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Agile ERP Vendor Ditches a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Alliance for, well, its own CRM Solution (Part II)
Part I of this blog topic has revisited Agresso's post-implementation agility capabilities (as to accommodate businesses living in a change -- so called BLINC's

ccs rosenstein  Agresso acquired the Spanish CCS ERP  product line a year ago or so, to further penetrate the market in Spain. The product that has meanwhile been renamed in November 2007 as Agresso CRM , and which brought to Agresso a base of 1,700 customers (nearly 10 percent of which are in a software as a service [SaaS] model), has been evaluated independently against other vendors in the mid-market by the European technology evaluation firm, Penteo ICT Analyst .  Penteo  is headquartered in Spain where it is Read More
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » ccs rosenstein

Delving into the Facts Behind the ERP Vendor Market’s Self-Ascribed Answer for ‘Businesses Living IN Change’ ™ -An Interview with UNIT4’s Product Marketing Executive
Rather than pursuing the usual route of writing analyses of major market trends, I’ve decided to ask vendors about their opinions and approaches. UNIT4 has

ccs rosenstein  from the acquisition of CCS , see Agile ERP Vendor Ditches a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Alliance for, well, its own CRM Solution [Part II] )? Your CEO said that it sells better than Agresso Field Force since it is generic, but I suspect not nearly as great as Microsoft Dynamics CRM (which reportedly grew 40 percent in revenues in 2009, see Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Much More Than Meets the Eye – Part 2 ). I was told that in the UK education sector, Agresso partners with Microsoft for CRM, which has been an Read More
IFS Enterprise Apps to Work with Wearables
IFS Labs has created a proof of concept that shows how users of business applications can leverage wearable technology, such as the recently launched Samsung

ccs rosenstein  invoices are paid.   CCS Insight predicts that there will be up to 100 million “smartphone companions” (e.g., smartwatches) by 2017. There was no mention of the general availability of this software solution by IFS, but that commercialization date should not be too far in the future. Read More
Infinium Returns To Its Core Competencies To Succeed Part 1: Recent Announcements
2000 and 2001 were difficult times for Infinium resulting in a substantial decrease in revenue and significant restructuring. After a thorough soul-searching

ccs rosenstein  with Computer Configuration Services (CCS) ; its competitive functionality, utilization of innovative technologies, rapid implementations, and outstanding customer service. Infinium's solutions are used at more than 60% of the Fortune 500 companies in the hospitality industry, approximately 90% of the hotels and casinos on the Las Vegas Strip, and 100% of the Fortune 500 companies in the gaming industry. To illustrate its unrelenting commitment to the iSeries platform, on April 29, Infinium announced Read More
The Definitive Guide to Successful Deployment of VoIP and IP Telephony-Chapter 1
As the era of traditional telephony draws to a close, the doors to the next generation in communications open. Chapter 1 of this 4-part e-book discusses

ccs rosenstein  signaling methods, such as SS-7/CCS-7 and the ISDN D channel. These are all evolutionary improvements on the basic theme of an end-to-end circuit switched call. Other important recent changes have occurred in the regulatory environment. These implementations were made possible by advances such as fiber optic networking and SS-7 signaling. Were it not for the advent of the Internet and IP-based telephony efforts, traditional telephony would probably have stayed the course for many more decades to come. Read More

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