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You Still Need ERP, Even If Naysayers Say You Don’t
After coming across the Forbes article The End Of ERP and quite a few spin-off articles about the imminent death of ERP, I became somewhat concerned about how

concert posters  structures that work in concert. That said, the classic pain point of integrating with older systems remains. Regardless of whether you are a goods-driven or a service-driven organization, you wouldn’t be able to function anywhere as efficiently without a core ERP solution, however imperfect. There is simply too much automation provided by core ERP to pass up on, unless you are the owner, operator, and sole employee of your business. Otherwise, we would have heard of a mass return to spreadsheets a long Read More...
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
Radio frequency identification (RFID) criteria cover tags and storage devices, readers, wireless hubs and servers, and the middleware necessary for evaluating an RFID system deployment. RFID sys...
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Tier 3 And Tier 4 ... Where Do You Go If You Don't Know, What You Don't Know.
If you are an executive in a Tier 3 or Tier 4 manufacturing company and you have wondered where to start, whom to call, what questions to ask, this article is

concert posters  senior operations people in concert with engineering, quality, sales, and finance, weigh in on all major projects. Interestingly enough, all department needs are not equal and a weighted value should be assigned proportionate to each department's contribution in the issue. In 2003, a small to mid size manufacturing customer can acquire a 15-user ERP system that may function on any or all of the major operating systems (Unix, NT, Win 2000, Linux or an AS/400 and so on). Software list purchase price for Read More...
Audit Considerations for Enterprise Software Implementations Part 2: Applying Controls and Audit Emphasis
Whether audit expertise is provided by an internal staff or an independent, outside agency, calling in an audit specialist is as normal as calling in a kicking

concert posters  manager and working in concert with the audit function, you can think of others that may be pertinent and cost-effective to your organization. If that is not enough, perhaps the threat of SOX and the attached penalties may be enough to jolt you and your organization into action. Software Piloting When implementing enterprise software, piloting of this software is one of, if not the most critical event in the project's life cycle. Piloting or conference room pilot (CRP) is the process by which you put the Read More...
Manhattan Partnership With E3, MarketMAX Strikes Compromise
Manhattan Associates has struck a deal with E3 Corporation and MarketMAX that symbolizes the eternal struggle between best-of-breed and ERP vendors.

concert posters  will work effectively in concert, it does mean that users will benefit from a depth of functionality that is typically absent from ERP suites. User Recommendations Users should view Manhattan's collaboration with E3 and MarketMAX as a positive step but should carefully scrutinize the details of the arrangement prior to allowing it to influence a buying decision. Questions to ask include whether a standard interface will be developed to facilitate implementations or will integration be done on a one-off Read More...
Manual versus Information Technology Enabled Lean Manufacturing
All good lean systems have both physical systems in the plant and near real time information technology backbones that centralize data. The primary advantage of

concert posters  use this information in concert with its demand signals (measured in hours and minutes) to generate a minute-by-minute execution plan for the sequential and JIT delivery of configured goods to the source of the demand signal. When it comes to planning, while lean manufacturing moves product through the manufacturing operations, it cannot perform any planning of activities beyond the immediate shop floor work. For this it requires the informational access that is inherent within an enterprise planning Read More...
HR Compliance: 4 Things Your Company Can Do to Avoid a Lawsuit
Every so often we hear about companies being sued by their former employees for alleged unfair or illegal HR practices. Whether the claims relate to sexual

concert posters  Compliance: 4 Things Your Company Can Do to Avoid a Lawsuit The human resources (HR) departments of most organizations today have assumed more responsibilities, not the least of which is ensuring compliance with labor and employment regulations. These include having fair employment practices, ensuring workplace safety, and maintaining up-to-date records, among many others. And those businesses operating on a global scale must not only continuously review their practices, policies, and procedures for Read More...
ERP: Origins, Developments, and Trends
ERP first developed as a form of inventory control and later grew to link disparate bodies of information together from across the enterprise. Now, ERP

concert posters  they could work in concert. By the nineties, each functional area also saw the benefits of computerized tracking and planning. With computers being more common and affordable and programming more sophisticated, each department could use its own software program. Unfortunately, that was the problem. Disparate systems and different databases were not linked and the need for integration became obvious. Moreover, the time to market for consumer goods decreased sharply because of consumer demand. This Read More...
Is Your Warehouse Ready for the Upswing?
Supply chain management is a long-term strategy. The centerpiece for supply chain execution—the warehouse management system (WMS)—is an excellent place to start

