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Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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A Portrait of the Enterprise Software User in the Education Industry
Educational institutions are being driven by new technologies and changing student demographics to dramatically change the way they deliver their services. And

clientele 8.5  payments from their student clientele. Other functionalities, such as payroll, customer service and support, and financials and accounting, are consistent with the top software types illustrated in Figure 2. Figure 3. Top Prioritized Functional Modules Requested by Education Industry Users Evaluating Enterprise Software in TEC Advisor (as a percentage of responses depicted in Figure 2) On-demand Software Requirements An increasing number of educational institutions are considering SaaS and Read More...
Business Intelligence for the Health Care Industry: Actionable Insights for Business Decision Makers
Hospitals around the world are facing increased pressure to improve operations from multiple directions. Legal requirements, aging populations, and an ever

clientele 8.5  in production, statistics and clientele groups. Mr. Lemoyne also highlights some of the preconceived notions about delivering data that is most relevant and helpful, not just data that is easy to deliver with current systems: I have to stay agnostic to technology. I don''t start with software limitations and optimize I start with a white sheet of paper, establish what is the ideal information to deliver to each specific role in the organization. Then our role is to deliver technology against that Read More...
Portal Strategy: One Vendor''s Story and What It Means to You
Epicor is working with Microsoft so that portal adopters can benefit from SharePoint''s models and access to other enterprise data.

clientele 8.5  same product breed, the Clientele CRM.NET suite, which was the first customer relationship management (CRM) application built completely on Microsoft''s .NET Platform, also uses Microsoft Visual Studio .NET as its standard customization tool. It can support changes using any of the .NET-compatible programming languages, but uses a rich/smart client. On the other hand, Epicor for Service Enterprises has a Web-based UI. iScala and Epicor Manufacturing products also have their own technical idiosyncrasies. Ce Read More...
Best Practices for Transporters and 3PL Service Providers
The business of transporting goods is risky, complex, and effort-intensive. Despite the continuing rise in fuel prices, employee salaries, and other overhead

clientele 8.5  a happy and loyal clientele. 3. KPAM Management Each client of a 3PL service provider signs a service level agreement so that key performance areas can be defined and measured in order to rate the provider’s quality of the service. These agreements differ based on the needs of each client. A TMS with KPAM capabilities should be able to define and measure the agreed-upon key performance areas. 4. Key Account Management Transporters and 3PL service providers have some major clients for whom they create Read More...
Microsoft Paints CRM Landscape On Lately A ‘Still Nature’ Business Applications Scenery Part 2: Challenges and User Recommendations
Microsoft’s ambition will be its greatest challenge, as the company is concurrently experiencing an almost disruptive technology transition from Windows to .NET

clientele 8.5  product), Epicor Software (the Clientele product ), Multiactive Software (the Maximizer Enterprise products), and some of the existing MS Outlook-based CRM providers like Oncontact Software , Multiactive Software , and WorldTrak , as well as hosted providers Salesforce.com or UpShot . Although not very soon, all the above-mentioned will be affected in the long run, as new functionality and product maturity make Microsoft CRM more amenable to the higher-end of the market segment opportunities. In addition Read More...
The Wheres of Electronic Procurement
An overview of one of the central issues facing a deployment of e-procurement: Who controls the software?

clientele 8.5  purchasing and supply jobs,spend management,procurement system,sourcing agent,procurement services,procurement service providers,purchasing recruitment,procurement services provider,basware,purchasing specialist,procurement jobs,supplier rating,procurement service provider,procurement service,marketing procurement Read More...
Viewpoint Construction Software
Learn how Viewpoint Construction Software used Clientele to combine its different databases into one common customer database that is customized to fit the

clientele 8.5  Viewpoint Construction Software used Clientele to combine its different databases into one common customer database that is customized to fit the unique needs of the company. Read More...
E-Cash Rollout Replaces Amex
Last week, adult sites were informed that Amex would no longer serve their clientele in processing online transactions. However, in the information technology

