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Whose ROI is it Anyway? Part Two: Sorting Through Claims
ROI (return on investment) has taken on new importance in examining business initiatives and programs that often involve deployment of enterprise software and

chantier naval  liar doesn't stand a chance Confronted by the demands of today's market, enterprise software vendors at the very least play lip service to ROI selling. For many, this means showing prospects that under some average or typical conditions, implementing the software can lead to a direct cost savings that will cover the software license fee in some specified period. Vendors generally express this by saying something like, Customers will get a ROI in less than a year. Some vendors attempt a more Read More...
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » chantier naval

Cyclone Untangles Digital Partnerships
Cyclone Commerce has announced a hosted version of its Interchange product. Both versions are designed to help manage the many interconnections that arise in

chantier naval  Cyclone has a good chance at carving out market share, especially among the telcos and marketplace enablers. While there are other companies involved in building data conversion utilities, they do not compete with Cyclone's core product. A closer competitor is IPNet Solutions, which also has protocol translation and management capabilities. User Recommendations Cyclone's best chance to turn huge profits may be by arrangements with vendors like Sterling that want to include Cyclone's technology with their Read More...
ION Middleware-Infor’s Fastest Growth Engine
Infor, a provider of business application software serving more than 70,000 customers in over 190 countries, recently announced strong momentum for Infor ION

chantier naval  I will have the chance to more deeply explore ION’s value prop and pricing details. Stay tuned! Read More...
Deutsche Telekom to Acquire VoiceStream Wireless
Due to national security concerns we do not believe this foreign acquisition will be allowed to close. On the off chance that the government approves the

chantier naval  close. On the off chance that the government approves the acquisition, we can look forward to a rapid advancement in wireless digital communications, rivaling functionality found presently in European Markets. The US wireless market could expect to see faster deployment of WAP phones coupled with faster deployment of WAP (Wireless Access Protocol) based applications. Read More...
They do it like that in the Balkans-Select and deploy ERP, I mean (Part II)
The Part I of this blog topic concluded with SAP's supremacy in the upper-end of the regional market. What also helps SAP ERP [evaluate this product] is a

chantier naval  not really had a chance to become seasoned enterprise applications business/functional specialists. Again, with some honorable exceptions… There are also some anecdotal stories (rumors) about high-level politics occasionally playing a part in such big-ticket purchases, i.e., the German Ambassador in Belgrade might bend these buying executives’ ears in favor of SAP, while the American counterpart will do that for beloved Oracle e-Business Suite (EBS) . Thus, the domestic ERP providers, without name Read More...
Checklist: Choosing the Right Bank for Your Business
Here's a handy checklist to make sure you cover all the bases and ask all the right questions when you go about comparing banks.

chantier naval  Why leave anything to chance when it comes to something as important as choosing the right bank for your business? Cover yourself with the right questions , tips, and advice. Download your PDF copy of Checklist: Choosing the Right Financial Services Vendor today.   For assistance, please contact customer service. Hours: 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM EST. Phone: 514-954-3665, ext. 367. Special Offer Files 2009 Read More...
Compaq Plans Direct Sales. DTja vu All Over Again?
Compaq Computer told financial analysts it plans to start selling more of its computers directly to customers, and this time the company says it means it.

chantier naval  Compaq stands a reasonable chance of accomplishing its goal - as long as everyone involved is marching in the same direction. [65% probability] (We are assuming that the implementation plan actually makes sense. Considering the number of false starts Compaq has had in this area, that assumption may not be warranted.) Finally: the market is running out of patience and good will regarding Compaq's inability to commit to a direct sales plan and then execute. Compaq's size and market share will only carry it Read More...
Rational Emphasizes Web Site Development Content Management
Web sites are very public, putting the brand and image of a company out there on the site for all to see. Companies need to be sure they have a firm grip on

chantier naval  writing process have a chance to try the products, and talk to people who use them. Ultimately, it's your job to encourage them to reject products that they don't feel comfortable about. Read More...
HP Joins the Athlon Pile-On
Hewlett-Packard announced that it will begin shipping PCs which use the Advanced Micro Devices-produced Athlon CPU.

chantier naval  actually have a reasonable chance) is a good thing. AMD's increased strength improves the odds of reasonable competition. A side benefit relates to pricing - Intel's typical response when threatened has been to cut prices. Although PC prices have edged up recently, Intel may decide it is time for another round of price cuts. Intel may be looking for the license plate of the truck that hit them. It recently lost its sole-source status at Gateway, a scant three months after getting AMD booted (See TEC News Read More...
2011 ERP Buyer's Guide: Showcase Your Solution
Get your ERP solution showcased in the TEC 2011 ERP Buyer's Guide for medium and large manufacturers.

chantier naval  large manufacturers. It's your chance to get your sales message in front of thousands of decision-makers who have demonstrated an interest in buying an ERP solution. TEC's ERP Buyer's Guide will reach a large community of ERP buyers-and you can put the spotlight on your solution. It will also be promoted to 2.2 million TEC members and newsletter subscribers worldwide—and sent to thousands of qualified companies that have evaluated ERP software on the TEC site in the last 12 months. This comprehensive Read More...
Selecting an ERP Selection Consultant: Critical Factors for Success
Selecting a new ERP system is one of the biggest decisions a company will make, so choosing your selection consultant should be taken just as seriously. The

chantier naval  offer you a better chance of finding a system that will be a good match for your company. Read this white paper and know how to select the right one for your company. Read More...
Acquisitive Vendor Expands Its Enterprise Asset Management Potential
IFS has much to offer customers. Its IFS Applications suite now boasts an asset lifecycle management module for quick data retrieval. IFS also has a strong

chantier naval  enterprise asset management,EAM,enterprise resource management,ERP,customer relationship management,CRM,supply chain management,SCM,product lifecycle management,PLM,corporate performance management,CPM,mergers and acquisitions,asset lifecycle management,ALM Read More...
The Arrow Now Points To Cisco
Cisco Systems’ announced acquisition of ArrowPoint Communications Inc., strengthens its content switching Internet products.

chantier naval  IOS has a 60% chance to be completed by the fourth quarter of 2000. While software integration will take time, ArrowPoint's content switches will be available immediately. This integration will give Cisco customers a comprehensive software or hardware solution to meet their developing expectations for today and the future. Read More...
Fill 'er Up, Check the Battery and Sell Me an iMac
Ten Square will be delivering digital content to a gasoline pump near you. And that’s only the beginning.

chantier naval  should have a good chance at maintaining a leadership position; they have thought out both the technological and user interface issues. The next functional step is most likely to be more permission-based targeting to individuals. In cases, such as gasoline pumps and ATMs, where the user must be identified before any business can begin, there is ample opportunity for demographic or individual targeting. And the possibilities are endless. For example, if you pay for gas with your bank-issued credit card, Read More...
User-Friendliness Considerations for Enterprise Software
I just read Khoi Vinh's quacking cow dolphin post (by way of Nicholas Carr's blog) about how unfriendly he thinks enterprise software is (both posts are

chantier naval  hand, this is a chance to verify some of the vendor's functional claims, on the other hand it's a chance to qualitatively rate the user-friendliness of the software. In a recent project, we included a qualitative assessment section for each functional segment of the software . Users qualitatively rated how good they felt each functional area was, based on three criteria Ease-of-use: were the software processes shown, intuitive? How cumbersome is screen navigation? Process fit: does this match how we run Read More...
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