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Andersen/Enron Affair Precipitates
While the current focus of the public is on the future of Andersen and the entire accounting practice, the implications on the consulting industry will be deep

cmg  Corporation (CSC), ICL, AnswerThink, CMG, to name some. In addition to these and the above mentioned pure professional service divisions of former Big Fives, some smaller but reliable and renowned IT service providers, as well as resellers and direct consulting organizations of applications vendors may benefit from the current situation. However, due diligence, doubt and skepticism will be the watchwords for professional services buying for some time to come, which will not bypass any player. As an echo Read More

Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » cmg

Lilly Software - Product Enhancements Remain Its Order 'Du Jour'
By fine-tuning its flagship VISUAL Enterprise suite to better serve specific ‘to order’ manufacturing and distribution vertical markets, while concurrently

cmg  Constraints Management Group ( CMG ) to offer training and consulting services in all aspects of TOC, particularly in Drum-Buffer-Rope techniques. VISUAL DBR provides the planning tools to help companies exploit their capacity constraints, satisfy existing market demand, and deliver products on time. The product should enable companies to maximize the use of a Capacity Constrained Resource (CCR), reveal other hidden capacity, and use time buffers to create schedules that help deliver products on time. It Read More
Enterprise Applications Battlefield Mid-Year Scoreboard Part 3: IBM
IBM still needs to convince users that it is nimble enough to handle the smaller projects prevalent in today’s cost-conscious market, which may be a concern

cmg  , KPMG Consulting , CMG , and EDS , as well as on the large enterprise application vendors such as Oracle , Seibel, SAP, and PeopleSoft, whose larger services providers' pool to implement and run their software is now dwindling. As prospects increasingly shy away from custom applications built on proprietary platforms in favor of an increasingly open and heterogeneous environment composed of inter-connective (not necessarily customized) applications, vendors still have to rely on capable services Read More
Managed Hosting in Europe: A Review of the Managed Hosting Market and Suppliers in Europe
The increasing use of virtualization allowed managed hosting providers to reduce costs by sharing infrastructure between customers, creating the earliest

cmg  the Dutch consulting giant CMG. In 2006, it acquired WM-Data, a Nordic SI, which brought with it further infrastructure management capabilities. Logica offers managed hosting services to its customers as part of broader systems integration engagements. Its focus is primarily enterprise and public sector where it offers a broad range of services from pure infrastructure provision to more application-oriented services. Logica's long history leaves it with a legacy mainframe hosting business. It still sees Read More

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