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Geac Hopes To See System21 Shine Again Like 'Aurora'
By stabilizing its financial situation and by focusing on customer service beyond reproach and on its major product’s collaborative enhancements, in part

chase headhunters  including, Cisco Systems , Chase J.P. Morgan , Merck , AstraZeneca and Office Depot . Moreover, the two companies already share several customers, including Alliance Capital Management and SUPERVALU , as well as a healthy prospect pipeline. Extensity has annualized revenue of $20 million, 175 employees, no debt and is expected to hold approximately $37 million in cash and cash equivalents at September 30, 2002, excluding transaction costs. Extensity's product suite targets a number of significant Read More...

What's Really Driving Business Intelligence?
Typical explanations given for increased spending in business intelligence include, meeting government regulations, managing information overload, tracking

chase headhunters  Let's cut to the chase. Turning Intangibles into Value We've just seen that the way markets value a business is growing increasingly disconnected from the hard assets of the balance sheet. No one is certain why business valuations keep climbing above assets, but there is a good hypothesis. The theory is that businesses are realizing an increasing level of value from intangibles—things that help a company create value, but that don't show up on the balance sheet. Identifying those intangibles so they Read More...
Product Development and Portfolio Management
The Product Development and Portfolio Management Knowledge Base covers the execution processes of new product development projects and programs, including phase-gate processes. It also addresses...
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Documents related to » chase headhunters

The Path to ERP for Small Businesses, Part 2: Evaluation of ERP Software
If you’ve gone through the research phase while looking for ERP, the next major step is the evaluation process. At the end of it, you should have a shortlist of

chase headhunters  you don’t need to chase vendors for the ratings. Comparisons between different products can be performed, and graphical tools allow decision makers to understand the main differences between several options. Best Practices when Using DSSes In order to efficiently use DSSes, there are a few things that you should take into account: • When comparing products, always start at the high level of functionality and, if necessary, go down to lower levels (remember to concentrate on functionality that you rea Read More...
Merging Global Trade Management with Global Finance
With the acquisition of Vastera, JPMorgan Chase may be the first global financial institution to offer a complete integrated cash, trade and logistics solution

chase headhunters  Vastera Acquired by JPMorgan Chase Bank On January 7, JPMorgan Chase Bank , N . A . (NYSE: JPM), a leading global financial services firm with assets of $1.1 trillion (USD) and operations in more than 50 countries announced an Agreement and Plan of Merger with Vastera (NASDAQ: VAST). What is significant about this merger, is that JPMorgan is a leader in investment banking and financial services and Vastera is the only publicly traded software company focused exclusively on global trade. Vastera's Read More...
Resilient Enterprise Solutions Vendor Displays Sociability and Pragmatic Product Development
During its stabilization phase IFS product development has brought about pragmatic developments, including its latest release, IFS Applications 7. The vendor

chase headhunters  its sales folks opportunistically chase almost any opportunity, owing to the well-rounded product's seemingly good fit for many potential industries. Nowadays, the intent is rather to continue to make deep industry partnerships which add industry value for customers, such as those with BAE Systems and NEC. Read More...
8 CRM Essentials: An Executive Guide to the Must-have Elements of Every Successful CRM Initiative
It’s no secret that winning and retaining customers is the key to growth and success. But that’s no small feat, with ever-increasing customer demands, as well

chase headhunters  Harris Interactive SunTrust Banks Chase Paymentech Solutions Hitachi Software Symantec Chrysler Financial The HoneyBaked Ham Company of Georgia Time Warner Cable Business Class Cisco Kaiser Permanente Yamaha Corporation of America CRM Essential 1: Rapid Time to Value Instant messaging, 24/7 customer service, shorter development cycles&8230; today, businesses and their customers move at a rapid clip. Buy decisions are made quickly, and in fact entire businesses can succeed or fail in a matter of weeks. Read More...
RedPrairie and JDA Software Merger, Part One: What’s (Not) to Like?
My blog series in 2009 entitled “A Tale of a Few Good SCM Players” talked at great length about RedPrairie Corporation, JDA Software, and Manhattan

