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Documents related to » Chip Capacitors

Intel Chip Shortage Continuing
Intel Corporation has yet again been unable to meet the shipment requirements of a major PC manufacturer. This time it is Dell, one of Intel's strongest allies.

CHIP CAPACITORS: Intel Chip Shortage Continuing Intel Chip Shortage Continuing R. Krause - February 7, 2000 Read Comments Event Summary 1/26/2000 - Dell Computer Corporation said it expected a revenue and earnings shortfall for this quarter. Among the reasons stated was a shortage of chips from Intel Corporation. Dell claims it lost approximately $300 million in sales due to its inability to meet demand for its high-end PCs. Intel is blaming the shortage on upside demand , which means demand for the particular chips was

Intel Tries to Give it Away - AMD Says No Way
Intel Corp. has disclosed a problem involving its 820 and 840 chip sets that has spurred the company to scrap plans for three motherboards it had on its server road map.

CHIP CAPACITORS: its 820 and 840 chip sets that has spurred the company to scrap plans for three motherboards it had on its server road map. But while an Intel representative stressed that the problem would likely affect only a few users, some analysts said the trouble may indicate a flaw in a crucial component used to configure the boards with SDRAM. The trouble arose when Intel s 820 and 840 chip sets, which were designed to take advantage of speedier Rambus memory, RDRAM, were configured to work with SDRAM. According

A Zero-defect Design Methodology for Integrated Circuits and Board Designs
India-based design service firms enjoy a substantial share of the global design services business. However, they continue to rely on large client firms to achieve scale. This paper examines semiconductor design outsourcing in diverse client environments, from reputable firms in western countries to established firms in Asia, to startups—and then suggests a unique model for Indian firms to scale up the value chain.

CHIP CAPACITORS: integrated circuits,   computer chip,   integrated circuit chips,   integrated circuit chip,   semiconductor design services,   unitrode integrated circuits,   analog integrated circuit,   asic chip,   buy integrated circuits,   integrated,   semiconductor design process,   integrated circuit systems inc,   holt integrated circuits,   digital ic design,   asic design,   semiconductor Source: Wipro Technologies Learn more about Wipro Technologies Readers who downloaded this white paper also
8/2/2011 3:55:00 PM


CHIP CAPACITORS: Vectorwise is a database engine, designed to leverage vector-based processing and on-chip memory.

HP Joins the Athlon Pile-On
Hewlett-Packard announced that it will begin shipping PCs which use the Advanced Micro Devices-produced Athlon CPU.

CHIP CAPACITORS: increased shipments will reduce chip cost, and it will probably respond in kind to any Intel price cut. Users who have already planned to use (or at least consider) systems containing the Athlon CPU should be encouraged by this. It should give them enough psychological security (regarding AMD s viability) to allow them to proceed with Athlon purchases that may have been on hold. This news will not affect those users totally committed to Intel, unless they decide the time is right to consider alternative

Collateral Damage: What the Crisis in the Credit Markets Means for Everyone Else
Collateral Damage: What the Crisis in the Credit Markets Means for Everyone Else. Find Free Reports and Other Solutions to Define Your Project Implementation In Relation To Credit Markets. Given the dramatic events in the capital markets, everyone is wondering what will happen next—and what the implications are for the wider economy. Learn about the crisis both in the capital markets and the wider economy; explore likely future economic scenarios and the challenges facing companies outside the financial sector—and discover the actions your company should take in order to respond to these challenges.

CHIP CAPACITORS: borrowers. Even some blue chip utilities are currently unable to place new bonds in the market. Companies therefore need to revisit their financing strategy and make sure that they can refinance outstanding loans and secure more credit if needed. In addition they need to close the funding gap (gross investment less retained cash flow). Overall the funding gap of the non-financial sector in Europe was 327 billion Euro in the second quarter 2008. This will need to be reduced. For companies with weaker
6/3/2009 2:33:00 PM

Q: Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Billionaire? A: Baan -- Foster Care for Its Orphans Needed As Well
Baan Co. interim chief executive Pierre Everaert said he could not rule out a takeover of the troubled Dutch business-management software group. We hereby provide a list of (un) usual suspects.

CHIP CAPACITORS: of losing its prized blue-chip status on the Amsterdam stock exchange coincided with its share price slumping to a new five-year low. The ERP vendor has been given four weeks to raise shareholder equity from its current level of $9m (5.5m) or face suspension from the blue-chip index of the Dutch stock exchange. Katrina Roche, Baan s worldwide marketing director, told press that going public with the threat had been a mutual decision between Baan and the Dutch financial authorities. There has been a lot

How Green Is Your Technology Landscape? » The TEC Blog
very fast hardware computer chip with multiple internal cpus to replace multiple physical computers. Energy savings of 60 to 75 percent are achieved. Interestingly, new chips with 2, 4 or more cpus are now marketed. Multiple computers in one chip, with interconnects allows all but one integrated cpu to be turned off or idled when the computer workload is low. In less then five years, data centres should require about one quarter of the energy that they consume today. Alex Hankewicz on 23 May, 2008 at

CHIP CAPACITORS: ERP, green IT, Project Management, TEC, Technology Evaluation, Technology Evaluation Centers, Technology Evaluation Centers Inc., blog, analyst, enterprise software, decision support.

Baan Yet Another ERP Vendor to Find a Sanctuary Under Invensys’ Wing
On June 1, languishing Dutch ERP vendor The Baan Company finally found a 'knight in shining armor'. British automation equipment maker Invensys has agreed to pay $2.65 per share for Baan. The deal is valued at approximately $709 million.

CHIP CAPACITORS: used as a bargaining chip against other vendors though if the company is willing to provide its solution at a low cost, with a written guarantee. Should Baan exactly fit your requirements, make sure that you have the prerogative to change the source code and a team of skilled resources available. Self-sufficiency should be the name of the game.

Intel Outside?
Intel’s subsidiary, Intel Online Services recently announced AppChoice™ Managed Hosting Services. The service is designed to offer applications and hosting within their 'Internet Hosting Environment'. In addition to managed hosting services they intend to invest $1 billion in the development and integration of data centers worldwide. Does this mean new commercials will say 'Intel Inside and Out'?

CHIP CAPACITORS: Intel, the world s largest chip maker, is a leading manufacturer of computer, networking and communications products. Intel Online Services Inc., an Intel subsidiary, is a supplier of hosted Internet services, business applications, and e-commerce services worldwide. Intel Online Services currently offers data centers in Santa Clara, Calif.; Chantilly, Va.; Reading, England; Seoul, Korea; and Tokyo, Japan; a new data center in India is scheduled to open within the next month. In all, Intel Online Services

Will Servigistics Click on More Service Cylinders? – Part 3 » The TEC Blog
install base, with 120 blue-chip corporate customers in parts planning ( 240 customers in total, as mentioned in Part 2 ), new Servigistics is the indisputable leader compared to, say,  MCA Solutions and its fewer than 30 large customers. But in terms of the functional leadership, the verdict depends (and may vary) based on many factors. Namely, if all of the capabilities of Servigistics Service Parts Management  and Click Commerce Parts were in a unified SLM suite now, there would be no questioning

CHIP CAPACITORS: click commerce, click software, ERP, marlin equity, mca solutions, mca spo, Oracle, SAP, service lifecycle management, servigistics, slm, vendavo, TEC, Technology Evaluation, Technology Evaluation Centers, Technology Evaluation Centers Inc., blog, analyst, enterprise software, decision support.

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