize custom development, and increase predictability of successful implementation usage

calculate square yards  can be used to calculate totals for a sales or purchase order • Financial dimensions for business analytics purposes Batch Tracking Considerations (aka Lot Tracking) : Batch tracking involves one or more of the following considerations. • Batch numbering policies, including a mask for automatic assignment of an item’s batch numbers •  Vendor batch information, including shelf life dates and country of origin   •  Shelf life dates for a batch, including the manufacturing date, expiration Read More
Process ERP vs. Discrete ERP Differentiation
People often ask us

calculate square yards  that does things like calculate ingredient quantities. If your industry produces the type of product that once made, doesn't lend itself to being disassembled into its individual components, it's likely you need to consider a process ERP system. On the other hand if your company assembles products from many component parts, you'll require discrete manufacturing functionality. In his article, Process Manufacturing Software: a Primer , Joe Strub explains the difference with examples. Once you make a can Read More
Trends Affecting Manufacturers and ERP Part Three: Four More Trends
The evolution of ERP systems has been driven by the emergence of new business practices and information technologies. These have been supported by the growing

calculate square yards  orders, some ERP systems calculate a variable lead-time and operation due dates that reflect simplistic models of available capacity and scheduling rules. Using MRP logic provides a simple yet sufficient synchronization of supply chain activities for many environments. APS logic uses finite scheduling based on capacity and material constraints to synchronize activities in the supply chain. In the context of production activities, APS automatically schedules manufacturing orders (and operation due dates) Read More
Case Study: US Lumber Group
US Lumber Group, a building materials distributor, has over 6,000 customers and eight cost centers. As the company grew, it needed a business intelligence (BI

calculate square yards  (BI) solution to help calculate and analyze activities, including all financial forecasting. It decided to look beyond its planned enterprise resource planning (ERP) upgrade, and chose Cognos. Learn why the company has access to more relevant data than ever before. 0 Read More
Meet Sage Inventory Advisor in the Cloud
Sage recently announced the general availability of Sage Inventory Advisor, a new cloud forecasting and planning solution that integrates with Sage enterprise

calculate square yards  time and effort to calculate reorder quantities were the highest concerns for its customers, since the cost of inventory impacts the bottom line dramatically. Knowing that inventory is one of the largest business expenses, Sage designed Sage Inventory Advisor to give businesses more insight and control, enabling them to leverage their own internal data to make better business decisions. Sage Inventory Advisor in Action Designed for mid-market companies engaged in any type of inventory management, such as Read More
Supplier Parks - Back to the Future
As supply chains become increasingly integrated and synchronized, we are witnessing the evolution of the business/production models (in some industries) that

calculate square yards  Parks - Back to the Future Business Integration Models: The Old and the New Ford's River Rouge complex, the largest industrial complex in the world during the 1920's and 30's, is often cited as the prototypical example of vertical integration. Iron ore came in one side and autos came out the other end. Contrast that with the development of virtually integrated supply chains during the 80's and 90's: thousands of suppliers dispersed across the globe, each with their own role in the production of a Read More
Kerridge Commercial Systems Case Study: Bathstore
In 2002, Bathstore conducted an assessment to determine if its IT infrastructure could support its growing business. At the time, Bathstore consisted of 10

calculate square yards  distribution erp,kerridge commercial systems k8 system,what is erp,erp it,erp for,erp erp,what is an erp,erp and erp,erp,erp and,for distributors,crm,company software,control software,business software for Read More
How to Calculate the Return on Investment (ROI) On a Digital Signature Solution
More and more companies are implementing digital signature solutions, allowing a completely electronic workflow, from document creation through to its signing

calculate square yards  to Calculate the Return on Investment (ROI) On a Digital Signature Solution More and more companies are implementing digital signature solutions, allowing a completely electronic workflow, from document creation through to its signing, archiving, and auditing. You no longer have to interrupt your streamlined electronic processes by reintroducing paper into the workflow. This white paper will help you establish the return on investment (ROI) that your organization can achieve by deploying a digital Read More
TradeStone Software Leaps Ahead With Its First Acquisition
During the recent TradeStone STARS 2014 user conference, TradeStone Software CEO Sue Welch announced that the company has made its first acquisition ever—Leap

calculate square yards  samples, manage ranges, and calculate landed costs during buying trips and early in the lifecycle of each retail range period.   The solution was designed by founder Alan Osborne and Nikki Willis, former executives from New Look, a British fashion retailer. Several major U.K. retailers, including All Saints, are already in pilot stage. TradeStone will sell and market the mobile app as TradeStone Mobile Merchant , which will work with both TradeStone's Merchandise Lifecycle solutions (for handling buying Read More
Spring Brings New Growth To Manhattan Associates
Good execution in the wake of Y2K brings record revenue and earnings for Manhattan Associates in its first quarter.

calculate square yards  Brings New Growth To Manhattan Associates Spring Brings New Growth To Manhattan Associates S. McVey - May 24, 2000 Event Summary Supply Chain Execution vendor, Manhattan Associates, recently reported record results for the first quarter of 2000. Total revenue for the first quarter ended March 31, 2000 was $28.3 million, an increase of 22% from revenue of $23.2 million for the fourth quarter of 1999 and an increase of 56% from revenue of $18.2 million for the first quarter ended March 31, 1999. Read More

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