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Business Performance Management
Business performance management (BPM) enables organizations to translate strategies into plans, monitor execution, and provide insight needed to manage and improve financial and operational perf...
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2011 Trends Report: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
Enterprise resource planning (ERP) automates many aspects of an organization’s operations, cascading across traditional boundaries of operations, finance

cascading dashboards.  of an organization’s operations, cascading across traditional boundaries of operations, finance, manufacturing, and more. As such, changes in the ERP market can cause a ripple effect in an organization’s business. In this report, five Focus experts share eight of their 2011 predictions for ERP, so you can plan your business around these changing tides and trends. Read More...
Release of SP7 Continues SAP HANA’s Fast Rise in the Enterprise Software World
After SAP HANA’s announcement during the 2013 TechEd conference in Las Vegas, it looks like the SAP HANA Service Pack 7 has finally arrived. SAP HANA’s new

cascading dashboards.  and logs for replay, cascading replication features and stretch cluster configurations. SAP’s approach with the release of SP7 certainly serves the purpose of reinforcing HANA to take a deeper position within mission critical deployments and as part of wider corporate solutions and IT infrastructures. It also makes the case for evolving all SAP HANA data management tools and applications.   Fast growth and openness, a factor for success Based on the development path since the solution’s inception, SA Read More...
BigIdeas 2011: Of BigMachines’ Quantum Leap - Part 1

cascading dashboards.  previewed an HTML5- and cascading style-sheets (CSS3)-based OOTB user interface (UI) for multiple tablets: Apple iOS, Google Android , etc. The screen will work not only via touch but also via gestures (a la Microsoft Kinect ). To be fair, there will be some functional enhancements in BigMachines 12, in the realm of document management, contract renewals, request for proposal (RFP) automation, and so on. The major buzz at the conference was about the recently released E-Commerce platform that offers self- Read More...
Soft Economy Dents SAP’s Armored Shield As Well
Since the license revenue plunge in the US, a likely cascading economic slowdown worldwide, and SAP’s high stakes in struggling Commerce One happened much

cascading dashboards.  erp products,on demand erp,web erp,erp online,sap books,erp software companies,erp software system,sap consultants,erp tools,sap resumes,sap business one jobs,sap jobs,mysap,about erp,erp softwares Read More...
Supply Chain Decisions - Make Sure You Understand the Dollars and Sense Part Two: The Impact on Real Costs
High-level strategic decisions often have multiple, cascading cost impacts. The reaction of the costs to changes in the supply chain system is not predictable

cascading dashboards.  decisions often have multiple, cascading cost impacts. The reaction of the costs to changes in the supply chain system is not predictable in a simple relationship that is based on current standard costs, because strategic changes often involve step changes in costs that alter the balance of fixed and variable costs. For example, analyzing the impact of restructuring a group of manufacturing plants using simple fixed and variable costs would not be effective. It would not accurately predict the impact of a Read More...
Mid-Market ERP Vendors Doing CRM & SCM In A DIY Fashion Part 2: Market Impact
Tier2/Tier 3 vendors are prepared to endure the onslaught of the likes of SAP, Oracle, and PeopleSoft, as well as of proverbial mid-market leaders such as J.D

cascading dashboards.  APS, which extends to cascading supply chain synchronization. Both vendors have long embraced APS technology and methodologies, as well as CRM. With this recently enhanced functionality as another stab at natively delivering powerful SCM and CRM modules, Syspro and Frontstep are positioning themselves as almost holistic e-business providers with strong ERP capability and experience rather than as mere ERP vendors. Their focus has long not been entirely on their traditional back-office functionality althou Read More...
Why Employee Performance Management Technology Matters to CEOs
While the board has no business telling management which employee performance management (EPM) system to use, it does have the right to ensure an effective

cascading dashboards.  by technology, allows the cascading of goals, so that each department’s goals are aligned with the organization’s vision and each individual’s objectives support the department’s goals. Secondly, performance management technology allows a CEO to see at a glance how many employees are working towards each of the organization’s goals, check the status and further drill down to see the goals and status of any individual. It creates visibility through the fog of organizational life. In theory you Read More...
Frontstep Ups The .NET Ante
While Frontstep has been tenaciously delivering a broad umbrella of products all under the