chase headhunters  and had hired JPMorgan Chase & Co as an adviser, and NMC apparently jumped the gun. We might want to note that this transaction is not yet final. Once the transaction is complete and RedPrairie and JDA are able to operate as a combined company, I believe a lot of the ‘unknowns’ will either answer themselves or be articulated clearly to the marketplace. Part 2 of this series will analyze how the RedPrairie and JDA Software merger might work. Your comments, opinions, and experiences with these software Read More...
How to Leverage the Talent Supply Chain for Competitive Advantage
The professional services industry depends almost exclusively on human resources. Talent is your most important (and expensive) asset, and it differentiates

chase headhunters  talent supply chain management,talent supply chain management solutions,talent supply chain solutions,supply chain issues,supply chain council,integrated talent supply chain,physical supply chain,supply chain team,sap business management,sap business chain,sap business decisions,competitive advantage,entire supply chain Read More...
Optimize Internal Supply Chain
The new reality for manufacturing CIOs is that budgets are far less than what they used to be and the ability to provide business intelligence to front line

chase headhunters  planners physically have to chase the work orders on the shop floor. Furthermore, state of the art ERP systems do not communicate with state of the art production equipment preventing valuable production machine data into becoming business intelligence to be used both by production staff and the planners. The new reality for manufacturing CIOs is that budgets are far less than what they use to be and ability to provide business intelligence to front line users in simple and workable format is a new measur Read More...
MCI WorldCom and Critical Path Power into Outsourced Messaging
MCI WorldCom and Critical Path plan to offer the following services: Web mail service, starting at $2 per user, per month, POP3 mail service starting at $3.50

chase headhunters  messaging,mci,worldcom,asp,MCI WorldCom,WorldCom Managed Email,e-mail systems,Internet e-mail,Critical Path,business-to-business,Internet messaging,ASP messaging market,ASP market,Existing Messaging ASPs,asp vendors Read More...
Challenges of the Future: The Rebirth of Small Independent Retail in America
By any measure, retailers are overwhelming small businesses. More than 95 percent of all retailers have only one store. Almost 90 percent have sales less than

chase headhunters  We decided not to chase the basics business. Everything here has to have emotional content that's what our customers are looking for. That's how we train our buyers to look for things with emotional content, something you are going to respond to, react to and love. We have to be different. It's the only way to grow our business. So we went after exclusive lines in all categories of our business. And it's worked incredibly well. It was very difficult to do at first, being a small independent store in Read More...
Interview with Joe Cowan

chase headhunters  into, so you go chase it everywhere and anywhere. That's the wrong answer, because now you're spreading yourself out too thin to where you can't deliver the real results, the real value. So, my belief is that the way for that to succeed, and the way that we differentiate ourselves from SAP and even i2, is not to be a software company, but to be a solutions-based company that's focused on adding real value to our customers. Again, value-based results. Now, how do we do this? Instead of having a sales Read More...
The SCM Perspective: 2009 in Review-and What You Can Do to Weather the Storms of 2010
In spite of the 2009 recession, some SCM vendors were able to create traction in the supply chain space this year. From an industry landscape perspective, three

chase headhunters  giant will continue to  chase after it aggressively, but also spells the beginning of the end for software as a commodity, as the market is increasingly treating it as a true service. Even though many analysts have predicted that economy will recover next year, I am not holding my breath. Current market conditions are still so volatile that organizations are facing crisis conditions in every aspect (technology changes, regulations, price/demand fluctuations, etc), meaning that they need to adapt to Read More...
How to Start Down the ERP Selection Path
A decade ago, about 70 percent of major software initiatives failed, and nearly a quarter were cancelled. Today, with better data management, more flexible

chase headhunters  while they had to chase down a few errors, everything tied together in the month-end reports. The exceptions were small and routine, and have not repeated since fixing them, Trerice added. While Miljoco planned to run the system for six months without considering changes, they have already added a shipping interface with UPS that eliminates the potential for expensive shipping errors. The next big goal is to realize full cost savings on the promise of reduced inventory through better materials sourcing Read More...
New Dimensions in EC and SCM Part 3: E-Procurement Can Broaden the Supplier Pool
From point-and-click ordering using Web-based catalogs of individual suppliers, to marketplaces that bring together in one place the products or services

chase headhunters  switching of suppliers to chase lowest prices can be hard to manage and cause other problems that offset savings. Broadening the Pool of Suppliers Discussion Typically, a 1% improvement in the overall cost of purchased materials and services can increase a company's bottom line by 10 to 20% or more — a dramatic impact on profitability and shareholder value. It is no wonder a wide variety of e-procurement solutions have been developed to help companies access a broader range of suppliers and achieve Read More...

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