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Intentia International
Intentia International AB is a worldwide provider of collaborative enterprise solutions aimed companies whose core processes involve manufacturing, distribution

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Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » cc b codes

Bowen and Groves
Established in 1992, Bowen & Groves Inc. (B&G) is a private software development company offering enterprise resource planning (ERP) software designed

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TurtleSpice ERP! (Week 3)
The story so far: Mike Chelonia, TurtleSpice’s comptroller, has been tasked to select an ERP system by his CFO. Swamped by phone calls from software vendors and

cc b codes  our actual requirements . Accurate definition of our business requirements depends on input from all our stakeholders . Admittedly, this involves substantial investment of time and intensive use of resources, but I see the formation of a project team as the approach that will best support our chances of a best-fit selection. Mike sends his e-mail off to the exec team and heads out for a quick lunch. He knows he’ll have to deal with Sharkey sooner rather than later. Besides, TurtleSpice projects are not Read More
eHR Soft
Enterprise Version (B/S) - most useful for medium and small size enterprises and institutions that have a complete HR management process system and a high

cc b codes  have different levels of access limits. Through their own portal, they can log-in the HRMS to conduct their work with different needs and from different perspectives. This system can be integrated with OA and email system so that work can be done without any paper to increase the overall HR management standard, work efficiency and employee satisfaction. Group Version (B/S) - most useful for conglomerate enterprises and companies with many branches that need a total HRMS solution. Through internet, the Read More
Is There a Way to Avoid Lengthy Catalog Numbers?
A sales configurator needs to be able to

cc b codes  Software , BigMachines , Access Commerce , Click Commerce , Configure One , Comergent Technologies (now part of Sterling Commerce ), TechniCon , Tacton , IFS , Experlogix , etc. Some of these companies will support the ability of identifying a configured product using unique call-out (temporary) numbers that can be as long as thirty alphanumeric characters. To that end, the user company maintains part catalogs that serve as starting points for a like, but different or copy from and to configuration Read More
Food and Beverage Products
The food and beverage products industry is a highly competitive business sector. Players in this industry face increasing regulatory compliance requirements

cc b codes  strategies based on an accurate understanding of market trends, and make optimal use of available resources. Trends that affect food and beverage companies include the following: Read More
Author Attacks Harvard! (Sort of... well, not really... OK, not at all)
Editors' Picks: Vendors submit. We review. ... white papers from whitepapers.technologyevaluation.com.White paper: Why One Number Is Not EnoughEditor A (the

cc b codes  could not be an accurate “one number.” And it might be worth taking into consideration how that “one number” came into being: Under what circumstances was the customer given the poll that asked the question “Would you recommend us/our products to a friend?” With an in-store form, at the end of the sales maneuver, the customer already thinking about her next immediate priority (finding a washroom/stopping to fill the tank/etc)? Over the phone, with pots boiling and kids screaming in the Read More
Making Gramm-Leach-Bliley Security Compliance Fast and Easy
Designed to improve consumer financial services, the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) includes security provisions for protecting confidential electronic financial

cc b codes  an on-going, dynamic process. Accordingly, many security rules and guidelines published by federal agencies are processintensive. Automation of these on-going processes with a web service like QualysGuard can speed and simplify frequent compliance audits ' especially when institutions monitor GLBA security compliance of subsidiaries and affiliates. QualysGuard Security Audit and Vulnerability Management Web Service Meets Key Compliance Rules QualysGuard is a network security audit and vulnerability manage Read More
Leveraging Technology to Maintain a Competitive Edge During Tough Economic Times--A Panel Discussion Analyzed Part Four: RFID Software Issues
Logically, radio frequency identification (RFID) deployment will be a far cry from a minor development project that can be completed in a few months or weeks

cc b codes  many vendors have demonstrated success in reading multiple tags in close proximity (so-called stacking ), the misread rate or collision of tags is still a potential problem in real world situations. So too is interference—from metal racks, liquid items, door-frames, fork-lift trucks, and so on—all which require the careful positioning and failsafe testing of tags and readers alike, especially while read-ranges of high-frequency tags remain quite short. Similarly, available frequencies vary across Read More
Vertical Solutions Partners with CallCopy to Enhance Customer Experience and Field Service Management Platform
CallCopy and Vertical Solutions today announced a new partnership, agreeing to integrate CallCopy's cc:Discover Call Recording and Workforce Optimization suite

cc b codes  agreeing to integrate CallCopy's cc:Discover Call Recording and Workforce Optimization suite with Vertical Solutions' cloud-based VServiceManagement and VContactCenter. Vertical Solutions is known for its field service management platform to which it has added the capability to create a library of customer interaction records. As a result, customers and client-facing employees can now access and reuse knowledge accumulated over time. Additionally, cc:Discover can be used towards achieving better Read More
E-mail 101
The first e-mail programs were created in the late 60s/early 70s—simpler times, when everyone on the network was trustworthy. Even knowing what we know today

cc b codes  The primary message recipients. Cc     Additional message recipients. Date     The date the message was sent. Message-ID     A unique identifier. No two different messages should ever have the same Message-ID. References     Message-IDs of related messages. In-Reply-To     The Message-ID of the message eliciting this reply. 5.2 Envelope vs. Headers In Section 5, we saw an SMTP conversation that specified the sender email address with a MAIL command and recipient addresses with a series of RCPT Read More
How to Choose an SMS Provider
For over 15 years, short message service (SMS) has been a quick and reliable way to receive and deliver information@anytime, anywhere. Today, SMS helps provide

cc b codes  protocol have proliferated. To accompany this growth, the range of SMS providers offering a range of commercial applications for this simple and ubiquitous messaging application, has also grown. Because of this, choosing an SMS provider has become an increasingly complex task due to the multitude of fiercely competing offerings, all claiming to be uniquely the best in the market. In this guide, we aim to make this task more manageable by offering you a set of questions to ask yourself when choosing an Read More
Are You Tuned into Radio Frequency Identification?
This article examines the organizational fit of radio frequency identification (RFID) and its technology’s basic mechanics. Its prohibitive costs often account

cc b codes  for this transaction to occur. The reader requests data from the tag or processes the signal being emitted by the tag, decodes the transmission, and transfers the data back to the computer system. The type of tag determines how the tag will respond to the reader. The computer may do various tasks to process the data, such as record the reading, look up the tag ID in a database to direct further action, or direct the interrogator to write additional information to the tag. Figure 1 depicts boxes moving Read More
Newton County Selects Financials and HR System
Newton County’s local newspaper meticulously recites all the issues the county is currently experiencing and describes the range of business processes that it

cc b codes  1980, and it’s built according to the standards of that time: Not all modules are integrated with each other. Some information needs to be entered not only twice but even three times in different modules. Lots of business processes need to be performed outside of the system using spreadsheets. Data analysis and reporting is weak. Coupled with the county’s limited budget and lack of staff to enter information into the system, it's a clear that the old system is outdated; there are shortcomings in its Read More
Smaller Vendors Can Still Provide Relevant Business Systems Part Four: MRO and Spare Parts Management
Service or spare parts have lately become both a blessing and a curse for many manufacturers.

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