cascading dashboards.  , which extends to cascading supply chain synchronization. All the above components incorporate Web services technology to simplify integration and information exchanges with other systems. While Frontstep has been promoting the concept of an integrated solution, including both ERP and collaborative e-Business components, the company might selectively pursue stand-alone sales of its above collaborative SCM components in a back-office agnostic manner. In addition to strong extended-ERP functionality, at th Read More...
Ariba Smart Invoicing: Worth Checking Out
Sure, to most of us accounting sounds as exciting as watching paint dry, but no business can survive without properly managing its financial means. Especially

cascading dashboards.  To that end, Ariba’s cascading logic refers to sequential rules of validation (e.g., field range of values, order line range of values, etc.) based on best practices and configurations. Invoice conversion of paper documents to electronic ones covers the use case of paper invoicing. Paper invoices obviously cannot give immediate feedback to suppliers, but logic is built into the process to validate fields and thus drive higher rates of touchless processing. Quickly approved accurate invoices do indeed Read More...
Maximizing the Value of Economic Stimulus Funds: Transparency and Accountability in Government Agencies
The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), designed to quickly stimulate economic recovery in the US, also marks the start of a new era in the

cascading dashboards.  enable agencies to: Implement cascading strategies, plans, and consistent measurement factors throughout the organization '' connecting policies to programs and programs to projects Gather accurate, timely, and unified information spanning multiple sources to provide actionable insights and accelerate decision making Monitor key performance indicators to measure the efficiency, effectiveness, and outcomes associated with stimulus- funded initiatives Instill and improve governance through role-based access Read More...
The Seven Types of Power Problems
Many of the mysteries of equipment failure, downtime, software, and data corruption are the result of a problematic power supply. Compounding the problem is

cascading dashboards.  or safe, power conditions). Cascading SPDs and UPS devices, is the most effective method of protection against power disturbances, for electronic equipment. Using this technique, an SPD device is placed at the service entrance and is sized to dissipate much of the energy from any incoming transient. Subsequent devices at the electrical sub-panel and at the sensitive equipment itself clamp the voltage to a level that doesn''t damage or disturb the equipment. Particular attention must be paid to sizing both Read More...
Plant Intelligence as Glue for Dispersed Data?
Enterprises that have manufacturing or plant-level intelligence systems can be guided through the forking paths of exception-based decision-making. Not only

cascading dashboards.  possible to model the cascading consequences of anything users do in response to an unplanned event (like a customer doubling an order or a machine breaking down), which in turn, makes it possible to understand how the other, intertwined parts of the user organization and supply chain will be impacted by a change (see Bridging the Reality Gap Between Planning and Execution ). When users have information about unplanned events and how their responses will impact the company, they should have manufacturing Read More...
The Economic Benefits of an Integrated Talent Management Suite
Today, many human resources (HR) organizations find themselves with a tapestry of HR systems, many of which do not work well with each other. But many

cascading dashboards.  include: Pay for performance; Cascading goal management and performance management, integrated with development planning and succession management; Integrated and employee-wide succession management, based on high-potential identification; Coaching and development-based performance management, using peer- and mentor-based coaches throughout the organization; Implementing learning on-demand (including the management of training, informal learning, coaching, mentoring and employee development), in Read More...
Five HR Technologies You Should Know
Almost everything you know about human resources (HR) outsourcing is about to change. The future is about single-source integration, and there are key new

cascading dashboards.  instead of expecting a cascading update across the systems, instead, there is only one system so everything is updated instantaneously. An employee gets married and changes their name, and then their email account, their 401k accounts, and their W-4 are simultaneously updated. Most organizations are only in the planning stages of their data consolidation efforts. In the next five to ten years, data consolidation and database unification will become a priority for the world''s organizations. Those who Read More...

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