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A guide to the benefits, technology and implementation essentials of CRM & SFA solutions
Companies spend staggering investments to make and keep their offerings competitive. By providing a centralized location to store account history and detailed

companies failing when implementing new technology  Best Sales people Most companies have a small percentage of sales people that consistently achieve or exceed their assigned quota. These superior sales people are naturally customer-focused and are comfortable calling at high levels because they understand executive buyers are most interested in hearing how the offering impacts business results. The best sales people intuitively understand the steps required and the titles they must call on to maximise the chances of being successful. These sellers Read More
Outsourcing, Applications Software
This RFP is focused on the selection of companies who provide outsource services in the areas of application software. The typical types of activities that these outsource providers perform include...
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Documents related to » companies failing when implementing new technology

Measuring the Supply Chain Outside Your Enterprise
Since supply chains, by definition, are about the end-to-end inter-enterprise process, we highlight the growing importance of looking outside your four walls

companies failing when implementing new technology  supply perspective that encourages companies to look beyond their immediate suppliers and shift towards a holistic approach that includes the supply base several tiers upstream. Consider the following examples: Brand manufacturers of digital cameras (and imaging products) have come to realize that their ability to profitably meet demand had a lot to do with how they manage the procurement of the CCDs (the chips that capture the images), which are often under allocation from (a very small group of) Read More
CMMS Templates for Effective Implementations Part Two: The CMMS Industry and ERP
The implementation of an enterprise level system is a tumultuous event with far reaching consequences throughout an organization. Therefore we can see the

companies failing when implementing new technology  of diminishing returns, whereby companies are deciding to buy systems with less functionality due to price considerations. Reasons for Failure Before we can begin to analyse the reason for failure of CMMS system implementations we first need to determine what a failure of a CMMS implementation is. Failures in this area can be many and varied, for example it can include: Cost overruns Time Overruns Lack of end user usage of the system Failure to achieve promised benefits Even failure to become part of the Read More
The G-word: Do Businesses Touting Green Really Practice What They Preach?
The word “green” these days is everywhere—especially in business. However, it’s difficult to know whether the environmental concerns of these businesses are

companies failing when implementing new technology  to pressures from society. Companies often decided to implement ecological initiatives following societal pressures, since failing to do so might compromise the legitimacy of the companies' activities and could even put their future at risk. This degree of adjustment between societal pressures and companies' responses is what is commonly known as societal performance [6] . As such, companies have two main response strategies for improving their environmental performance evaluation [7] : stimulate Read More
Making the Move: What to Do When You’ve Outgrown QuickBooks
Your old solution provided the basic bookkeeping capabilities you needed to start your company. But now, you have more customers. More employees. More

companies failing when implementing new technology  changes. Most accounting software companies have various families of products geared toward specific sizes of customers. A key question to ask is whether or not the products are built on unified system architecture and if they have a built-in upgrade path from one product to the next. If the family of products has been developed on the same architecture, future upgrades from product to product and the subsequent data exchange can be managed much more smoothly. Make sure your software can be customized. Read More
Technology Is My Partner
For AG & Co., embracing new technology was the only way to go if it wanted to continue increasing its revenues. Although it had purchased a new computer system

companies failing when implementing new technology   Read More
Technology Vendor--Can You Afford Credibility?
For Technology vendors, credibility is the ability to sell. Credibility is vital, is hard to build, and easy to lose. Building credibility doesn't have to be

companies failing when implementing new technology  in helping application software companies effectively use market to deliver sales. He has over 25 years of executive level sales and marketing experience in the application software market. Olin can be reached at olin@thecredibilityforum.com . Read More
Making Technology Pay
The one thing you can count on today in business is change, whether it’s customers, business models, or the pace of business. To manage change, companies rely

companies failing when implementing new technology  business. To manage change, companies rely on technology. But the most effective management control and optimization of company performance can be achieved only if you have the right systems. Discover how an integrated system can help you manage data and make better decisions, for a more successful company. Read More
Saugatuck Technology
Saugatuck Technology is a research, advisory, and consulting firm. The company works with senior business and information technology (IT) executives, IT

companies failing when implementing new technology   Read More
Technology Refresh Migration Path
Storage area networks (SAN) continue to grow in size and complexity. Often, the ongoing cost of maintenance and upgrades exceeds the initial acquisition and

companies failing when implementing new technology   Read More
Why .NET Technology Is Important for ERP
.NET technology is a wake-up call, and some people are sleeping through it! Remaining competitive means mission-critical software systems, such as enterprise

companies failing when implementing new technology  the contrary, some ERP companies and by association, their customers, are at risk of being left behind. Bad Timing for Many In the late 1990's many ERP companies caught the web browser wave, undertaking projects to leverage the Internet and browser technology and even to convert their software to lite-client or web portal architectures. Unfortunately for some, .NET came on the scene too soon after this major overhaul. When .NET appeared, some were too technically exhausted, or inflexible, or still Read More
Harvest Technology Group, Inc.
Harvest Technology Group (Harvest) Solution allows enterprises to automate business processes, collaborate across IT and business boundaries, control the

companies failing when implementing new technology  Business Process,Document Management,Paperless,Workflow Read More
Brio Technology Reports Record Second-QuarterEarnings
M2 Presswire - October 22, 1999 - Brio Technology, Inc., (NASDAQ: BRYO) today reported revenues of $30.7 million for its second fiscal 2000 quarter ending

companies failing when implementing new technology  the offerings from both companies and provides us the ability to further address the needs of our customers and extend our solutions for the e-business and e-enterprise markets. As a result, Brio has seen an upswing in attracting new e-business companies, such as priceline.com and webvan.com . Brio ONE is designed to be an integrated business intelligence platform for e-enterprise. During the quarter Brio added a number of new customers, including AT&T, Bell South, IBM, MCI WorldCom, and Yale University. Read More
Lower Technology Rollout Project Costs & Time
The rapid deployment of nationwide technology rollouts requires well-defined processes, robust management skills, and a unique understanding of how to get the

companies failing when implementing new technology   Read More
How Companies Use Data for Competitive Advantage
Find out in Leveling the Playing Field: How Companies Use Data for Competitive Advantage.

companies failing when implementing new technology  Companies Use Data for Competitive Advantage How Companies Use Data for Competitive Advantage Today, many businesses find they are under siege dealing with an explosion of data. Yet the best performing companies are mastering their data—and using it for competitive advantage. How are they able to accomplish this? What best practices, approaches, and technologies are they employing? Find out in Leveling the Playing Field: How Companies Use Data for Competitive Advantage . In this Economist Business Read More

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