concert posters  (LMS) to work in concert with your WMS. Traditional estimates for productivity gains resulting from a labor management program typically range from 10 to 30 percent - which is in addition to existing WMS process improvements. And most companies see a return on an LMS investment in less than a year. Here are some other key areas in which an LMS can help you cut costs and increase worker efficiency: Improve labor utilization - An LMS enables you to objectively measure employee performance and identify Read More...
How Many Napkins Have to Die Needlessly? A Case for Business Architecture
Architecture is a description of how things go together. Once we know what our Business Architecture is, we can design an Information Technology Architecture

concert posters  chance of working in concert without having to be on the same team. Take the lead and obtain consensus around an architecture for the enterprise. The design should address: The corporate (structural) strategy: Holding Company, Federated Companies or Integrated Enterprise. Interconnection among functional units. Flow of core business process. Touch points between functional units and processes with customers and suppliers. Supply and delivery chain of raw materials conversion to delivered products. Mission Read More...
Are Your Company Laptops Truly Secure?
The portable nature of laptops makes them particularly susceptible to all kinds of security and tracking problems. This paper discusses the strengths and

concert posters  that can work in concert to provide organizations with the broadest security blanket available. There is a strong relationship between the issues of compliance, data protection and theft recovery. Organizations must take this into account when defining security policies. It is no longer enough to attempt to address compliance issues without addressing data protection. Protection of data on mobile and remote computers requires an understanding of the issues surrounding computer theft. Having a broader Read More...
Quick Response Manufacturing: ERP and Value Chain Acceleration
Whatever the reasons for pursuing a lead-time reduction strategy, time compression across all company processes is critical to growth, and in some cases means

concert posters  act quickly and in concert with the manufacturer?s QRM strategy. Measurement and Tracking Measurements for quick response manufacturing vary. The measurements include, but are not limited to, manufacturing lead-time, new product introduction time, order entry-to-ship time, and break-even time. Regardless of what is measured, lead-time reduction must be the metric used. Manufacturing Lead-Time Management (MLT) supports parallel sequencing of operations in order to reduce the total manufacturing lead-time Read More...
Supply Chain Shorts for the Week of May 6, 2013
It's a busy conference season and quarterly results reporting period. TEC is chugging down the coffee, keeping up with happenings in the supply chain space

concert posters  management this week, in concert with its third-quarter earnings announcement. AspenTech has appointed a new CEO, Antonio Pietri, who is promoted from his current responsibilities as executive vice president of worldwide field operations. Mr. Pietri replaces Mark Fusco, who has been CEO for the past 8 years. AspenTech’s earnings numbers came in over analysts’ expectations. License revenues came in at $1.58 billion, up 13 percent from last year. Adding in the value of bundled maintenance, the revenues Read More...
Top 10 Reasons For Having A Project Kickoff - Part I
You are about to embark on an important project. Whether the project is software or hardware related, it is a good idea to hold a project kickoff meeting. Don't

concert posters  steering committee; works in concert with vendor project manager for the successful completion of the project. Business Process Owner Client Possesses detailed knowledge of their respective process area; is able to investigate, document, and define issues and recommends action to be taken; learns functionality of their process area to an expert level; defines pilot data and executes piloting of software; owns all issue resolution, documentation, verification, data conversion strategies, and integration is Read More...
APICS 2009 From the Expo Floor: Is S&OP Coming of Age? - Part 5
Part 1 of this blog series talked about my attendance of the APICS 2009 international conference in Toronto, Canada in early October. I attended few education

concert posters  that were developed in concert with JDA’s Business Requirement Group (BRG) and Oliver Wight Consulting , the leading consultancy for deploying strategic level S&OP. Pre-defined graphs and grids can help companies deploy their S&OP process more rapidly than building custom views from scratch. JDA enables the pre-defined templates to be extended to meet custom level data streams that need to be modeled in the process. Formal incorporation and support for  new product development (NPD)  planning, since Read More...
The 2006 ECM West Conference: A Trial from AIIM
The Association for Information and Image Management recently held a conference to educate organizations on the latest content and information management

concert posters  2006 ECM West Conference: A Trial from AIIM The Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) hosted its first enterprise content management (ECM) West conference this year in San Jose, California (US) to educate organizations on the latest technologies in content and information management and to provide a forum where vendors and peers can interact. This conference is a trial for AIIM, as in previous years the association organized two major trade shows—one on the east coast of the US and Read More...

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