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Most Misunderstood Link in Supply Chain Management
Business practices have changed dramatically through the years, but credit and collections is still handled like it was back in the 1950s. Fact is, it’s way

collection letters  companies have a loose collection of forms, memos, and letters that they mistakenly call policies and procedures. They can't hand these so-called policies and procedures to someone new and reasonably expect the person to know how things work. If you think you have usable policies and procedures, pull them out and see if they answer the following questions: What is the purpose of the credit function? What is the goal of credit approval, and does that goal complement the purpose? What is the goal of collect Read More...
Enterprise Content Management (ECM)
A content management system is a software package designed to manage an organization''s entire collection of documents, records, and other information assets. Content mana...
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Documents related to » collection letters

The Lexicon of CRM - Part 1: From A to I
C.R.M. itself is an acronym, standing for Customer Relationship Management. This is part one of three-part article to provide explanation and meaning for most

collection letters  Data Warehousing - The collection of information from multiple, disparate databases into one database, against which Data Mining tools can be run to gather corporate-wide business intelligence. DBA - DataBase Administrator . The engineer in the IT organization that keeps the corporate databases running at peak efficiency, maintains data backups, and ensures the accuracy and cleanliness of the data stored in the databases. DSS - Decision Support System . An automated system that enables an employee, Read More...
Quoting and Costing for Multiple Units of Measure
A common need of plastics producers is real-time shop floor production monitoring. This serves many purposes, including tracking cycles on tools or machines

collection letters  automate the (real time) collection of such shop floor information as good items, rejects (and cause of rejects), production hours, efficiencies, and downtime by reason. The software should make it easy for users to find out why machines were down, and why items were rejected in summary (or drill down to details per shift). It should additionally allow them to identify machine status using a color-coded display system; quickly find yield, cycle time, or production problems (either for the whole floor or f Read More...
SouthWare Excellence Series: Making Excellence Easier Part Three: Application Analysis
The system supports a completely user-defined set of critical success factors for each business, business unit, or even individual employee.

collection letters  Know who needs a collection call based on either days outstanding for a specific invoice or customers that have exceeded their credit limit. Review and record the status of each outstanding invoice during a collections call. Know what was said on past collection calls. Easily access the details of any overdue invoice. Record what was said and when the customer promised to pay. Create mail merge letters. Systematically follow up with every customer who needs attention. Know when to withhold further credit Read More...
New Data Triggers for International Supply Chain Finance
Corporations have drastically changed their global supply chain models over a short period. The market is also in the early stages of migrating to data

collection letters  that to date, traditional collection products emulate having FCRs and other documents, such as certificate of origin (CofO), inspection certificates, etc. But as more cargo is exported with electronic messages such as FCRs and advanced shipment notices, then there will be more opportunities to develop liquidity off these messages. This trigger remains to be explored and developed. Trigger #6: Buyer Approved Invoices There is both great interest and a high degree of market confusion about the buyer-support Read More...
SmartHR encompasses the full HR data set relating to the employee life cycle in a single solution. This collection allows you to comprehensively analyse your

collection letters  a single solution. This collection allows you to comprehensively analyse your HR data. Read More...
A More Promising Payday at Promissor Corporation
When testing firm Promissor’s system kept crashing, it knew it was time to make a change. With over 800 employees made up of part-timers, temporary workers, and

collection letters  benefited from improved data collection accuracy and reduced manual processing. Read More...
Enabling Real-Time Sharing and Synchronization over the WAN
Driven by increasing business demands and the availability of technologies like in-memory databases, change data capture software, big data storage systems, and

collection letters  it requires the intelligent collection, filtration, sharing and exposure of information via enterprise apps connected by LANs, WANs, and cloud/grid environments. Read More...
SSA Global Forms a Strategic Unit with an Extended-ERP Savvy Part One: Event Summary
SSA Global seems to be doing some proper thinking while continuing to acquire new software companies. Recent unification of its broadening collection of supply

collection letters  (see CA Unloads interBiz Collection Into SSA GT's Sanctuary ) and MAX International (see SSA Acquires MAX Hoping To Leap From Its MIN ). As a result, the vendor now has 121 locations worldwide and its product offerings are used by more than 13,000 customers, some of which represent market-leading companies, in over ninety countries. While the market has been aware of the vendor still tirelessly eyeing many more acquisitions of ailing competitors with notable products or technologies and install bases, Read More...
The IT industry is constructed of three-letter acronyms (TLAs). However, the total number of possible three-letter abbreviations using the 26 letters of the

collection letters  vs. EIM The IT industry is constructed of three-letter acronyms (TLAs). However, the total number of possible three-letter abbreviations using the 26 letters of the alphabet is only 17,576. This explains the stars-wearing-the-same-dress types of incidents in the IT world. When Sherry Fox discussed ECM and EIM , the acronyms represented enterprise compensation management and enterprise incentive management respectively. In this blog, the two “dresses” are worn by two different stars— enterprise Read More...
Cream.HR's Solution to Today's Recruiting Challenges
I recently interviewed Caitlin MacGregor, chief executive officer (CEO) and co-founder of Cream.HR, a company that produces a software solution that supports

collection letters  HR's Solution to Today's Recruiting Challenges I recently interviewed Caitlin MacGregor, chief executive officer (CEO) and co-founder of Cream.HR, a company that produces a software solution that supports organizations with their recruitment and staffing needs. Cream.HR first captured my attention when it published an announcement about a potential collaboration with the Mars One mission to tackle Mars One’s flood of applications. To meet this challenge, MacGregor explains, Cream.HR will offer the Read More...
HighJump Grows in a Period of Low Growth Through Adaptable, Broad Function Products
With approximately 180 employees, HighJump Software is in growth mode with total revenue up 40% in fiscal 2002 and with current year over year revenue growth of

collection letters  began life as Data Collection Systems Inc . ( DCSI ), a provider of bar-code data-collection systems to track labor costs and inventories in manufacturing plants and warehouses. The company was founded in 1983 to develop inexpensive systems to collect, view, edit, and process shop-floor/warehouse data for existing mainframe-based applications. Although data-collection systems remained an important offering, since 1997, under the leadership of CEO Chris Heim, DCSI began to more aggressively diversify and Read More...
The Many Faces of PLM Part One: Event Summary
Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software solutions, like many of the application suites that have come before it, are a collection of different offerings

collection letters  product costs. Seeing a collection of very different, but inter-related aspects of product development in one place provides an interesting parallel to PLM initiatives and PLM applications suites. The overriding observation from the presentations was that many of the solutions presented target the same value propositions faster time to market, more efficient new product development and introduction (NPDI) projects, decreased product cost, improved product quality and increased product revenue. However, Read More...
Four Critical Success Factors to Cleansing Data
Quality data in the supply chain is essential in when information is automated and shared with internal and external customers. Dirty data is a huge impediment

collection letters  Data Cleansing Projects | Collection Data | Data Enrichment | Data Cleansing Products | Data Cleansing Server | Data Mining | Data Cleansing | Cleanse Data | Data Improvements | Structured Data | Data Values | Data Cleansing Modules | Automated Data Cleansing | Supply Chain Data | BPM Data | BPM Data Cleansing | BPM Consumer Data | BPM Precise Data Cleansing | BPM Data Quality | BPM Data Cleansing Tools | BPM Data Cleansing Solutions | BPM Accurate Data | BPM Source Data | BPM Data Warehousing | BPM Data Read More...

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