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Fed Warms Up to ERP Spending, but Will Contractors and Their ERP Vendors Comply?Part Two: Challenges and User Recommendations
The Federal Government's peculiar and idiosyncratic regulatory requirements provide high barriers to entry, so that the novice companies that are not already offering the functionality for the sector will likely not be able to tap the recent surge in the defense and other federal markets.

COMPANY ACCOUNT INFORMATION: require the aspiring contracting company to revise internal procedures or enhance its back-office or ERP system. In other words, the chosen provider must constantly prove to the federal customer that it did not cheat on the project, which mandates the use of the accurate cost and schedule data. Federal contracts can often be fraught with legal snares for the unseasoned providers. Thus, many project-oriented organizations do provide products and services under government contracts, but project accounting

Ramco to Its Customers-Let s Get Personal!Part Two: Commitment and Recommendations
Will Ramco be able to deliver on its vision of personalized, assembled applications? Time will tell, but the indications are good. Ramco faces a crowded and consolidating enterprise market, but has shown patience and realistic expectations for its growth.

COMPANY ACCOUNT INFORMATION: former supply chain planning company that was later acquired by SCT. Both Mr. Taylor and Mr. Mulder bring strong marketing and sales backgrounds to complement Ramco s current capabilities and reputation as a strong, delivery-oriented provider. The road ahead for the North American management team is not an easy one, but the investment in experienced talent shows Ramco s commitment to the market and a renewed focus on growth in North America. This is Part Two of a two-part note. Part One detailed the

RFID - Myth versus Reality
The hype around the adoption of RFID as the 'hot new technology' continues. The reality is that RFID, despite the fact that this is a relatively mature technology, is still far from mainstream.

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Managing Your Supply Chain Using Microsoft Axapta: A Book ExcerptPart One: Sales and Operations Planning
Managing Your Supply Chain Using Microsoft Axapta provides an overall understanding of how the system fits together to run a manufacturing or distribution business. This book excerpt focuses on running the business from the top with sales and operations planning (S&OP). Variation in operations affect the S&OP process and the nature of demand impacts the S&OP game plans.

COMPANY ACCOUNT INFORMATION: forecast identifier representing the company-wide forecast can be associated with several forecast identifiers representing regional forecasts. Each forecast entry has a forecast identifier corresponding to a regional forecast, so that the system automatically rolls up the company-wide forecast. Alternative Methods for Entering Forecast Data Several alternative methods can be used as shortcuts for entering multiple forecasts for an item. These methods include a repeating pattern and a group of items, and

Enterprise Applications--The Genesis and Future, RevisitedPart One: 1960s--Pre-Computer Era
Knowing the history and evolution of enterprise applications is essential to understanding their current use and future developments. Each step in the evolution of the software is built on the fundamentals and principles developed within the previous one, which holds true for the contemporary phase of the 2000s as well.

COMPANY ACCOUNT INFORMATION: No longer could a company afford to order some of everything , since orders had to be based only on what was being sold, while what was already in inventory or committed to arrive on a purchase order or through internal manufacturing order would offset this requirement. As a result, materials requirements planning (MRP) computer systems were developed to provide for having the right materials arrive in at the right time , while the master production schedule (MPS) was built for the end items and

Warehouse Management Systems: Pie in the Sky or Floating Bakery?Part Two: The Pareto Principle, Processes, and People: Assessing Your Warehouse Management System Needs
To ensure your warehouse management system is implemented as painlessly as possible, you must assess your warehouse situation before you decide on a warehouse solution. Using the Pareto Principle, where a minority of inputs yields the majority results; examining your processes; evaluating your personnel; monitoring the progress of implementation; and testing are the best ways to ensure both a successful launch and long term return on investment.

COMPANY ACCOUNT INFORMATION: system is causing the company to lose money and you will think about scrapping the system. You have to have buy-in from your biggest customers because ultimately you are trying to service those customers better than the competition. Evaluate Your Processes and Personnel In addition to uncovering your top twenty percent, you should also evaluate your processes and personnel. Get some more blank sheets of paper, write the name of each of your processes on top and document how they work. Include all

How Bar Codes Can Optimize Data Recording and Information Analysis
Bar code technology allows users to analyze information to develop more accurate maintenance, personnel, and financial planning. In particular it can hasten the data recording processes in a maintenance system, as seen in its use in the aircraft maintenance process.

COMPANY ACCOUNT INFORMATION: airlines, but to any company in other sectors that may require maintenance performance indicators. Undoubtedly, companies need more information about maintenance processes because of the processes cost, and a related symptom, variability. Why does the cost of maintenance service vary when it is applied to two aircraft of the same type, or for that matter, to the same machinery in another industry? Many maintenance engineers will answer that cost depends on several factors, such as incidents that occur

Can Webplan Reconcile Planning and Execution?Part Two: Market Impact
Increasingly, every user company's success is contingent upon its ability to make an almost immediate finished product or service delivery to customers. As supply chains become more dynamic and operate in near real-time, the lines between planning and execution continue to blur, which bodes well for their functional convergence. Thus, some supply chain execution (SCE) vendors have started to move beyond pure execution to offer some planning and optimization capabilities, often with the

COMPANY ACCOUNT INFORMATION: scenario, both within the company and across the supply chain, will often have differing data sources. Even with the same data source, they often acquire data at different times and, as data inexorably changes over time, they will have different data, which in turn, yields different versions of the truth, like in the Japanese classic movie Rashomon . As a result, multiple people will likely reach differing optimal solutions, whereby there will seemingly be more than one correct answer. During intense

Software Selection: A Third Alternative Part Two: Seller s Perspective and the Third Alternative
Failed projects do not bode well for the vendor. It can cause their sales cycle costs only to rise even more and their reputation to suffer or, at least, become suspect. Surely, the consequences can be much more severe for the client where an incorrect software selection can lead to business losses. Accordingly, it is in everyone's best interest to select the right enterprise software and do it economically but with confidence.

COMPANY ACCOUNT INFORMATION: issues that confront the company buying the software and the vendor selling the software. Understanding the issues confronting each side, the article considers what value can be gained by combining the best of the functions and features approach with a business processes approach. This is Part Two of a two-part note. Part One looked at the buyer s perspective. Seller s Perspective The vendor s approach to software selection has its merits although the methodology may have a built in bias. Vendors are

SAP s Approach to the Retail Market
SAP and its ERP peers appear to understand that continuously improving the way enterprise information is presented and by marrying analytics, optimization, and retail operation systems on top of an ERP platform is starting to win over retailers.

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PLM Migration: Migrate Your Mind First
There are important things to think of when considering a PLM system migration such as rethinking the implementation scope, system integration, acquisition method, etc. Find out more in this comprehensive article on PLM migration. This article identifies the increasing requirements of system replacements in the product lifecycle management (PLM) area and recommends users rethink the implementation scope, system integration, acquisition method, and so on before strategizing their PLM migration plans.

COMPANY ACCOUNT INFORMATION: very fast since the company changed the licensing model on January 15, 2007. For more information, please read this product note on Aras Innovator. SaaS PLM: Although it is not a prominent phenomenon in the PLM market, recently SaaS PLM is getting more attention from both the vendor and the user. Certainly, there are issues (check out a few concerns related to SaaS PLM in this blog post) to be addressed in order to increase the acceptance of the SaaS model in the PLM market. Nevertheless, its pace seems
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