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Development of an Internet Payment Processing System
This article describes the author's experience with the development of the first Yugoslav Internet payment processing system. The system's architecture is very

card transaction processing  is verified by the card issuer. A transaction in our system is functionally performed in the same way except that the issuer's and acquirer's functions are collocated. We expect that 3D model will be widely accepted when its specification is finalized. Then, depending on available funds, we may decide to separate issuer's and acquirer's functions to two servers and fully comply with the 3D model. There are two aspects of security that we addressed: protection and prevention. We believe that we addressed Read More
Point of Sale (POS) Systems
A point of sale (POS) system helps retailers automate transactions. POS solutions are used in retail stores where sales associates must enter sales, refunds, layaways, transfers, etc. TEC's ...
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Documents related to » card transaction processing

Can Technology Make CFO's and Controller's Jobs More Strategic? (Part 2)
Part 1 of this blog series established that by offloading non-essential and non-value-adding routine tasks to third-party business process outsourcing (BPO

card transaction processing  security criteria, including Payment Card Industry (PCI ) compliance standards? Business-to-consumer (B2C ) online commerce  companies also need a solution with the ability to handle merchant credit card data and implement intense information security standards that ensure the integrity of data from their Internet-based customer database. Although not that obvious and not particularly important to customers (due to its on-demand nature), I would like to note that Corefino's offering is based on Read More
Why don’t the Potential Benefits of Spend Analysis Come Easily?

card transaction processing  inventory, supplier, and  purchasing card (p-card)  data. Changes, such as to inject data on, say, buyer, risk, currency exchange rates, budget, forecast, industry trends/indices, etc., typically require high-level expertise and lengthy customization. In the case of permanently including these data fields in the DW, one can only imagine the prohibitively bloated size of the data storage. Analysis and presentations are concentrated on high-level views from aggregated historic data using an OLAP tool (or Read More
PROACTIS: The Best-kept Secret in Indirect Spend Management? - Part 2
Part 1 of this blog series introduced PROACTIS, a UK- and US-based specialist vendor of spend control and e-procurement solutions with accredited partners

card transaction processing  conversion, self-billing, and  purchase card (P-Card) , PDF, etc. The product can handle multiple orders at once, split PO line items, change order details, implement multi-stage receipting, and so on and so forth. The portal can also be used as a front-end (overlay) requisitioning engine, which in turn can connect to third-party applications. In summary, PROACTIS streamlines payables and is “lightweight” on A/P processes via the following capabilities: Automated coding Workflow controlled approval Read More
CryptoSwift Takes Rainbow Revenues Up 620%
Rainbow Technologies' revenue for its Internet Performance and Security division is up 620% from last year. This increase is due primarily to revenues brought

card transaction processing  purchase an encryption accelerator card. Even if you're not in the market for a crypto accelerator, you'll want to check out the Shockwave CryptoSwift Performance Evaluator on the Rainbow site. The CryptoSwift Performance Evaluator can analyze web performance for six hardware platforms, and advise IT decision makers of the number of customers they currently have waiting for transaction processing with and without CryptoSwift. The tool can also give you calculations of the number of failed transactions Read More
Automated ERA Processing Solutions from iTech
This white paper discusses explanation of benefits (EOB) and electronic remittance advice (ERA – ANSI 835). It also highlights iTech’s automated ERA processing

card transaction processing  EOB,ERA,Automated,ERN,Posting,HIPAA,X12N,Payment Posting,Insurance Payment,Explanation of Benefits Read More
Winning the PCI Compliance Battle
The payment card industry (PCI) Data Security Standard establishes common processes and precautions for handling credit card data. Although achieving PCI

card transaction processing  While requirements vary between card networks, MasterCard's Site Data Protection Plan and Visa's Cardholder Information Security Program are representative. They stipulate separate compliance validation requirements for merchants and service providers, which vary depending on the size of the company. Compliance levels are defined based on annual transaction volume and corresponding risk exposure as outlined in figure 2. Validation Requirements Annual on-site security audits ' MasterCard and Visa require Read More
B2B Reality Check: Overcoming Challenges in B2B Transaction Automation
There is a common perception that supply chain automation has created an environment in which transactions move quickly and efficiently in industries such as

card transaction processing  Reality Check: Overcoming Challenges in B2B Transaction Automation There is a common perception that supply chain automation has created an environment in which transactions move quickly and efficiently in industries such as the retail supply chain and high-tech manufacturing. However, this perception is challenged by a recent research study, based on interviews with 400 management representatives of medium to large organizations in the USA, UK, Germany, and France. Read More
The Power of Cloud ERP on the Food Processing Plant Floor
For food processing companies, a comprehensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution offers a clear view of what is happening on the plant floor so they

card transaction processing  erp on the food processing plant floor,what is erp,erp for,the erp,erp and,what is a erp system,what is an erp system,what is erp system,resource planning,software for erp,erp software,what is erp software,food industry companies,resources planning,erp software system Read More
What You Need to Know about Payment Card Industry Standards
We don@t like to be reminded that there are people who thrive on the theft or malicious destruction of sensitive information, especially where financial

card transaction processing  to Know about Payment Card Industry Standards We don't like to be reminded that there are people who thrive on the theft or malicious destruction of sensitive information, especially where financial transactions are concerned. However, businesses can no longer afford to be complacent. Implementing a practical policy such as the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard can go a long way toward ensuring peace of mind. Read More
CTS Cement Corporation Solidifies Automated Invoice Processing with AnyDocINVOICE
CTS Cement Corporation, a manufacturer of professional-grade construction cement, operates out of 15 facilities across the US. As the company grew, it needed to address the inefficiencies of its accounts payable invoice processing, which was being keyed manually into two different systems. With this lack of connectivity between systems, CTS turned to AnyDocINVOICE solution and now indexes nearly 2,500 invoices per month.

card transaction processing   Read More

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