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Agresso Bucks the Slump (and Fights the “ERP Madness”) - Part 2
Part 1 of this blog series revisited Agresso’s post-implementation agility capabilities as a major tenet for the vendor’s continued growth in a hostile and

client thank you note  our large readership and client base) on the impact of ERP platforms on an organization’s perceived ability to make changes . The study found that 70 percent of ERP users feel notably disadvantaged by their existing systems. Last but not least, Agresso’s BLINC survey among 120 customers at Agresso User Group 2007 in Dublin (Ireland) showed over 70 percent of customers saying that they are making over 80 percent of all systems changes themselves. Furthermore, all of the system modifications are being Read More

Software Test Tools
Tools exist to support software testing at all stages of a project. Some vendors offer an integrated suite that will support testing and development throughout a project's life, from gatheri...
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Documents related to » client thank you note

Business Intelligence
The ability to extract and present information meaningfully is vital for business management. Indeed, business intelligence tools enable companies to make

client thank you note  product are the rich client, a Web extension that allows you to access reports over the Web and Windows Services that you can use to generate reports and import data on a scheduled basis. The product also has support for OLAP for data analysis and an add-in for Excel. The following illustrations show how you can use the Enterprise Reporting Drill Down Explorer. Original Report Drill Down on the Total Group Drill Down on North America Crystal Reports Crystal Reports is a stand-alone report writer that is Read More
Body Shop to Mind Shop: Businesses Look for More from Third-party Consultants
IT departments rarely have the luxury of spare capacity or sufficient knowledge of all the products and technologies that the rest of the organization expects

client thank you note  to the business. One client where C&C Technology helped to align IT with the business: A major global law firm struggling with a large IT budget was finding projects were virtually never delivered on time or to budget. There was a lot happening—too much change, too many projects at once—so the value was not clear. C&C established a new function to manage the portfolio of projects and formal systems to measure progress and provide governance. This created clarity between roles and buy-in from the Read More
e-Business Service Provider Evaluation & Selection
This is a transcript of an audio conference on E-Business Service Provider Evaluation and Selection presented by TechnologyEvaluation.Com. The presentation used

client thank you note  of quality drawn from client referrals where available. Service delivery does not simply depend on size of the organization, though of course large firms have - or should have - more ability to deliver people. There is evidence of distrust on this score by the user community, in part evidenced by small providers beating out a large provider. Some large providers consider that small providers cannot deliver quality, something we have found so far is not the case for an appropriately sized engagement. Read More
Enterprise Resource Planning Systems Audio Conference
This is a transcript of an audio conference on Enterprise Resource Planning Systems presented by TechnologyEvaluation.Com. The presentation used the TEC

client thank you note  set often allows the client to quickly narrow the long list of potential vendors to a short list of applicable solutions that pass muster relative to the most basic mandatory selection criteria. Number 3: Corporate Service and Support - defines the capability of the vendor to provide implementation services and ongoing support. Repeated industry surveys have identified this category as the single largest differentiating factor among potential selection options, as well as the greatest indicator of Read More
The Best CMS for You: Tips on How to Select Your Next CMS
When you know that a new content management system (CMS) is needed for your organization, how do you decide which one to implement? Do you decide based on size,

client thank you note  CMS,Oshyn,WCM,Content Managment System Read More
ERP vs Project-Based Solutions - Which is Right for You?
Are project-based solutions (PBS)—a new type of ERP for complex, engineer-to-order companies facing rapid change—right for you?

client thank you note  project-based Solutions,PBS,enterprise resource planning,ERP,enterprise asset management,EAM,engineer-to-order,ETO,configure-to-order,CTO,make-to-order,MTO,IFS white paper,IFS Read More
10 Questions to Ask Your Finance and Accounting Software Vendors Before You Buy ERP
When conducting a mid-market enterprise resource planning (ERP) system comparison, there are several key questions that you should ask: How much should ERP

client thank you note  enterprise resource planning,erp solution,erp software options,erp software,erp software solutions,top erp software,free erp solution,local erp solution Read More
Five Reasons You Can’t Afford to Postpone Your Labor Management Project
The adage “you can’t manage what you can’t measure” is true of many things in warehouse management, but perhaps nowhere more so than for the productivity of

client thank you note  helps more than 1,300 clients worldwide drive growth and manage change. Searches related to Five Reasons You Can't Afford to Postpone Your Labor Management Project : Labor Management | Labour Management | Labor Management Project | Labor Management Systems | Advanced Labor Management Software | Implementing Labor Management | Labor Resources | Support Labor Management | Labor Management System Vendors | Optimizing Labor | Measuring Labor Activity | Labor Management Systems Benefits | Reporting Labor Activ Read More
Credit versus Collections... Who Do You Trust?
Learn how receivable dashboards allow you to keep track of your customers’ payment more efficiently and improve your agribusiness cash flow. Find out how a good

client thank you note  accountign software,farm management,greenhouse,nursery management,production management Read More
Oracle Enhances Its Virtual Desktop Client Solutions for Mobile Devices
With the release of Oracle Virtual Desktop Client 1.2 for Tablets, Oracle will be making available a new set of features to provide support for Android, in

client thank you note  Enhances Its Virtual Desktop Client Solutions for Mobile Devices With the release of Oracle Virtual Desktop Client 1.2 for Tablets , Oracle will be making available a new set of features to provide support for Android, in addition to the support it already provides for iPad, Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X, to better support corporate client bring-your-own-device (BYOD) initiatives. The new offering has features to support faster connection and higher screen resolutions (including Retina display on the most Read More
Do You Need a State-of-the-Art ERP Solution? Complete this Gap Analysis to Find Out
As your company grows and faces new challenges, you must continually evaluate whether your work processes and information technology (IT) solutions can address

client thank you note  enterprise resource planning software company,gap analysis report template,gap analysis examples,gap analysis methodology,gap analysis model,enterprise resource planning erp systems,gap analysis tool,enterprise resource planning companies,enterprise resource planning systems definition,gap analysis example,concepts in enterprise resource planning,software gap analysis,gap analysis sample,enterprise resource planning ppt,gap analysis format Read More
How Much Should You Pay for Your Business Phone System
You'll get all this and more in How Much Should You Pay for Your Business Phone System?

client thank you note  pay business phone system,pay,business,phone,system,business phone system,pay phone system,pay business system,pay business phone. Read More
Buzzwords, Swear Words, ERP, and You
Heh heh. The Global Language Monitor (GLM) has released its Top 10 Most Confusing High-tech Buzzwords of 2008.Meh. You won’t find any buzzwords on the TEC

client thank you note   Read More

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