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TEC Vendor Challenge (ERP for Distribution) - Not Just for Distributors
Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC), with partners Aberdeen Group, Pemeco Consulting, and SupplyChainBrain, will be hosting the TEC Vendor Challenge, “ERP

complex sentence  organizations that struggle with complex distribution requirements. These include not only companies that define their primary business as distribution, but also manufacturers in various  industries, and even Web sales companies. In the latter two types of organizations, the core ERP software capabilities, such as financials, human resources, sourcing and procurement, and inventory management, are usually covered reasonably well by an ERP system already in place. However, what these companies often end u Read More...
Quote-to-Order (Q2O) Systems
Quote-to-order (Q2O) solutions (sometimes known as configure, price, and quote or CPQ) enable manufacturers to mobilize their mass customization initiatives. These systems can reduce time-consuming...
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Walker Propelled by Winds of Change
Walker Interactive is putting itself through a transformation. Its goal is to bring integrated eBusiness to its very demanding customers.

complex sentence  and maintenance. Given the complex nature of the institutions that Walker serves it is not surprising that consulting should be a large part of their business. The ratio of consulting to licenses should change over the next two to three years with the addition of ASP customers. Figure 2. Walker Interactive Sources of Revenue In June 2000 Walker adopted a Stockholder Rights Plan under which all stockholders of record as of June 22, 2000 will receive rights to purchase shares of a new series of Preferred St Read More...
Making Multi-rater Feedback Work in Professional Services Firms
For many firms, continually moving people to new projects under different leaders is the only possible way to operate. The formal boss on the org chart may only

complex sentence  Aside from automating the complex task of gathering multirater feedback, for example, the technology facilitates doing reviews at the end of every project, so everyone can get timely feedback on their performance. Technology also makes it easy for both managers and professionals to track relevant performance information on an ongoing basis. Sometimes this is simply a matter of copying part of an email into a performance log or making a quick note about a client’s comments so that when the performance Read More...
PowerTrieve, A LEAP For CRM?
Although CRM applications, Portals, and Contact Centers are contributing to the improvement of customer relationships and the effectiveness of employees; in

complex sentence  solution. Guiding customers through complex processes by using natural language is definitely a breakthrough for reaching higher customer satisfaction and improved effectiveness. Product Strategy and Trajectory Chuck Cosby the creator of PowerTrieve has positioned its language recognition engine to help Enterprise Application users improve their effectiveness from a different angle. He has tapped into the complexity of generating reports by non-technical people. This is certainly an area of concern to mos Read More...
A Definition of Data Warehousing
There is a great deal of confusion over the meaning of data warehousing. Simply defined, a data warehouse is a place for data, whereas data warehousing

complex sentence  can be an extremely complex process, especially if some of the warehouse inputs are from older mainframe file systems (commonly referred to as flat files or sequential files ). Data Aggregation: This process is often performed during the T phase of ETL, if it is performed at all. Data warehouses can be designed to store data at the detail level (each individual transaction), at some aggregate level (summary data), or a combination of both. The advantage of summarized data is that typical queries agai Read More...
Pursuit of
The constant launch of new telecommunications products creates stiff competition, and to manage increasingly complex product portfolios, you should ensure your

complex sentence  and to manage increasingly complex product portfolios, you should ensure your processes are optimized, your data is accurate, and your solutions are integrated. The first business area you should focus on is order management. Find out how you can better address the challenges of the order-to-cash cycle, decomposition, provisioning, and more. Read More...
CRM For Complex Manufacturers Revolves Around Configuration Software
While pundits have been debating whether the configuration software deserves to be a CRM module on its own, it is certainly a part of the much broader CRM class

complex sentence  For Complex Manufacturers Revolves Around Configuration Software The Situation The software needs of the complex manufacturing industry require functional products bundled with rapid implementation resulting in quick Return-on-Investment (ROI). Complex manufacturers produce products that are of high variation, have complex features and options, and vary in end-user configuration. They consequently invest significant dollars in product design and have lengthy sales and manufacturing business processes, Read More...
Enterprise Energy Management Software - The Key to Effective Energy Utilization
Energy purchasing has become increasingly complex as a result of deregulation. The deregulated market provides more suppliers and more options for supply

complex sentence  managing energy is more complex than just reacting to market conditions. Whether the enterprise in traditional manufacturing, higher education, or general facilities management energy is an important component of the cost structure. Today, nearly every enterprise has renewed their focus on cost reduction. Traditionally, this means line managers who are responsible for the biggest operating costs whether they be feedstock/ingredients, energy, or labor - are asked to develop cost reduction plans. As the Read More...
Automate to Optimize: The Foundation for Data Center Efficiency
IT administrators need to simplify both complex and routine tasks to deliver increasing value with limited resources. Data center automation can help minimize

complex sentence  becoming more, not less complex as new technologies are introduced, and IT staffs are not growing to keep pace with the growth in size and complexity of the typical data center. Windows™ administrators need to radically simplify both complex and routine tasks if they are going to effectively respond to the constant pressure to deliver increasing value with limited resources. The most effective thing Windows administrators can do to address this issue is to minimize duties associated with maintaining Read More...
Cincom Asserts Expertise In CRM For Complex Manufacturers Part 2: Challenges and User Recommendations
While Cincom's solutions, services, experience and results should resonate well with in the complex manufacturing segment, it competes against a slew of

complex sentence  Expertise In CRM For Complex Manufacturers Part 2: Challenges and User Recommendations Challenges Cincom Systems, Inc . ( www.cincom.com ), a privately-held, Cincinnati, OH based provider of software solutions and services primarily to complex manufacturers, continues with perfecting its knowledge systems for sales, and customer relationship management (CRM). In September, the company announced the availability of its new CRM Solution for Complex Manufacturers . With some of its customers reportedly Read More...
Guide Technologies: The ERP Experts for Today's Complex Manufacturer

complex sentence  ERP Experts for Today's Complex Manufacturer
Streamlining Business Processes through Document Management
Document and records management software has many benefits that can appreciably improve organizational efficiency. Since these applications are complex systems

complex sentence  Since these applications are complex systems that represent a solid investment, organizations should carefully evaluate their current and future needs beforehand. Read More...
The Complexities of Quote-to-order and Possible Solutions
It is becoming necessary to go beyond the direct sales force to sell complex products. With the advent of personal computers and the Internet, new possibilities

complex sentence  (or complaints) about very complex products, there will still be times when information needs to be given or received by phone. Some manufacturers of configured consumer products, such as personal computers (PCs), or Internet service providers may use telephone sales and support quite extensively, in addition to the web chat and self-service options of late. Internal sales and support staff share many of the same frustrations as their colleagues in the field, and need similar solutions. However, there Read More...
Constraints Management Systems Inc.
Constraints Management Systems Inc. (CMS) is a Management & Technology Consulting firm that helps clients, with complex supply chains and stringent

complex sentence  that helps clients, with complex supply chains and stringent production requirements - improve on-time delivery and product availability, - increase production capacity - reduce inventory Our solutions are enabled through our Manufacturing and Inventory Management Software, CMS RoadRunner. Read More...

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