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Micron to Push
Personal computer maker Micron Electronics said Tuesday it will spend $210 million on its

car financing  purchased systems, much as car leasing took market share away from car purchasing. This move also follows Microsoft's hints that it may move to a per-use or leasing model for its software, starting with Windows 2000. Micron feels they have a chance to change the world , but it is unclear if the hoped-for change would be for the better. On the hardware/services side, Hewlett-Packard announced a similar strategy at Telecom 99. User Recommendations As with any major purchase, users need to do a cost-benef Read More...
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » car financing

A SaaS Start-up Cautionary Tale: The Makana Experience (Or: How You Can Create a Great Product and Still Hit the Wall)
Great products and a growing customer base are not enough to succeed in the SaaS ICM marketplace. Find out why Makana, a startup SaaS vendor, found it difficult

car financing  sales compensation modeling to car brands (and automotive capabilities): a Suzuki works for some, a Ford Taurus for others, and a BMW for yet others. Likewise, there are companies who prefer the guidance of pre-built compensation plans and models, and there are companies who need flexible systems that can be customized to their plans. The free-trial approach is perfect for this same type of company: those that need to take the first step to improving sales compensation. Makana took the approach it did Read More...
Get Closer to Your Best Customers: A Shift in Customer Strategies in a Time of Crisis
An unsettled economy needs a different approach to managing revenues. Companies must identify their most profitable customers and the most effective marketing

car financing  job after purchasing a car. Deliver smarter pricing. Instead of indiscriminate price cuts that jeopardize long-term pricing power, manage price cuts smartly with campaigns that lower pricing for selected product sets and for limited time periods. Reexamine sales practices to ensure alignment with new goals for lean operations and lower working capital. For example, measure sales to final customers versus sales to intermediaries to ensure inventories in distribution channels closely match endcustomer Read More...
Quote-to-order: New Ingredients in the Recipe for Success
Quote-to-order (Q2O) systems can address the increasing demand for personalized and customized products. Complex product specification, quoting, and ordering

car financing  the long defunct Duisenberg car manufacturer let celebrity (deep-pocketed) customers buy a unique, customized car; but the point here is that this has increasingly become a prerogative of the general population today. The coffee shop industry is another great example of creating value via mass customization. While the ordinary, corner-store filter coffee still generally costs $ 0.99 (USD) a pop, a highly customized cup of coffee can easily amount to several bucks (or 50 cents per syllable, Read More...
Enterprises May Be Overlooking Profits from After-sales Service
If service parts and service personnel management are well managed, manufacturers can significantly improve their profits from service operations. This will

car financing  major hub for small car manufacturing. Demand for small cars in India is already reaching double-digit growth annually, and after this governmental policy is instituted, growth is going to explode. All this will lead to high growth for service parts management. Similarly, the use of computers, mobiles, and many hand-held devices has been growing, and the need for efficient service parts management in these sectors has become critical. One estimate is that in India, revenues from after-sales service in the Read More...
Managing the Weakest Link in Your Supply Chain
Recent uncertainty in the global economy is not only having a negative impact on international economies, but an equally deleterious effect on global supply

car financing  the Weakest Link in Your Supply Chain Recent uncertainty in the global economy is not only having a negative impact on international economies, but an equally deleterious effect on global supply chains. As with the international economies they serve, global supply chains are interwoven and inextricably linked to one another. For instance, if one link is severed in the supply chain it can cause a ripple effect which could collapse the entire chain. I’ll look at some of the concerns for potential Read More...
Microsoft Introduces New Consumer Electronics-Plus Era
Don't expect to see this all happen in the year 2000, much software development must occur and standards must be decided upon prior to generic consumer

car financing  televisions, telephones, home and car stereos, and Pocket PCs, from almost any location. (Source: Microsoft Corp). Market Impact Microsoft is reintroducing the flailing Windows CE device as the 'Pocket PC' to kick off the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Over the past two years 3Com's Palm Pilot has captured over 70% of PDA sales, requiring Microsoft to go back to the drawing board. The result has been a full software update to the product's operating system. The new CE operating system will potentially Read More...
Warehouse Management Systems: Pie in the Sky or Floating Bakery? Part One: Myths of the Warehouse Management Systems and Implementation
When searching for a warehouse management system (WMS), a number of myths surface.

