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Optimizing Gross Margin over Continously Cleansed Data
Imperfect product data can erode your gross margin, frustrate both your customers and your employees, and slow new sales opportunities. The proven safeguards

clean world technology corporation  you need to continuously clean incoming product data or want to better analyze your gross margin at the product level, epaCUBE offers innovative technology to help you reach your goal of increasing the competitive advantage position of your company. For more information, please contact Randy Hughes, VP of Sales & Marketing, epaCUBE, Inc. at rhughes@epacube.com or 719.930.4074. epaCUBE Technology Center 3948 S. 3rd Street Suite 376 Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250-3056 904.246.8845 epaCUBE Corporate Offices Read More...
Recruitment and Staffing
Recruitment and Staffing functionality allows the user to select and hire the right people with the right skill sets, as well as track the information regarding their recruitment for later analysis...
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Documents related to » clean world technology corporation

The Wizardry of Business Process Management - Part 3
Part 1 of this blog series provided a lengthy discussion about business process management’s (BPM's) necessary parts and parcels, and the software category’s

clean world technology corporation  New hire training; Post-order clean-up; Objection handling; Reducing on-call time, Product warranty and servicing management, and so on. In fact, Pega is also regarded as a customer relationship management (CRM ) provider. ZDNet ’s 2007 blog post mentioned Pega within a Forrester ’s CRM Wave research document . Pega does acknowledge the competition from CRM application vendors including Chordiant Software , Microsoft Dynamics CRM by Microsoft , Siebel by Oracle ; Pivotal CRM by CDC Software , and Read More...
Predictive Analytics; the Future of Business Intelligence
Business intelligence (BI) is evolving as it grows in popularity. Within BI, there is a shift from traditional analytics to predictive analytics, and predictive

clean world technology corporation  record must contain a clean data set. Unica Affinium Model is Unica 's data mining tool. It is used for response modeling to understand and anticipate customer behavior. Unica is enterprise marketing management (EMM) software vendor and Affinium Model is a core component of the market-leading Affinium EMM software suite. The software empowers marketing professionals to recognize and predict customer behaviors and preferences—and use that information to develop relevant, profitable, and customer-focused Read More...
Access to Critical Business Intelligence: Challenging Data Warehouses?
There is a perception that if business users are given access to enterprise databases and raw query tools, they will create havoc in the system, which is a

clean world technology corporation  more quickly. Need for Clean Information Another historical driver for the DW model has been the perceived need to clean information prior to making it available for reporting, and many companies are still investing large amounts of time, human resources (HR), and money in cleaning their data and applying consistent terminology to it as a necessary step in building their DW. As was mentioned earlier on, some vendors and their customers believe that the transaction systems are the systems of record Read More...
Selecting and Keeping Warehouse Personnel
Our question is: the traditional hiring methodology does not work so why do we continue to use it with one of our most important processes in the organization

clean world technology corporation  it keeping the warehouse clean? Is it having an accurate inventory? If it is a supervisor or manager position, will it be about getting the employees to work on time? Less shipping errors? Is it doing a days work in a day? Or maybe it is reducing your warehousing cost? With all of the warehouses I have visited and boardrooms I have sat in and talked with upper management about the performance of the warehouse, less than 20 percent of the time I receive quantifiable and more importantly, achievable goals Read More...
ContingenZ Corporation

clean world technology corporation  
Terra Technology
Based in Norwalk, Connecticut (US), Terra Technology provides real-time forecasting solutions for consumer goods companies. Terra@s pattern recognition

clean world technology corporation  technology research,terra tech,terra technologies,terra technology Read More...
Riverbed Technology
Riverbed is a provider of application performance infrastructure solutions, delivering a complete platform for location-independent computing. Riverbed@s

clean world technology corporation  application performance infrastructure, network performance management Read More...
Accept Software Corporation
Accept Corporation (Accept) was founded in 2004 specifically to solve the challenges of software release planning and portfolio planning in the context of

clean world technology corporation  
Inovium Corporation

clean world technology corporation  
Software Technology Limited (Softech) is a Trinidad and Tobago-based private company that was formed in July 1991, to develop a Payroll and Human Resource

clean world technology corporation  
Radley Corporation

clean world technology corporation  Supply chain,attendance,bar code,barcode,business activity,compliance,data collection,EDI,Electronic Commerce,erp,mes,time,traceability,XML Read More...
Actuate Corporation
Actuate founded and co-leads the Eclipse BIRT open source project. BIRT is the premier development environment for presenting compelling data visualizations to

clean world technology corporation  business intelligence, enterprise reporting , information application, information delivery, java report, spreadsheet, web reporting,Actuate,Actuate Corporation Read More...
Gensym Corporation

clean world technology corporation  

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