clientele 8.5  merchant account,offshore merchant accounts,online merchant account,credit card merchant services,merchant services,credit card processing for small business,virtual terminal credit card processing,internet credit card processing,merchant credit card processing,credit card merchant,credit card merchant account,online payment system,online payment solutions,payment service provider,credit card machines Read More...
Epicor Picks Clarus'' Bargain At The Software Flea Market Part 2: Challenges and User Recommendations
The wealth of product names and a still somewhat unwieldy slew of products, presents sales and marketing confusion for Epicor, both internally and externally

clientele 8.5  similar success with its Clientele CRM.NET and Clarus additions. The R&D effort with Clientele is, nonetheless, only a harbinger for what is coming for the next generation of all Epicor''s product lines throughout next year and beyond, with new web-based technology that exposes all the business rules and logic (via XML and BizTalk ) as web services, and one should expect that in the long term (although quite a long term) the suites will converge in this way. Additionally, the wealth of product names and a Read More...
Epicor''s Mid-Market Pitch Becomes Higher For (One) Scala Part Five: More Challenges & User Recommendations
Competition is also flying from many directions since the parent company now competes in many diverse markets, and it now has a number of competitors that vary

clientele 8.5  utilize the home'' product Clientele , particularly for some larger enterprises where Microsoft CRM scalability is yet to be tried and true. This is Part Five of a five-part note. Part One detailed the event. Part Two discussed how Scala complements Epicor. Part Three presented the market impact. Part Four covered merger synergies and challenges. Competition Incidentally, the competition is also flying from many directions since the parent company now competes in many diverse markets, and it now has a Read More...
PRONTO-Xi v.670 for Mixed-mode Enterprise Resource Planning Certification Report
Pronto Software''s enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, PRONTO-Xi v.670, is now TEC Certified. The certification seal is a valuable indicator for

clientele 8.5  appropriate for a target clientele with similar requirements. Where the solid line is higher than the dotted line, the product provides functionality that may exceed the client''s requirements. Where the solid line is lower than the dotted line, the product is likely to provide a less-thanideal mix of functionality for the client''s requirements. Any organization whose priorities are similar to the benchmark would essentially do well to consider Pronto''s solutions. a) Mixed-mode PRONTO Xi ERP Graphs Read More...
Challenges and User Recommendations for a Global Trading Solutions Provider on a Roll
The market is competitive, rapidly evolving, and highly fragmented, and one should only expect the intensity of competition to increase in the future. For the

clientele 8.5  a vast B2B integration clientele), early in 2005 Inovis announced the sale of its sourcing solution to Tourtellotte Consulting ( http://www.tci9.com ), a software development consulting company. With this sale, Tourtellotte has been providing ongoing development, implementation, and customer-specific professional services and support for Inovis Sourcing, now re-branded back to RockBlocks. The Tourtellotte team has been led by Cindy DiTullio, a senior partner with Tourtellotte Consulting, and a former Read More...
Cloud Proponents Unclear on the Meaning of “Legacy
In reading business software news and articles on a daily basis, and in speaking with software vendors, I have noticed that vendors of cloud-based applications,

clientele 8.5  portion of the business clientele for a long time to come. You may call them partners, competitors, or what you will—but not legacy systems. To me, it’s too early. Unless the definition of legacy is already a legacy too. Read More...
Creating Value From Global Commerce Management People, Process and Enablers
Companies are going global because the risk of not doing so greatly outweighs the comfort that staying domestic brings. According to a World Trade Organization

clientele 8.5  global,international,3rdwave,Commerce,management,GCM
Epicor Software Corp.: Completing Painstaking
Fiscal 2001 will prove to be very challenging for Epicor Software and we believe the next 18 months will be the company''s make-or-break period. This part

clientele 8.5  offering, eFrontOffice powered by Clientele, enables companies to gather, organize, oversee and share customer-related information. By providing over 60 detailed sales & marketing process reports out of the box, the product helps clients pinpoint the issues like sales performance or any system sluggishness. The product is also componentized and can be used as a whole solution or piecemeal, which may be attractive to technology shy smaller organizations. In addition to the above-mentioned product Read More...

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