car financing  not like purchasing a car or a computer for you home. You cannot simply ask several people a lot of questions and then assume you are an expert. You have to begin with a foundation that is built without bias. Only then can you begin evaluating system. In other words, you have to know what your current needs are and what your future requirements will be before beginning your search, not just what bells and whistles are available. This is Part One of a two-part series. Part One will describe the popular Read More...
Support and Maintenance: No Longer the Software Industry's
Support and maintenance (S&M) contracts mean very different things to vendors and to users. With user enterprises' growing awareness of how these S&M agreements

car financing  new TV, appliance, or car (see Will User Enterprises Ever Get onto an Easy (Support and Maintenance) Street? ), some vendors point out that a customer does not get a new and improved TV set, appliance, or car for free every year or two from the vendor that the customer purchased support programs from. If one could purchase a car at 3050 percent off the list price, and then pay 20 percent of that per year to get the latest, newest version of the car every year, then that would actually be a pretty good dea Read More...
‘Tis that time of the year when customer and technical support people go crazy…
This happens either because customers did not want to pay for upgrades or customizations all year long, or vendors simply ignored their clients’ needs and

car financing  came up with some carols adapted to technical support: I Saw Three Ships all in transit, but they get here after Christmas—the customer is going to kill me! It Came Upon the Midnight, Clear ed from customs—but we have no trucks to get it to the warehouse. Joy to the World , profit to the owner, extra working hours for us. The First Noel working in technical support—and my last! Silent Night is something I didn’t have this week. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen , but not before everything gets shipped o Read More...
IBM is Not Enough; Ariba Announces Strong Partnership with Amex
Ariba announced a sweeping new partnership with American Express.

car financing  charges to Amex-issues purchase cards. Future services will include most of Amex' financial offerings, from trade financing to business loans. The two companies will offer enhanced support services to joint customers, facilitating joint development efforts, and will recommend joint solutions to their individual prospects. Ariba's Network and Amex' own Internet-based B2B financial services network, still in a pilot stage, will interoperate fully and openly. Finally, Amex will use Ariba's software Read More...
Further Analysis: Saturno-TP's Selection of QAD ERP
I am quite familiar with the Russian auto industry, and thus I enjoyed analyzing the transaction that recently took place involving a big player in the

car financing  experiencing tremendous pressure from car manufacturers with regards to quality and compliance with world-level standards in manufacturing and logistics business processes. This is quite a painful process overall that is quite well suited to the advantages that ERP software can provide; adopting a world-class ERP system would allow managing a company according to global manufacturing standards of the industry. This was exactly the case with Saturno-TP. Being a conveyor supplier for multiple brands such Read More...
New Data Triggers for International Supply Chain Finance
Corporations have drastically changed their global supply chain models over a short period. The market is also in the early stages of migrating to data

car financing  etc. But as more cargo is exported with electronic messages such as FCRs and advanced shipment notices, then there will be more opportunities to develop liquidity off these messages. This trigger remains to be explored and developed. Trigger #6: Buyer Approved Invoices There is both great interest and a high degree of market confusion about the buyer-supported, supplier early payment model. These programs are not without single buyer concentration, accounting, and loss of flexibility risk to the buyers . Read More...
Global Trade Solutions: Competition, Challenges, and User Recommendations
The global trade management market is competitive, rapidly evolving, and highly fragmented, and competition will only increase in the future. While each GTM

car financing  players like Bolero.net , TradeCard and S1 ; and a number of others vendors that are, arguably, more specialized in supply chain electronic management (SCEM), and visibility and shipment tracking like Viwelocity , Descartes Systems , Management Dynamics (through recently acquired BridgePoint), Timogen , etc. However, none of these vendors handle all the requirements of automating global e-business. To provide more complete offerings, some of these vendors have apparently merged or have acquired other Read More...

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